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Abortion doc worried women won’t kill babies after clinic vandalism

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Circuit riding abortionist Willie Parks found his way to MSNBC’s Melissa-Harris Perry’s show this week to denounce a recent incident vandalism at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic. Of course, the falsely labeled “Christian” child killer has yet to denounce the myriads of women killed, raped, or maimed inside abortion clinics.

While there is absolutely no proof the alleged act has been linked to anyone who opposes abortion, the Clarion Leger reported that abortion advocates at the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, accused the incident on anti-abortion protesters.

Harris-Perry, rather than questioning the timing of the so-called vandalism as a rather convenient sympathy booster for the death mill- has gone on an all out assault assuming it was tried to those who oppose killing babies in the womb.

Her fear is that women won’t have an abortion at all if they are faced with protesters outside.

“It’s about fear. Fear both for physicians and staff members but also for women, who, if faced with this kind of gauntlet simply – I mean it’s alre4ad hard enough to access in Mississippi and in the Deep South – but simply then make a decision not to access it at all,” the so-called journalist said.

Abortionist Parker, seeing an opening to attack the pro-life message, dusted off the old “Domestic Terrorism” adjective to lob at the demonstrators who have been carrying on a vigil at the clinic for a while.

Willie Parker Melissa Harris Perry

Make no mistake about it,” the man who dismembers babies in the womb said, “This is a form of domestic terrorism…And, I can’t help but wonder if they [women seeking abortions] extrapolate from this destruction of clinic property to what degree they are safe when they come.” the abortionist said.

Well…let’s see – just how safe are women who seek abortions?

Here are a few dead women who believed they were – only the ones who put them in danger were the abortion staff.

Caroline Gutierrez img169

Tonya and Lakisha abortion deaths

Laura Hope Smith

While vandalism is a crime and is indeed wrong, killing babies and then sending their mother’s to a morgue is not a worthy enough action to condemn according to abortionist Parker’s latest statement.

But, can you blame him? After all – he makes his living on abortion – so why even try to be honest about what abortion is or what it does to babies or their mothers?

Let’s hope what women extrapolate from this blog post, is the truth, that abortion clinics do not care for them- and yes- let’s hope that they will turn around before it is too late.

Angry pro-choice vandal yells “Abortion Rocks!” as he attempts to destroy pro-life signs

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According to 40 days for Life in Lansing, Michigan, a vandal attempted to destroy one of their pro-life signs today.


According to the group, “Volunteers prayed Tuesday in front of the WomanCare abortion clinic, but at least one man responded with violence to our witness to the goodness and dignity of all human life. He grabbed a “Pray to End Abortion” sign in the median, destroyed it against a pole, and put up his own sign which read, “Abortion Rocks! Try it!


But it didn’t stop Mary Zalewski from interceding on behalf of those without a voice. Mary tried to take a picture and the vandal ran away. Mary says she and her friends continued to pray.

And the prayers worked:

The group reports that they spoke with a woman who is repentant after her abortion from abortionist Theodore Roumell. The woman who told the pro-life group that she never felt more in pain than during her abortion. She said that she wants to return to Church and be healed of her emotional pain.


Lift up those who stand regularly outside these death camps. Pray for their protection and that they will be effective in saving the lives of innocent babies.

UPDATE: Unfortunately- the group reports that another sign was stolen only days later. On Thursday April 10, 2014 the group reports that, “Around 11:45 am, two women went into the median with sign with an obscene message. They stayed for about 10 minutes. Then they put their signs in their car, and then stole our only sign that was in the ground.”

Door smashed, cans of black paint thrown into pro-life office

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The Vienna offices of Human Life International (HLI) were attacked and damaged during the recent World Prayer Congress for Life held in the Austrian capital, which HLI organized.

Wolfram Schrems of HLI Austria said organizers were forewarned that pro-abortion activists might resort to violent counter-demonstrations during the Congress.

“On the Internet, fierce demonstrations and even criminal actions were planned against the congress,” Schrems told LifeSiteNews. “Posters announcing demonstrations contained offensive and martial images.”

One of the posters showed a masked woman with a weapon pointed at the target “Vatican.”

A video of the vandalism by Gloria TV, the Swiss-based Catholic internet video and news service, shows that the double-glass entrance door of HLI’s office was destroyed and jars filled with black paint were thrown into the office.

Black paint covered a computer, some office furniture and the floor of the office.

One of the jars apparently didn’t break and was taken as evidence by investigating police officers.

Watch News Video and read more at LifeSite News here

Pro-life Personhood leader attacked in home with pregnant wife and small kids- Media Ignores

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Personhood Leaders Suffer Violent Attacks from Pro-Abortion Terrorists Following ‘Newsweek’ Feature

DENVER, July 2, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — On the heels of the release of an article profiling Personhood USA leaders Keith and Jennifer Mason, featured in Newsweek magazine and online at The Daily Beast, the Mason’s home residence was violently vandalized by pro-abortion activists. A few days after the attack, dedicated pro-life volunteer Everett Stadig was assaulted while petitioning for Colorado’s personhood initiative and suffered several injuries, including a broken hip which required surgery.

The Newsweek article profiled the Masons and their work to champion the personhood rights of every human being. The Daily Beast’s notoriously liberal audience took exception to the pro-life beliefs of the Masons, resulting in several physical threats posted in the comments beneath the article. After viewing these threats, one reader tracked down the Mason’s home address and posted it in the comment section.

“The article does state that we have three small children, and that my wife is due to deliver our fourth child very soon,” explained Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA. “It is shocking to consider that someone would be so cruel and heartless to attack a home with a pregnant woman and small children inside. Apparently, the pro-choice crowd has no more compassion for born children than they do for the preborn.”

In the middle of the night, a large rock was heaved through the double-paned glass of their front door, scattering glass throughout their living room and across the front porch, covering their children’s toys and items for the new baby. The pro-abortion criminals also spray painted coat hangers and vulgarity in large letters on the front and sides of their house.

The violence didn’t end there. The same week, Stadig was criminally assaulted, resulting in multiple injuries and hospitalization.

“Our reaction is one of puzzlement. What kind of person would terrorize the home of a family with young, innocent children inside? We’re left wondering what these abortion fanatics hoped to accomplish,” continued Mason. “Not only are these hateful attacks uncalled for, but they have renewed our resolve to press forward. It is a great testimony that even as Everett recuperates in the hospital he is undeterred, even asking hospital staff and visitors for their signatures on his personhood petition. We are all following his example, pressing forward despite hardships, determined to continue to defend the lives of women and babies – all of whom deserve better than abortion.”

Occupy Oakland Turns Violent against 99% innocent business owners

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Occupy Oakland: Out Of Control, posted with vodpod

Anti-Wall Street protesters in Oakland have vandalized a Whole Foods store and shattered windows at two downtown banks.

Windows were shattered at a Bank of America branch, where someone also spraypainted “Class War” and “Shut it Down,” near Lake Merritt and a Chase bank at 20th and Webster streets.

Police officers on Wednesday afternoon stood outside the Chase bank, where vandals also defaced the ATM machines, spraypainting them black. Read more at

Pro-aborts vandalize pro-life church crosses

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Pro-aborts vandalize pro-life church crosses, posted with vodpod

Pro-life display vandalized at Franklin church
July 6, 2010
Franklin, VA – Vandals have targeted a Franklin church, snapping dozens of crosses designed to send a message about abortion.

Rows upon rows of crosses were placed in the grass – about 275 in all. Now many of them have been pulled to the ground and broken in half.

“My first thought was it might have been deer, but then when you come up here it’s clearly not deer,” said Mark Cicero of the Rock Church.
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Rock Church in Franklin had been putting them up since April to give a visual representation of the thousands of abortions performed every year in Hampton Roads. They are not sure if it was deliberate or a mindless, random prank.

“Absolutely no way to know. My hope would be that it’s just some young kids, you know. Who were out for a thrill and knocking this down,” Cicero said.

But the church is not ruling out that the broken crosses are the work of someone who does not agree with their pro-life message.

“If somebody else wants to do something over there that’s pro-choice then go for it, but don’t mess up this memorial,” said David Dillon of the Rock Church.

At first they started putting the crosses back in the ground, but then they let them sit there so everyone could see the destruction. The church plans on putting thousands more in throughout the year.

“I guess we’ll probably find out if it’s vandalism or not. We’re not going to put a camera or anything, if it continues over and over again. Usually kids out for a thrill, they kind of give up on it after a while. Someone who has an agenda doesn’t give up,” said Cicero.

The pro-life display caught the attention of drivers passing by.

“Personally I don’t think so. No I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said one Franklin driver.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Right here there’s nothing going on, but I do think it’s really bad that someone would vandalize it,” said Kristan Cobb, Franklin resident.

The church has not filed a report with police, but plan to if problems persist.

Pro-abortion graffiti painted on home targeted for opposing eugenic founded Planned Parenthood

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Dubuque, Iowa: Pro-abortion graffiti painted on home :Man believes vandalism tied to his opposition to abortion

TH Online, By Courtney Blanchard

Police are investigating a vandalism case involving a man who believes his house was targeted due to his opposition to Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Allen Troupe, 701 Cedar Cross Road, reported that between 7:30 p.m. June 14 and 7 p.m. June 15, someone spray painted graffiti on his home, causing about $100 in damage.

The graffiti included the phrases “support abortion” and “baby killer.”

Troupe said he believes he was targeted because he displays a sign in his front window that reads, “Planned Parenthood: Bad for Dubuque” and blogs about his opposition to abortion.

“I don’t care what side you’re on, there are some things that are just never right,” he said.

Troupe said he believes he was targeted because he displays a sign in his front window that reads, “Planned Parenthood: Bad for Dubuque” and blogs about his opposition to abortion.

No arrests have been made, and police are investigating the case as a criminal mischief and harassment offense.