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King son finds common ground with Beck

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Washington Post

By Hamil R. Harris

Martin Luther King III thanked Glenn Beck and leaders of the “Restoring Honor” rally for honoring his father on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Saturday and King hopes that there can be dialogue between civil rights leaders and Beck’s followers.

“I would like to see both communities working together to make America a better place because whether one is Republican or Democrat, Tea Party or independent,” King said in an interview after he closed out the March. “What is relevant is that together we can roll up our sleeves to make America better.”

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King III was the final speaker during the “Reclaim the Dream” march that ended with participants being greeted by those who participated in the Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial. As the marchers filed past each other, greets, information and even bottles of water were exchanged.

“Bless y’all,” said Kathryn Travis as she watched the King marchers file past her as she left the memorial grounds. “I think that it is good that we can disagree but we can still love each other.”

While many of the speakers at the “Reclaim the Dream” rally condemned Beck for hosting an event on the 47th anniversary of his father’s speech, King III said nobody can hijack his father’s message.

“The way they paid tribute to my dad created a context for a dialogue,” King said, adding that he looks forward the day when “we will be close to no longer having to sing ‘We Shall Overcome,’ but we can stand and sing ‘we have overcome.’ ”

After the march, King III, said “I feel very proud and humbled that 47 years after my dad delivered the speech that people around the nation are mobilized around what Martin Luther King Jr. represented. It is an incredible feeling.”