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Got Insurance? ObamaCare brosurance ad campaign devalues women while feminists remain silent

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Got Insurance? The same left-wing groups behind last week’s “brosurance” ads ignited a social-media firestorm with new ads designed to boost Colorado’s weak health-care enrollment by encouraging young women to hook up.

Keg stands, birth control, and Ryan Gosling.

That’s how a pair of Colorado non-profits are trying to promote Obamacare.

The “Got Insurance?” campaign, which was launched by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now, has three targets: young adults, women, and minority groups. And to encourage those groups to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, they are creating ads they hope will go “viral” on social media.


One ad that blew up on Twitter, entitled “Let’s Get Physical,” shows a young woman giving a thumbs-up while standing next to a man with his arm around her waist. The caption: “OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control.”

The pair are identified as “Susie and Nate/Hot to Trot.”

“My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance. Now you can too,” the spot says.

Many of those commenting on social media said they were appalled by the campaign, accusing its creators of demeaning women and celebrating casual sex in order to prop up the Affordable Care Act.

“The ‘you’re a whore’ ad for Obamacare. Wow,” said conservative talk-show host Dana Loesch in a Tweet.

So far, the ads are working at getting attention — even as the reaction has been mostly negative among commentators. The latest ads released Tuesday are aimed at young women, including a couple that feature actor Ryan Gosling:


Amy Runyon-Harms, director of ProgressNow Colorado, told the Denver Post that the point of the ads is to “raise awareness, and that’s what we’re doing.” Amy Runyon-Harms was formerly Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ (PPRM), Director of Political Outreach. Interesting that she would promote such a demeaning ad, isn’t it?

The spots were quickly dubbed “hosurance,” a play on the “brosurance” ads that appeared last week showing young men partying around a beer keg.

Actor Ryan Gosling also appears to demean women as expressed in this Planned Parenthood post where he states, “Hey girl, I’ll check out your breasts…”

Planned Parenthood Ryan Gosling


Gosling also starred in the film Blue Valentine. In the movie, Williams’ character goes in for an abortion, but changes her mind while on the operating table:

The abortionist in the film Blue Valentine, is none other than former Planned Parenthood abortionist Timothy Liveright, whose license was recently suspended in Delaware. The state’s attorney general has accused Liveright for “unprofessional, disrespectful, and inappropriate” conduct that included “yelling, screaming, and cursing” in front of employees and patients and sexual harassment of female employees. The state also charged Liveright with incompetence and negligence related to abortions he performed on five patients from Feb. 12 to March 13 of this year. Liveright worked for several Planned Parenthood clinics none of whom spoke against him until the above allegations surfaced.

The Blaze pointed out that Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado, a group that “promotes pro-choice & pro-family planning policies,” actually thought the ad was a parody created by opponents of Obamacare:

PP Tweet Brsurance

Foolish of Planned Parenthood to assume that when all footprints point back to their supporters, huh?

Progress Now supports abortion and works with Planned Parenthood. Watch this vid !

In May of 2013, The Board of Directors and staff of ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest progressive online advocacy organization, announced that Amy Runyon-Harms became the organization’s next Executive Director. Amy came to ProgressNow Colorado from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), where she most recently served as Director of Political Outreach.

Cristina Uribe currently serves on the board of ProgressNow and is a past board member of EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood Mar-Monte.

logothe Colorado Consumer Health Initiative also lists Planned Parenthood as a Health Care Provider as well as NARAL Pro-choice America.