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Former Planned Parenthood sex educator seeks to open sex shop in Rhode Island

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PAWTUCKET – A stalled plan to open a sexual health center on Main Street appears headed for Superior Court after an appeals hearing before the city’s Zoning Board of Review left its backer conceding that she has little or no chance of winning her fight on the local level.

Board members made no official decision to reject an appeal by applicant Megan Andelloux, but several made it clear that they intend to back Zoning Director Ron Travers and his decision to reject Andelloux and her Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

Travers maintains that a sexual health center at 250 Main St. would be “educational” in nature according to Andelloux’ own application to open, and is thus prohibited from gaining a certificate of zoning compliance to operate in the mixed-use commercial zone.

Megan Andelloux worked as a Community Educator at Planned Parenthood. She has worked and presented at True Colors for Planned Parenthood Of CT where she put on Temptation Island. Before PPC she worked at Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey as a Sexual Health Education.

Rumors have flown that a woman with strong ties to Planned Parenthood and women’s rights groups is trying to open everything from a brothel or sex-trafficking business to an abortion clinic or a place to teach children about bondage. But Andelloux says her resource center is exactly what she says it is, a place where adults can feel comfortable asking questions they couldn’t have answered anywhere else.

According to the Boston Phoenix, The trouble started with an e-mail sent a couple of weeks back by University of Rhode Island professor Donna Hughes, best known for her crusade to close the state’s prostitution loophole, to members of the city council.

Utilizing the suggestive power of well-placed quotation marks, the missive read, simply: “Hello, A center for ‘sexual rights’ and ‘sexual pleasure’ is opening in Pawtucket,” and included a listing for Andelloux’s Web site,

Deputy City Clerk Michelle Hardy said Hughes’ e-mail was the first time any of the council members had heard of the center.

Most of the time people call us first to register their business,” Hardy said. “I’m not really the license police. But when something is brought to our attention, we do need to act on it.”

In 2006- The Metro reported , “Sex shop expands to two floors to get classy Additional instruction, erotic art gallery to come”

That a sex shop run by Miko Exoticwear was converted nto a sexual education center and art gallery dedicated to erotic art.
Gellman said he has wanted to create an art gallery to facilitate the exposure of erotic art.

The classroom space, which can hold 16 to 20 people comfortably, contains an array of sex toys, informative flyers and pamphlets, erotic books and videos – anything pro-female or pro-sex, Gellman said.

The Metro reported that the sex classes are taught by Megan Andelloux, a sexual health educator who has worked at Planned Parenthood.

She noted that the oral sex class attracts a lot of people because class members actually practice on dildos and mangos.

Gellman estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of the classes are made up of Brown students. Among Brown students, the most popular classes are Sex Toys 101, Oral Sex – officially titled “Honey Pots and Popsicles: Oral Sex Tricks of the Trade” – and Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism, Andelloux said.

In 2006, The Daily Free Press reported that the Boston University Women’s Resource Center hosted a holiday event calling it the “the naughtier side” . The Vox Annual Sex Toy Party drew about 65 attendees to view different toys and accessories and hear shopping advice about what to look for in adult toys. Megan Andelloux, director of the Sexuality Learning and Resource Centers in Providence, R.I., provided most of the information.

Voices for Choices, which is shortened to Vox, is BU’s student-run Planned Parenthood affiliate.

Andelloux passed the sex toys around and spoke about different types of lubricant and vibrators. Water resistance, vibration settings, size, color, feel and multi-stimulation are some basic features Andelloux said people should look for when purchasing a sex toy.