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Planned Parenthood teen site – (url) now a porn site- OOPS !

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The infamous Planned Parenthood website’s url which has created much controversy – is now a porn site.

Planned Parenthood won the The Web Marketing Association’s 2006 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development for

TeenWire webmarketing

Planned Parenthood launched in 1999.

TeenWire Press Release

The Internet is an ideal place to help teens,” said then Planned Parenthood president, Gloria Feldt, “Many teens are not getting the sexual health information they need in school or at home, and are too embarrassed to ask adults around them for help. Planned Parenthood is already working hard to help parents communicate with their kids about sex. Now, with, we will help millions of teens, in America and around the world, get the information they need on-line, in private, any time of day. And parents can trust because it comes from Planned Parenthood.”

According to CNS News, some time ago, David Pounder, a successful pornography star and producer, said that Planned Parenthood’s website, was an excellent source for young people to learn about what he considers the benefits of viewing pornography.

Pounder had contacted Cybercast News Service after reading its report about Teenwire.

“Planned Parenthood is an excellent organization that helps people by focusing on how people actually are behaving (i.e., having sex, watching porn, doing drugs, etc.), as opposed to helping people based on how they should be behaving (abstaining from sex, watching the news, eating healthy, etc.),” Pounder, a pornography producer and actor, told Cybercast News Service.

Men in their teens are accessing porn, and I think it’s a normal thing,” he said.

What will they say now???

TeenWire Porn 2

An archived image of Planned Parenthood’s TeenWire website shows you a glimpse into what the abortion giant was telling teens:

TeenWire- what is tea bagging