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Pro-choice groups do NOT “Trust Women” to protest in support of abortion

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10552544_902093519804740_6233203439149508867_nFollowing my blog post about the recent infighting within pro-choice camp, specifically the fighting between pro-choice leaders in Texas with the pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy, I came upon a blog which accuses these groups of not being “Trusting of Women.”

PP Trust-Women-Week

The blog post was written by pro-choice activist Mary Lou Singleton.

She is alerting her feminist audience on how she was warned to stay away from the pro-choice group Stop Patriarchy.

Mary Singleton

What was interesting is how Singleton describes her pro-choice advisers including Planned Parenthood.

Singleton makes it clear that these groups do not “Trust Women” to exercise their own opinions about abortion and that “choice” is not what they are about.

Singleton paints a picture of choice Nazis who wanted to control what “women say” , “think” , and “do”.

The pro-choice feminist writes, “When it became clear that we were proceeding with the rally against their will, they began working very hard to gain control of the rally. At every planning meeting, a representative from the professional pro-choice coalition showed up to tell us what we could and couldn’t say. They grew more and more exasperated with us as we repeatedly told them we would take their recommendations under advisement but we weren’t relinquishing control of the event to them. Momentum for the rally grew very quickly, and it was clear that the coalition would be forced to participate in an event that did not follow their standard talking points and public event guidelines. Without prior knowledge of these talking points and guidelines, my friend and I did not realize that we were “going rogue.” We were acting out of our belief that the women of our town and their health care providers were under attack and we had a moral imperative to do something about it.

Let me give you a brief list of what we were told by the mainstream pro-choice leadership not to say at our rally.

1. The word abortion. It was explained to us in painfully convoluted detail that we needed to talk about abortion without actually using the word abortion. Acceptable phrases were: “choice”; “safe, legal, rare”; “it’s complicated”; and “difficult but personal decision.”

2. Terrorism. We were told that this word had been so badly abused by the Bush administration, that any use of it would be damaging to the Islamic community… In fact, we were told to just ignore Operation Rescue and its affiliates and not draw any attention to their presence in our town. We were also warned that our use of the word terrorism would be publicly denounced as “Islamophobia,” even though the groups we were naming as domestic terrorists were universally Christian and/or Catholic and primarily white.

3. Patriarchy. I will never forget the sign-making party for the rally where a representative from Planned Parenthood came to tell us what slogans we should and should not use. At one point she dropped her script and said, “I know it’s hard, but these are the messages that work. There are so many things I wish I could say. I wish I could talk publicly about the patriarchy.”

End Singleton !

Kinda eye opening that the slogan “Trust Women” only applies to certain spokespeople for the pro-choice community! Just Sayn.

For more on this saga, follow the hashtags: #IfYouAskTX #stoppatriarchy #fuckstoppatriarchy