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Viral image shows Dog carrying newborn baby for help

Posted in Babies, Dogs with tags , , , , , on November 2, 2015 by saynsumthn

A viral image showing a Dog carrying a newborn for help is prompting some to ask if a canine has more compassion for a human baby than humans do.

Dog finds newnborn

The baby was allegedly thrown away and the dog in Saudi Arabia rescued the child whose umbilical cord was still attached by carrying the newborn infant to a house where the dog allegedly alerted the owners the child needed help. It’s one of those, is this real moments?

According to reports, the newborn was rushed to the hospital and has survived.

As we watch horrific undercover footage of Planned Parenthood using the bodies of babies for research while they are still warm, stories like this make us scratch our heads to ask if a dog has more compassion than many humans.

One of many reasons we would question such a story and wonder if it was true. But, news sources like the Examiner say it is indeed real.

From their report:

    “The publication called “Sada” in Saudi Arabia stated it is not clear if the incident took place in the Gulf Kingdom or another country, but said the dog saved the newborn’s life. The paper stated the baby had been abandoned near a trash bin. The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached.

    “According to, readers have called the entire situation “one of the most heartwarming animal-human encounters ever witnessed; a dog picked up a newborn where it was abandoned and took it to a nearby house.” Those who posted the pictures said the “dog carried the baby to the nearest house.” The occupants of the home rushed the baby girl to the hospital. “The baby’s life was saved by the dog,” and just had some superficial injuries, the paper said.”

The story has also been reported in as well as LiveLeak.

Dog saves newborn

While there is skepticism as to whether this image is indeed a true picture or not there have been incidents of dogs rescuing newborns in the past which Saynsumthn has covered here.

And in this story below- a family’s pet dog alerted it’s family to check on their baby who was not breathing: