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Black man we’re taking a stand against Planned Parenthood just like Rosa Parks and MLK took a stand

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Demetrius  PP VA

“Planned Parenthood they set up their facilities and organization, they are funded by tax payer money. They set up all around America in minority neighborhoods, black neighborhoods. They target Blacks, Latinos…it is wrong…and America we must turn away from this, we must Defund Planned Parenthood. It is evil….we’re taking a stand, just like Rosa Parks TOOK A STAND, just like Dr. King TOOK A STAND, we’re taking a stand for righteousness, this is wrong. How can America continue to be blessed by God if we’re going to slaughter babies at the alter of Baal?”

Demetrius P VA 2Demetrius P VA 3

Learn how Planned Parenthood targets the black community- watch Maafa21