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Human babies flushed down toilet by Paramedics, woman sues

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FOX6 News reporter Emily Luxen talks with the attorney of Kimberly Garrison, who has filed a lawsuit against the first responders she says flushed her stillborn twins down a toilet.

A St. Clair County woman is suing Jasper-based Regional Paramedical Services and former Odenville Fire Chief David Davis for allegedly flushing her stillborn twin fetus’ down a toilet after suffering a miscarriage at her home last year.

Kimberly Garrison of Odenville filed legal documents Tuesday which detailed events on July 23, 2010. At the time, Garrison was 20 weeks pregnant with twins when she began experiencing extreme abdominal pain, eventually leading to the miscarriage of the fetuses.

Garrison’s father, Raymond Garrison, called 911 and Davis along with two emergency medical technicians from Regional Paramedical Services arrived at their home. After finding Kimberly Garrison in “medical distress, extremely distraught, and experiencing pain and bleeding,” one or more of the responders flushed the miscarried fetuses down the toilet.
Shortly after the alleged incident, Davis was fired from his position with the city of Odenville and did not seek reinstatement.

Raymond Garrison called the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and had them retrieve the fetuses from the home’s septic tank so the bodies could be “properly and humanely cared for.”

Minor sues clinic for leaving dead baby inside her after abortion

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Family Planning Botched Abortion, Minor Says

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Doctors at a Family Planning clinic left a 16- to 18-week fetus inside a minor abortion patient, but told her the procedure had been successful, the patient and her guardian claim in Superior Court. The girl says she “screamed” and had to be rushed to a hospital after the fetus “was expelled into the toilet” the next day.

After two days of abortion procedures, the patient says Family Planning clinic workers assured her that the fetus had been successfully aborted. But the next day, she allegedly “started cramping and contracting.”

“She proceeded to sit on the toilet at her home and the fetus was expelled into the toilet,” the lawsuit states.

She claims she “saw the fetus coming out and screamed, causing (her guardian) and other family members to rush to her assistance.”

The girl’s guardian “pulled the fetus including the head and fetal structures from the neck down which were distorted out of the toilet,” according to the lawsuit.

The patient and her guardian are suing the Family Planning Associates Medical Group for medical malpractice and negligence infliction of emotional distress, claiming the ordeal caused “irreparable, serious personal and emotional injuries and damages.”

They demand compensation for the “great mental pain” the minor allegedly suffered, along with payment for their medical and incidental expenses.

They are represented by Bradley Snyder with Snyder Dorenfeld