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Elderly “church goer” threatens pro-lifer outside pro-abortion Episcopal congregation

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Earlier this month, a handful of pro-life protesters went in front of what they described as a “pro-abortion Episcopal congregation” in Alexandria, VA to expose what they called the denomination’s, “radical baby-killing complicity.”

Prolife at Episcopal church VA

“Were you aware that this denomination supports abortion on demand?” one protester asks of some church goers.

She replies, “Oh, I had an abortion. It was great! “

Showing graphic images of abortion victims, another church-goer asks, “You think this is evil?

And adds,”It’s a matter of opinion.”

Sometimes it has to happen church abortion

Asked if the pictures they are holding depict a human being, the church goer replied, “Well, sometimes it has to happen.”

Later an older church goer expresses his views, telling demonstrators, “No – No.”

Asked, “you shouldn’t care?

He again replies, “No.”

As he walked into the church building, a male pro-life demonstrator said to him, “Sir, you’re almost in the grave, shouldn’t you be worried about how God is going to be judging you on this?”

Episcopal church man threatens prolife

He quickly turned back and pointing his finger made this threat to the pro-life man, “Listen, Keep that talk up and an 88-year-old man is going to come and punch your mouth out. Shut-up!”

Sir I am just warning you what is going to happen!” the pro-lifer said back.

Shut-up! Shut-up! Go somewhere else,” the church goer replied.

To which the pro-life man said, “Some people are not as cold-hearted as you. That’s why we’re here.”

Church goer abortion threatens prolife

The 88-year-old church-goer then charges down to the protester shakes him asking, “What the hell is wrong with you?

Man attacks prolife 2

Man attacks prolife 3

Man attacks prolife

Adding, “You’re well intended but you’re going beyond the limits.”

Later claiming the pro-lifers were imposing their views on him.

Planned Parenthood doc believes in God is not a killer because he “supplies a service” threatens pro-lifer

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Screenshot 1

A Planned Parenthood abortionist lashed out in a sidewalk altercation last Saturday morning in front of the Planned Parenthood Orange Health Center located at 700 S. Tustin St. in Southern California. The event was captured on video and shows an angry abortionist threatening an older pro-life gentlemen who is peacefully demonstrating on the sidewalk. The demonstrator holds a rosary and literate when the abortionist walks over from his car, totally enraged. The abortionist threatens to “sock [the man] in the f***ing face” and closes by stating that his is providing a service and is not a “baby killer.”

Live Action President Lila Rose responded:


“This abortionist’s medical license should be immediately revoked for making threats of physical violence against a peaceful pro-life advocate practicing his first amendment rights. It is already an injustice and tragedy that this abortionist is allowed by the state to dismember and destroy helpless preborn children. Local authorities should immediately intervene to prevent this abortionist from threatening or harming any more people.”

This is the same site that Operation rescue reported medical emergencies – read here or here.