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The day I saw abortion first hand

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This week we enter the 42nd year of legalized abortion in the United States and I think back to the day I came up close and personal with abortion. The day I saw abortion victims first hand!

I have witnessed many things over the past thirty three years in this fight for the sanctity of human life in numerous states where I stood against child killing. Protests, police abuse, men dragging women into the abortion clinic, and even the funeral of a woman killed from legal abortion.

Her name was Carolina Gutierrez and she received such a serious infection by the legal abortion facility she visited that they had to amputate parts of her body to try and save her life. But, the infection won and Carolina and her unborn child became a statistic in the abortion battle.

I took these pictures with the permission of her family, while attending her funeral:

Caroline Gutierrez img169



The funeral was very emotional. Her story had been in the news for days and knowing the truth about the condition of the abortion clinics in my county caused me to be angry, especially, in light of the continued silence by abortion advocates when women die.

But nothing ever affected me more than seeing the real victims of legalized abortion up close, the broken bodies of the unborn babies.

We knew the abortion clinics could be throwing the aborted babies in the trash. So, how would we know which clinics were disposing the babies illegally? There was no way to know- we’d have to go to various ones and pull the trash to see.

That was a daunting task. But finally, our work paid off.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we approached a clinic located in a strip mall. The abortionist shared the dumpster with other business owners and we received permission to remove some discarded wood from the trash. Our real goal though, was the clinic’s trash- BINGO!

We grabbed several bags over a period of time, until, one day, we discovered that inside the bags were the containers that held babies aborted by suction abortion.

Aborted Baby Suction COntainers IMG_2922

Then came the task of opening up each and every gauze sac. I stilled myself to open each one , knowing what I might see – not knowing how I’d react to it.

Several did indeed look like ground meat.


To see their fragile little bodies so ground up that no distinguishable pieces remained was not entirely a surprise – after all – these were early abortions and babies that had been violently sucked out through a tube and into these jars.


Then…after carefully slicing one gauze sac, there it was. The fully formed arm of an aborted child.

Aborted baby arm 2

Aborted baby arm



Then a leg, another leg, ribs, skull, etc…

aborted baby CN IMG_2931


As we rummaged through the bags we could see the medical records of the women whose children lay torn in pieces.

The cold-hearted abortionist had discarded the bodies of these dead babies in the trash along with their mother’s medical records with no care or concern for either.

At the bottom of the bag, we found a large foot which a pathologist later confirmed was from an unborn baby approximately 5 months gestation. The remaining body parts of that child were not in the bags we had.

Aborted baby foot 2

Aborted baby foot

As we meticulously went through the bags from that abortion clinic, I found myself feeling detached- I was looking squarely at the tiny remains of babies who suffered a horrific death and yet I had little emotion. After all, I had to finish the job I set out to do, I had to continue looking through the bags and opening each and every sac. Was I heartless? Uncaring? Unfeeling? Or was I being scientific and doing a job that had to be done?

I wrestled with this for a few days. And then….

The day arrived for the funeral for these little babies. We told no one who found them. In reality, those who attended did not care about the details – they cared only about giving these precious unborn children a decent burial. They wanted them remembered – their lives must count !


I attended the funeral like a pro, covering it for a pro-life magazine I wrote for at the time. As a journalist, I stood on stage watching people tearfully come forward and lay a rose – the symbol of life- on the small casket we purchased to place the tiny pieces of their broken bodies in.


One moment I was snapping pictures and the next….the next moment I was sobbing uncontrollably in the arms of an usher who was standing beside me on the stage. He must have seen a look in my eyes because his large torso was a comfort as I completely lost it and wept like a mother who just received the news that her beloved child was dead.

The tears and groans continued for a while and took me by surprise. After all, I was a professional, I was detached, I was looking at this from a journalists point of view – I was HUMAN!


As I write this today, I feel a lump in my throat as the memory of what I saw wells up inside me. I often think about the idea that abortion does not affect those who participate in it – the mothers, doctors, nurses, and clinic staff and I have to conclude that it absolutely does affect them.

As a young girl, I used to watch documentaries about the Nazi Holocaust and the Jews they slaughtered mercilessly.

Most people watched those films with great interest in the stories and facts they document.

But, for me, when I watched them, I recalled asking in the midst of my outrage, “ Who took those pictures?

I remember thinking that had those pictures never been taken, society would not be sitting here today in absolute horror of what took place.

I knew at that moment that I wanted to document the abortion holocaust, and by the guidance of God, in some small way, I have.

More on this here.

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Woman takes pills to end late term abortion arrested after newborn found in trash

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An Indiana woman who allegedly took abortion pills to give herself a late term abortion has been charged with neglect of a dependent.

The 32 year old Purvi Patel, was arrested last July after she took abortion pills to end her 28-30 weeks pregnancy.

Patel later admitted to police that she had placed the newborn in a dumpster behind a local restaurant, which her family owns.

Purvi Patel

The infant was dead at the time it was found.

According to a court affidavit released on to WSBT, a South Bend police investigator said Patel went to the emergency room at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Saturday night, July 13. Doctors there believed she had recently delivered a child.

The investigator said Patel denied giving birth. She was then taken to the maternity floor for further diagnosis and treatment.

The officer said Patel eventually told medical staff she had delivered a baby in her Granger home and that she did not see the child breathing or moving and believed it was dead. Patel then told doctors she put the baby’s body in a bag and placed the baby in a trash bin behind the Super Target in Mishawaka.

Patel allegedly told doctors she was roughly two months along and had a miscarriage. But upon further examination doctors determined that Patel was probably 28 to 30 weeks into her pregnancy.

Fearing for the child, the affidavit says that an emergency room doctor drove to the Super Target and started searching the Dumpsters. He called St. Joseph County police, who joined in the search. Officers then found the newborn’s body in a trash bin behind Moe’s Southwest Grill.

According to the affidavit, after the child was located the ER physician estimated that the newborn was roughly thirty (30) weeks from conception.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Joseph Prahlow performed an autopsy and found the baby to be 12.2″ long and weighed 1.46 pounds at the time of the examination.

Prahlow also concluded the child had been born alive and had taken a breath.


The affidavit says that Patel sent text messages admitting to a friend she was over 60 days pregnant in June of 2013 and that she had obtained two drugs from Hong Kong in an attempt to abort the child.

Patel told the friend she began taking the drugs on July 10, one of those drugs would induce labor, ending her pregnancy.

The other drug, which was not named in the affidavit, was designed to end the life of a fetus but only if it was within 9-weeks-old, according to the document.

In Indiana, babies less than 45 days old can be given up at any hospital emergency room, fire station or police station. The child is then put into the custody of the Indiana division of Family and Social Services.

Mark Crutcher Life Talk April 2014

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas called Patel another pro-choice poster child.

Crutcher asks, “Why aren’t pro-choice advocates calling for Patel to be exonerated? After all, doesn’t the pro-choice community believe that this was her choice?”

Crutcher continues, “The fact is, if the body of this child had been found in the dumpster of an abortion clinic instead of the dumpster of a restaurant this arrest would have never happened and Patel would just be another enlightened woman exercising her constitutional right to choose.”

Patel, who faces 20 to 50 years behind bars, has just had her trial delayed for the fourth time.

NOTE: Meet another pro-choice poster child here .

Remembering aborted babies found in Florida on this National Day of Remembrance for aborted Children

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In 1991, pro-lifers in South Florida found aborted children being discarded by a local abortion clinic in their trash dumpster.

Livingston Storynoname

The aborted children were thrown in various garbage bags and placed in the dumpster in a strip plaza where anyone could locate them. In addition to the children thrown away, the medical records of the women who had the abortions were also discarded.


Most of the babies were first trimester suction abortions. The babies were ground into meat like chunks many not identifiable, but some limbs remained in tack.

abbabypartsAborted baby feetabortedbabyhand

Pro-lifers did not report their findings to authorities in 1991 because the atmosphere at the time was hostile to their cause but in 1992, Carlos Ricoarango, owner of the Cuban Cafe, a business neighboring abortionist Robert Livingston said he became suspicious when he saw abortionist Livingston throwing away plastic bags late at night.

The next day, Ricoarango looked in the garbage and found 11 containers of medical waste. A Palm Beach County Sheriff`s Office investigation concluded the medical waste was human blood and a gauze that contained minute pieces of human fetal tissue. The investigation also said the gauze is used as part of an abortion process. Livingston was cleared in those charges as he was successful in convincing authorities that the “medical waste” found in his trash dumpster was somehow planted by pro-lifers.

The abortionist, Robert Livingston made the front page of The New Jersey Record twice in August 1972 when he and another doctor were indicted after performing illegal abortions.

Livingston was indicted in August 1972 along with another doctor, Bernard Greenspan of Paterson. But the charges were dropped six months later, after the January 1973 Roe v. Wade decision overturned all state laws prohibiting abortion and limited state regulation to the period late in a pregnancy when a fetus can survive outside the womb.

In 1975 a grand jury investigated that he illegally arranging the adoption of unwanted babies that he delivers.

Livingston opened a clinic in Englewood, Metropolitan Medical Associates, which he operated along with an obstetrics practice and a fertility clinic until he moved to Florida in 1980. Metropolitan Medical still operates under different ownership.

Livingston said he never questioned the morality of the procedure. Medically, he said he considered the amount of tissue extracted during an early-term abortion to be equivalent to a scab.

Now, years later, times have changed.



According to The Record, Livingston, once a lightning rod in the North Jersey abortion debate, now avoids telling anyone about his role in that chapter of American history, even though he strongly maintains his belief that abortions ought to be legal. The issue, he says, has become so emotionally charged that he no longer feels comfortable talking about it — not to the colleagues of his grown children and not to the residents of what he described as a conservative retirement community where he now lives.

“I would be afraid,” he said, adding that he believes the stigma of being an abortion doctor is greater than it was in the 1960s, when it was illegal to perform the procedure. “The atmosphere is so ominous now. I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

FL License Suspended

Livingston’s license has been suspended since 2007 when he tried to return to his practice without completing a treatment and evaluation program, in violation of a contract he had made with the Board of Medicine, according to Florida Department of Health documents.

He had agreed to complete the program after he overdosed on opiates he was taking for chronic pain, the documents show.

Pro-lifers held a Memorial Service for the children killed at the abortion clinic. Many came by to grieve their deaths.


img177img178img179img184img196img197img198img203Abortion Cemetary

September 13th is National Day of Remembrance for aborted Children. On this day, memorial services will be held throughout the United States, including all grave sites of aborted babies, as well as dozens of memorial markers for the victims of abortion.

Natl Day Of remembrance 2014

Special Report: Widespread Abortion Abuses In Texas Exposed

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Special Report: Widespread Abortion Abuses In T…, posted with vodpod

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Widespread Abortion Abuses in Texas Exposed!, posted with vodpod

View images of what was found here

Florida Mother sentenced after allegedly forcing daughter to have abortion and throwing 6 month unborn baby in trash

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Mother sentenced after allegedly forcing daughter to have abortion

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A judge sentenced 39-year-old Tonuya Rainey to three years of house arrest Friday for allegedly inducing labor on her 16-year-old daughter and later throwing the fetus in the trash.

After Rainey’s 16-year-old daughter gave birth on a toilet at home on March 6, 2009, authorities say, Rainey threw the fetus in the garbage.

According to search warrant , the 16-year-old girl thought she was about six months pregnant and wanted to have her baby boy. Her mother, told her she was too young.

The teenager told detectives her mother gave her white pills and when she couldn’t swallow them, her mother crushed them and put them in her tea.

The girl told police she gave birth on March 6 over a toilet. The teenager said she removed the baby boy from the toilet and placed him on her bed, police said. According to the documents, she said the baby was moving his hands and breathing. Police said her mother took the child, came back and said he did not survive, Local 10’s Jeff Weinsier reported.

Rainey told detectives the baby was not alive and that she put it in the trash. She placed the infant in a bag and dumped the body in a trashcan in a Silver Lakes community subdivision, police said. Police never found the remains.

Miramar Police Detective Yessenia Diaz said Rainey admitted giving her daughter medication from a Miami clinic to end the pregnancy. Rainey is not a nurse but works in the medical field.

Broward County Judge John Hurley called the circumstances surrounding Rainey’s arrest the worst he has seen in his career.

“I have handled murder cases in here. I’ve handled sex cases. I’ve handled everything. This is it. This is in the pinnacle. I’ve never been so disturbed as a lawyer about any case I’ve ever come across,” Hurley said in open court. “I think a child’s life was terminated. It looks like the child actually left the womb and was murdered.”

Rainey was charged with termination of pregnancy, unlicensed practice of health care, child abuse and improper disposal of human remains.

In the documents filed in court indicates that when the defendant was originally charged the The magistrate stated:
“Based on the facts that I hear, I’m going to – As I said, I
believe that what has allegedly occurred is tantamount to murder so
I’m going to set a bond in that regard and consistent with my feelings
on that. Termination of pregnancy, your bond’s going to be a hundred thousand dollars.”

Also the report states that “The judge repeatedly stated that he believed what occurred was
“tantamount to murder” despite the fact that the Affidavit contained factual
discrepancies with respect to whether the child was born alive or stilborn

Under the terms of a plea deal, Broward Circuit Judge Matthew Destry ordered Rainey, 39, to serve seven years on probation after she completes house arrest.

Rainey’s daughter was 24 weeks pregnant when Rainey gave her a combination of pills to induce the illegal abortion.

Rainey, who worked as a surgical technician at Broward General Medical Center, had gotten the drugs from a friend, her defense attorney, Assistant Public Defender Dorothy Ferraro, said.

This was not done to be mean or out of anything but love for her daughter,” Ferraro said. “She didn’t want her 16-year-old daughter to live the life she lived, having children at a very young age and unable to support them without a proper education.”

Rainey has five other minor children at home. The once pregnant daughter has lived in foster care since the incident, Ferraro said.

Rainey pleaded guilty to five felony and two misdemeanor charges ranging from unlawful termination of pregnancy, practicing medicine without a license, child abuse and unlawful disposal of fetal remains.

She had faced a maximum penalty of 26 years behind bars.

Prosecutor Dennis Siegel told the judge the original plea offer included jail time, but he was “urged” by the victim’s therapist and the Guardian Ad Litem program not to send Rainey to jail because “it might cause some severe issues as far as trauma in the house to the other children and even the victim.”