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Carly Fiorina: Planned Parenthood targets the poor must be defunded

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Carly Fiorina is correct that from their foundation Planned Parenthood has targeted poor African American women. This accusation has also been said by Dr. Ben Carson, another GOP Presidential 2016 hopeful and the numbers are staggering.

Fiorina is outraged that videos from the Center for Medical Progress have shown Planned Parenthood employees callously describing how they manipulate abortion procedures to harvest the body parts of the babies they abort.

Recently an employee from a procurement company used by Planned Parenthood suggested that they do not even get consent before using the unborn babies for their grisly medial experiments.

While speaking from the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, Carly Fiorina called for Planned Parenthood to be defunded telling the crowd:

Carly Fiorina

    “When you can have employees who target poor communities who are pushing women into later term abortions so they can more successfully harvest body parts even though late term abortions are demonstrably bad for women. You can only be horrified when you see employees picking over a petri dish for body parts while they say, look it’s a baby. There is no excuse, Planned Parenthood must be defunded!”

    “And anyone who buys the Democrat argument that this is about women’s health, you need to look at all of the other facilities that provide women’s health services. You need to go look at the facts at how many mammograms they actually do.

    “You need to go look and understand the foundation of Planned Parenthood, which from it’s very inception targeted poor women, African American and Hispanic women. There are more African American lives aborted in New York City every year than are born alive, That ladies and gentlemen is not right!”

The Blaze is reporting that, following release of the CMP videos, the House Oversight Committee has penned a letter to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards requesting seven documents or pieces of information be handed over by next week.


    The letter, authored by Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), noted the series of recent undercover sting videos that purport to show the abortion provider engaging in the sale of aborted fetal parts.

    “Recently released videos implicate Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates in potentially unlawful transactions involving fetal tissue,” the letter said. “In the videos, Planned Parenthood representatives discuss the demand for certain body parts, the manner in which patient consent is solicited, pricing considerations, and the methods by which doctors manipulate procedures to ensure that tissues remain intact.”

    It added, “The disturbing content of these videos raises questions as to whether federal funds are being used to finance the potentially illegal conduct described therein.”

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Women speak up say Planned Parenthood openly ‘Targeting’ Black Community

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Watch the documentary film Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America to learn how Planned Parenthood targets Blacks

The entire film can be viewed here.


Read the Racial Targeting report here.

Saynsumthn blog has many researched articles about the eugenic racism of Planned Parenthood – have fun looking around!

Eugenics in Ohio as abortion rates rise among black women

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“The numbers in Ohio as well as nationally make it clear that African-American communities have been targeted and logic makes it clear that this did not happen coincidentally or unintentionally. ” Mark Crutcher president of Life Dynamics, Inc.

Life Dynamics Logo

Today, Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas responds to a report by the Ohio Department of Health which shows a disproportionate number of abortions are being performed on African American women in the state.

Ohio 2012 Black Ab Stats

In Ohio, although African Americans make up approximately 12 percent of the population they account for 38.1 % of abortions, according to the Ohio Department of Health report.
In all, 9,694 black women had abortions in Ohio in 2012, up from 9,178 in 2011, an increase of 5.6 percent. By contrast, 13,109 white women had the procedure last year, down 1.7 percent.

Life Dynamics asks why and points to where abortion clinics and family planning centers are located within the state.


Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, responds, “This is nothing new for us. We have documented the eugenic targeting of minorities in our film, Maafa21. In addition, research we produced for our report, Racial Targeting and Population Control, clearly shows a majority of family planning centers locate their centers in minority communities.”

In 2011, Life Dynamics produced the Racial Targeting report which proves that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry target black and Hispanic Americans by placing abortion and family planning facilities in communities with high minority populations.

Here is what we found in Ohio:

Ohio Ab Clinics

Ohio PP

Nationally, Life Dynamics identified 116 ZIP codes with more than one population control facility. Of those, 84 were disproportionately black and/or Hispanic.

Life Dynamics found 42 states with family planning facilities in ZIP codes where the black and/or Hispanic populations exceed 200% of the state’s overall percentage. More telling is that these percentages routinely go far beyond even this level. Numerous states have facilities in ZIP codes that range from 250% to well over 1,000% and it is not uncommon for them to have facilities located in many such ZIP codes.

Crutcher continues, “Maafa21 cites a study conducted by three American university researchers into the criteria used to decide the placement of U.S. population control facilities. Their finding was that the primary consideration in making this determination is not poverty but the percentage of blacks in the area. ”

It should be noted that this eugenics effort is being funded with taxpayer money. Currently, Planned Parenthood alone receives over one million dollars a day from the federal government plus an unknown amount in state and local funds. Moreover, this has been going on for decades.

Crutcher summarizes, “For years, there have been those within the American political system who have taken action to address the disproportionate treatment of minorities with regard to alcohol and tobacco marketing but, make no mistake, it exists in the targeting of abortion to minorities as well. What we now know – and have documented – is that there is not one state in the union without population control centers located in ZIP codes with higher percentages of blacks and/or Hispanics than the state’s overall percentage. Not only is this racial targeting widespread, it’s scale is often enormous.”

“The numbers in Ohio as well as nationally make it clear that African-American communities have been targeted and logic makes it clear that this did not happen coincidentally or unintentionally. ” Crutcher concluded.


For an interview call the office at (940) 380-8800

About Life Dynamics:
Mark Crutcher’s Bio
Download the Racial Targeting Report here
You can view the trailer or watch Maafa21 here

Houston Mayor makes proclamation in favor of eugenics founded organization

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Planned Parenthood debuts new building
Its $26 million center in Houston is largest of its kind in U.S.

May 20, 2010, 10:27PM

In most Houston clinics and hospitals, anyone can walk through the door and head to an elevator or into a lobby.

But security checkpoints mark every step of appointments at the new flagship facility for Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas.

The building, off the Gulf Freeway, opened to patients quietly last week, but had an official unveiling to the public and supporters on Thursday morning.

The $26 million project, dubbed Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parenthood administrative and medical facility in the nation. It also serves as the headquarters for 12 clinics — 10 in Texas and two in Louisiana. ( EDITOR’S NOTE: TELL ME THEN WHY PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS GETTING TAX DOLLARS? )

The seven-story former bank building near Houston’s East End expands access to health care for family planning in the region.

President and CEO Peter Durkin told supporters gathered inside that the organization wanted to accomplish four things by moving from buildings on Fannin in downtown Houston: visibility, security, efficiency and room to grow.

“Wasn’t it nice to come in here and not have to go through protesters on your way in?” he said to applause.

In January, the seven-story green-glass structure attracted anti-abortion demonstrators who accused leaders of moving to a predominantly Hispanic and black area to target women of color for abortions. Spokeswoman Rochelle Tafolla said the 78,000-square-foot structure was chosen for its central location and size, large enough to accommodate the regional group’s medical, administrative, education and research services.


First center here in 1936

A tall black fence surrounds the building. Visitors must pass a metal detector and submit to a bag search, then provide identification. Decorated in muted neutral hues, the family planning reception area’s large waiting room seats about 50 people.

Mayor Annise Parker presented a proclamation declaring Thursday as Planned Parenthood Prevention Park Day. She also spoke briefly of the “difficult wrenching decisions, often, that will be made by the individuals who come here.”

Organization leaders worked to get nearby Sterling Center Lane renamed Eleanor Tinsley Way, for the late Houston councilwoman who supported the group’s efforts.
Planned Parenthood’s Houston lineage goes back to the Maternal Health Center, the city’s first birth control clinic, which opened in 1936.

About a third of the new headquarters is devoted to medical services, including seven large exam rooms, an HIV testing suite and sexually transmitted disease laboratory. The rest unites administration in one building; its call center will eventually have 44 operators to answer for all 12 clinics.

There’s room to increase Texas clients by 30 percent, from 90,000 visits to those 10 locations in 2009 to roughly 120,000 annually. There’s also a supply window where patients can receive birth control pills, shots or condoms. ( EDITOR’S NOTE- WOW NOW THEY CAN EXTERMINATE MORE MINORITY BABIES !!!)

Protesters on hand

Abortions and vasectomies are performed in the surgical suite, which has more than 60 chairs in its waiting room. Clinical areas were not shown “for security purposes,” Tafolla said during a media tour.

Police presence was heavy — about a dozen officers monitored the event — as Colleen Stokes, 48, and about 20 others demonstrated outside. The Woodlands mother held a sign that proclaimed “women do regret abortion” on one side and “men regret lost fatherhood” on the other.

Charis Roubleau, 24, stood in the heat, singing and weeping.

“God had a specific will and intention for creating us,” the college student and substitute teacher said. “I’m hoping that people … will just see us standing out here and start to question.”