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Planned Parenthood “concerned” pro-life law will force women to find more “childcare” ?

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A new law in Tennessee requiring a 48-hour wait and counseling prior to an abortion is about to go into effect and the business that profits off abortion is worried.

Stats show that when women have more time to consider their decision to terminate a pregnancy they often choose life.

This does not sit well with an industry which thrives on scare tactics and emotions to lure women in and sell them an abortion.

Ashlet Coffield Planned Parenthood

Ashley Coffield, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood, said the delay is “only going to be harmful” because the longer a woman has to wait, the greater the chance she could face complications due to an underlying medical condition.

They should know about such things because it was a Planned Parenthood center in Illinois that left a 24-year-old Black women bleeding to death in their center for 5 hours before transferring her to a hospital after her abortion.

Did I mention that she died as a result?

But, the woman, Tonya Reaves, is not Ms. Coffield’s concern here.

In fact, Reaves has never been a concern of any Planned Parenthood spokesperson.

Women who they kill from abortion are quickly forgotten as a mere complication of the surgery.

Instead, Coffield is expressing a faux concern that women will have to pay for “more childcare” in order to comply with a law designed to give them time to reflect on the pressure to have an abortion.

If that isn’t the ultimate in irony, I do not know what is?

In order to allow a women more time to consider killer her baby she may incur “more childcare” issues?

Take a listen for yourself:

What does that mean for women?

“That means they have to take additional time off work. They have to find more child care…”