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Abortionist serves as hit man researcher gets corps, Chris Smith 1992

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Quotes Roundup:

In 1992, the US Congress heard testimony regarding fetal tissue research.

In his speech supporting a ban on a similar research operation to what Planned Parenthood has been caught doing this week in an undercover video, Rep. Chris Smith stated this in 1992, “The abortionist serves as the hit man the researcher gets the corps. In my view that’s unethical.”

Chris Smith 1992 Fetal Tissue Research speech CSPan

His powerful speech can be viewed here:

Chris Smith – on embryonic stem cells years later:

Radio talk show host, Peter Heck recently wrote this about Planned Parenthood, “Truth be told, we don’t need investigations for these people. We need paddy wagons and iron bars.”


Senator Ted Cruz got a standing ovation speaking against Planned Parenthood 7-18-15

#Texas male dems admit they CHOSE Wendy Davis to filibuster abortion legislation because she was a woman

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Texas Senator Kirk Watson, Senator Wendy Davis and the Senate caucus speak to supporters.

Senator Watson states, “We chose, we decided that we wanted Senator [Wendy] Davis to do that – because In a fight on behalf of the women in this state we wanted a strong woman who is the mother of two daughters to represent your voice on that Senate floor as we work to kill that bill.

Pro-life Republicans in the US house were criticized for letting a woman take the lead on pro-life legislation

Can you Say HYPOCRISY????