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“Abortion Industry Poster Child” Deserves to be Executed according to DA

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Prosecutors in eastern Pennsylvania plan to seek the death penalty in the trial of a woman accused of giving birth in a sports bar bathroom, wrapping the newborn in a plastic bag and hiding him in a toilet tank.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said Wednesday that 27-year-old Amanda Hein of Allentown deserves to be executed because she killed a child.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics called Hein the poster child of the abortion industry, “If the body of this little boy had been found in the bathroom of an abortion clinic instead of in the bathroom of a bar, the country would have never heard about it.”

Amanda Hein, was arrested on homicide charges in August after she delivered her newborn son in the bathroom of a pub and then, according to investigators, took that “alive and viable” boy of 33 to 36 weeks’ gestation and killed him, putting him in a plastic bag and leaving him in the tank of the toilet.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said Wednesday that 27-year-old Amanda Hein of Allentown deserves to be executed because she killed a child.

The child’s body was discovered on Aug. 19, by cleaners at Starters Pub after the toilet wouldn’t flush. Workers opened the tank of the toilet where they uncovered the boy wrapped in a plastic bag that had lined a small garbage can in the stall, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said.


Morganelli said he saw photos of the newborn and that he looked like a “full-term baby.”

“I’ve seen dead people, shot, strangled,” Morganelli said. “But when you’re dealing with a baby, it is very difficult.”
Hein could face the death penalty for allegedly suffocating the newborn.

Mark Crutcher2013

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, responded, “Why are the nation’s pro-choice organizations not rushing to the defense of this woman? Remember, two of their standard arguments in support of abortion is that (a) women are the ones who get to determine when life begins and (b) the government has no legal right to tell a woman she has to have a baby she doesn’t want.

Well, if those things are true, Ms. Hein fits the pro-choice model to a tee. After all, if she says that her baby’s life had not yet begun. What right does the State of Pennsylvania have to question that? And if she says that she has the legal right to decide for herself whether she wants to have a child or not, how is she different than any other woman sitting in the waiting room of any abortion clinic in the country?”

Crutcher continues, “The fact is, if the body of this little boy had been found in the bathroom of an abortion clinic instead of in the bathroom of a bar, the country would have never heard about it and Ms. Hein would just be another enlightened woman exercising her constitutional right to choose. But the abortion lobby recognizes that this story is radioactive and that appearing to justify what happened here would be a public relations nightmare. So they’ve dropped Ms. Hein in the grease. But make no mistake about it, whether the pro-choice community wants to claim her or not, she is their poster child.”

Hein’s stepmother, Louiseann Hein recalled a conversation they had about what might happen if Amanda had a baby. The discussion was sparked by the arrival of a piece of mail from Planned Parenthood addressed to Amanda Hein.

“I told her she always had a home here,” Louiseann Hein said, choking back tears. “We would make room. Would find a way.”

It might interest readers to know that abortionist Kermit Gosnell was charged with murder after he killed several babies born alive. Their staff testified that babies were delivered into toilets.

In addition, former employees of abortionist Douglas Karpen, also said they delivered babies born alive into a toilet:

“We seen a lot of cases where women, they felt like they had to push and they had to run to the bathroom. On some occasions we had women that were the fetus were falling into the toilet.. We had one incident where it was big news, where the fetus was left in the toilet, I don’t know if you all heard about that one she was at McDonalds. They stopped there in the morning and the fetus was left in the toilet and nobody ever found out whose fetus it was, but it was one of his patients. We knew it because we were watching it on the news that day that she was supposed to be in the clinic.”

Amanda Hein did to her child what abortionists all over this nation have done to unborn children. Hein is no doubt the poster child of the abortion industry – but she will face her deserved murder charges alone as abortion supporters, afraid to shine a light in what real abortion looks like, remain silent !

Mourning the unborn victims of terrorism from September 11th

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These are the nearly 3,000 names inscribed on the 911 memorial.

UNBORN USE7977344173_97e77e3855

Of particular interest is :

Patricia Ann Cimaroli Massari and her unborn child N-11 – Her child was young!
According to this tribute of her, On the morning of Sept. 11, Louis and Patricia Massari had a special reason to get up early. Louis ironed Patricia”s clothes so she wouldn”t be late for work, while Patricia did a home pregnancy test in the bathroom. The result was positive.

“She cried, I cried, we talked,” said Louis. “I was overwhelmed with excitement, and at the same time … was like, “What do we do? What do we do?””

Deanna Lynn Galante and her unborn child N-37 – she was six weeks away from going on maternity leave.911 memorial

Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas and her unborn child S-68



Helen Crossin Kittle and her unborn child N-35
Vanessa Lang Langer and her unborn child S-49

On September 11, 2001, Vanessa, who was four months pregnant, escaped from the South Tower. However, her quest for survival had fallen short. She ran as the South Tower collapsed. She did not make it. Her body, and in it the small body of her unborn child, was pulled from the rubble of the fallen tower on September 24th, just ten feet from an alley between Towers IV and V.VanessaIMG_0543

911Memorial-In Memory of Vanessa Lang Langer and her unborn child (1)

Jennifer L. Howley and her unborn child S-56Jennifer Howly_0394


Renée A. May and her unborn child S-69ReneeMay_2441
Sylvia San Pio Resta and her unborn child N-62 – 7 months pregnant with her first childSylviaSan0120521_115359
Rahma Salie and her unborn child N-1Rahma_3745
Dianne T. Signer and her unborn child N-60
Monica Rodriguez Smith and her unborn child N-73 She was seven months pregnant with our first child, a son they planned to name Eddie

“I’m so happy the baby is mentioned,” Pregnant victim, Patricia Signer’s mother, told NewsDay. “Because that baby will always be in my heart.”

Acknowledging the unborn underscores how deeply the attacks devastated families and their futures, said 9/11 memorial president Joe Daniels.

“It’s a special part of the memorial,” he said. “It reinforces that message about the whole project that the folks were just like us, that they were about to start these lives. . . . It reminds us that they were who we are.

He said memorial officials asked victims’ next of kin about the prospect of noting pregnancies after learning that Smith’s unborn child was mentioned on the 1993 bombing memorial that was destroyed on 9/11.


The Oklahoma City National Memorial honoring victims of the 1995 bombing is another precedent. It lists three unborn children under the names of mothers-to-be in the Field of Empty Chairs.
There were likely more than 11 pregnant victims of the 9/11 attacks, though not all their families would have known about pregnancies and not all would have wanted the fact mentioned, Daniels said.

Lest we forget 55 million more unborn victims:

Science behind Fetal pain

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African American calls Biden a “Scum of a man” for his abortion position

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Tax funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood admits they do sex selection late term abortions

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Listen to the Planned Parenthood New York employee admit they abort babies that are 6 months old or 24 weeks’

Here they admit killing babies 23 weeks

Man arrested for possession of roasted aborted fetuses for black magic

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Cops open suitcase, world of black magic
Police tipped off by ghostly sounds of babies crying from suspect’s hotel room
• Published: 28/05/2012 at 09:32 AM

There appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary when police questioned Briton Choe Hok Kuen, 28, in Bangkok in his hotel room after guests on the same floor had complained about babies crying in his room.

But after they opened his luggage they knew this was no ordinary case. Inside they found six foetuses wrapped in gold leaf and tied with religious threads.
According to police investigators, Mr Choe, a British passport holder of Taiwanese descent, had flown into Thailand to pick up the foetuses.

The discovery opened the doors to a world of black magic that police officers found hard to fathom.

“I believe it’s the world’s first body snatcher bust involving the commercial trade in foetuses,” said Pol Col Wiwat Kamchamnan, inspector with the Children and Women Protection Sub-division of the Royal Thai Police.

Some believe the foetuses can boost their fortunes in business and commerce. Demand for foetuses in China has soared in recent years, according to the sub-division.
Before the suspect was arrested on May 18, guests at a hotel in the Yaowarat area alerted Plabpachai police claiming they had heard ghostly sounds of babies crying from Room 301.
Police went into the room and found no babies and the hotel guest was out.

Pol Col Wiwat said his team from the sub-division visited the room some hours later and met Mr Choe. A thorough search of the room turned up no babies. The investigators seached his shoulder bag and found a hotel room key from a nearby hotel.

Police went to the room and discovered foetueses which had been ‘immortalised’ into kumarn thong (baby charms) stuffed inside a suitcase.

“The corpses were confiscated and forensic examinations confirmed they were human bodies,” he said. They arrested Mr Choe.

Investigators with the sub-division said the foetuses had been obtained from abortion clinics, put over fire to dehydrate them, embalmed and scribbled with what appear to be ancient Khmer script.

They were also covered in gold leaf.

The inscribed corpses were then acquired by a middleman who sold them to Mr Choe.

Pol Col Wiwat said Mr Choe is the self-professed leading master of witchcraft in East Asia, with his own website that advertises his services of black magic and divination.
Mr Choe also wears amulets of Mae Nak Phra Khanong and Khun Paen around his neck.

Mae Nak Phra Khanong is a legendary ghost from folklore in which the central character died in labour.

Khun Phaen is a romancer in a popular Thai literary work, Khun Chang Khun Phaen. The amulets are believed to provide their wearers with supernatural prowess to succeed in business and love.

Mr Choe allegedly practices black magic and uses the foetuses in performing his rituals.

He also sells some of the foetuses, police said.

Police said Mr Choe has travelled to Thailand 16 times since 2007 and he may have bought many more kumarn thong on earlier trips.

Police said Mr Choe admitted he planned to sell the kumarn thong to Chinese businessmen. He sold one for 30 million baht once. Perfectly shaped and well-preserved foetuses would fetch the highest prices, said Pol Col Wiwat.

Mr Choe was charged with concealing human corpses, punishable by up to a year in jail and a 2,000 baht fine.

Pol Col Wiwat expanded the investigation and nabbed another Taiwanese man, Kun Ye Chen, 32, who had allegedly supplied the kumarn thong to Mr Choe.

Police say Mr Choe told them he had bought the kumarn thong from Kun for 200,000 baht. He knew Mr Kun from a go-between who lives overseas. Police have not charged Mr Kun as they consider him a mere courier in the racket.

Pol Col Wiwat said the corpses were probably obtained from abortion clinics. Police and the Public Health Ministry are trying to identify the clinics thought to have provided the foetuses.

Personhood Loophole : Roe v. Wade arguments make a case for the protection of the Unborn person:

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Roe v. Wade arguments make a case for the prote…, posted with vodpod

Personhood USA has released a new video documenting the infamous Roe vs. Wade court case that legalized abortion in the United States. Relevant to today’s battle for human life, the video illustrates the need to recognize unborn children as people.

The video includes actual audio from the court case in which Justice Potter Stewart states, “And the basic Constitutional question, initially, is whether or not an unborn fetus is a person, isn’t it? That’s critical to this case.”

“In 1973, the courts may have had some question as to whether or not an unborn child is a person, but that is certainly not the case today,” explained Gualberto Garcia Jones, J.D. of Personhood USA. “Ultrasound technology, along with the many advances in science and medicine, have shown us with certainty that the unborn child is a human being. And, of course, all human beings are people.”

The video highlights a question from Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. “Could Texas, constitutionally, in your view, declare that, by statute, that a fetus is a person for all constitutional purposes?” asked Burger.

Pro-abortion attorney Sarah Weddington agreed, “The state could obviously adopt that kind of statute.”

Efforts to enact personhood measures are currently underway in every state including citizen-led initiatives in Florida, Ohio, Montana, Nevada, and Colorado. Mississippians are set to vote on Amendment 26 which would define the terms “person” or “persons,” as used in the state constitution, to “include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”

The audio from Roe vs. Wade includes what is often coined as the “personhood loophole” of the case in which Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart inquires, “If it were established that the unborn fetus is a person, within the protection of the 14th amendment, you would have almost an impossible case here, would you not?”

“We recognize that the unborn baby is, in fact, a human being, and therefore a person, as has been established numerous times in embryology textbooks and by world-renowned geneticists and scientists,” continued Garcia Jones. “This video brings the personhood of the child in the womb to our attention yet again, confirming our need to recognize the rights of these smallest human beings.”

Personhood USA is a grassroots, Christian organization founded to establish personhood efforts across America to create protections for every child by love and by law. Personhood USA is committed to assisting and supporting personhood legislation and constitutional amendments and building local pro-life organizations through raising awareness of the personhood of the preborn.
Personhood USA’s amendments recognize that every human being is a person, and every person has a right to life. Personhood amendments and bills protect every child, no matter their size or age.