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Rape victim says rapist offered to take her for abortion, accuses church of abandoning her

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Ernest Willis, a New Hampshire man accused of raping and fathering a child with a 15-year-old girl from his church in 1997, was found guilty today of three counts of forcible rape and a count of felonious sexual assault.

Willis, 51, faces 10 to 20 years in jail, in addition to up to 7 years on a statutory rape charge. Willis pled guilty to statutory rape days before the trial began but maintained that the sex was consensual.

According to ABC News: At the age of 14, Anderson was hired as a babysitter for the Willis family. She said the first assault occurred in the backseat of a car during a driving lesson. Anderson said Willis pulled her into the back of the car and raped her.

According to Anderson, the second assault occurred at her home when Willis showed up unannounced.

“He locked the door behind him and pushed me over to the couch. I had a dress on and he pulled it off. I pushed my hands against his shoulders and said ‘No,’ but he didn’t stop,” Anderson said.

Anderson told “20/20” that she confided her pregnancy to Willis. His reaction, she said, was to offer to pay for an abortion. When she rejected his offer, he presented another option, she said.

“He asked me if I wanted him to punch me in the stomach as hard as he could to try to cause a miscarriage,” she said. “I told him, ‘No, leave me alone.'”

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Tearful testimony from alleged rape victim May 26, 2011 5:28pm
(NECN: Lauren Collins) – There was tearful testimony today from a woman who says she was raped as a teen in New Hampshire. She says her church humiliated her into covering up the whole thing.

When Tina Anderson told Ernie Willis she was pregnant with his baby, she remembers him offering to take her out of state to get an under-aged abortion.

“I vehemently said no and then he offered to punch me in the stomach as hard as he could because that could cause a miscarriage,” she said on the stand in the final day of this trial.

That was in 1997 when both were members of the conservative Trinity Baptist Church in Concord. Their pastor made the pair apologize for in front of the entire congregation and arranged for Anderson to stay with a family in Colorado until she gave birth.

This trial twists around themes of shame and secrecy, but settles on whether a married father forced himself on a girl half his age.

Prosecutor Wayne Coull had the final word in this trial Thursday with closing arguments. “The 39 year old man wants you to believe that while riding in a car with his 15 year old babysitter he just poses out of the blue a question, ‘Oh hi Tina, would you like to engage with sexual intercourse with me?'”

Willis – now in his 50s – faces four charges in connection with two alleged incidents. He’s denies offering to end Anderson’s pregnancy. “I never said that in any way shape or form,” he said on the stand.

He says yes, he had sex with the girl, but just once, and it was consensual.

“I am guilty of that charge,” he said, “and I want the jury to know that I’m going to go right to prison and be punished for my actions.”

The state contends Willis only admits to what is irrefutable: He is the father of the child Anderson put up for adoption.

“It’s not a measure of his credibility,” said Coull. “It’s a measure of his being caught red handed and trying to explain it away. ”