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Police rush to arrest pro-life activist on false charges remain silent about murder of abortion patient left to bleed to death in same city

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The family of a Chicago woman who died after an abortion at Planned Parenthood says it wants answers about her death.

Tonya Reaves, 24, died late Friday July 20th night from a hemorrhage, with a cervical dilation and evacuation, as well as an intrauterine pregnancy as contributing causes, according to the medical examiner’s office. She died after she’d had an abortion at Planned Parenthood at 18 S. Michigan Av, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, is calling on Cook County Illinois State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez, to immediately launch an investigation into the death of Tonya Reaves. He says the investigation is necessary to determine if criminal charges are warranted under the state’s “depraved indifference murder” statutes.

What is now known is that the Planned Parenthood abortionist ripped a hole in Ms. Reaves’ uterus and she began to hemorrhage. It is also known that the Planned Parenthood staff let her lie there for over five hours before they called an ambulance.

Crutcher says, “It is clear that Tonya’s life was less important to these people than the public relations hit they might take from her being hauled out of their facility on a stretcher. And so they just watched her bleed out. Imagine that the Chicago police shoot a 24-year-old man and leave him lying in the street without calling an ambulance. If that young man bleeds to death a few hours later, the public would be demanding that charges be brought against the officers involved whether the shooting was justified or not. And rightly so. Well, that certainly appears to mirror what happened here.”

[Photo by John Jansen]

A week later in the same town of Chicago, Pro-life sidewalk counselor Anna Marie Mesia was arrested outside a Chicago abortion clinic July 26 for an alleged act of simple battery committed the previous day—when she wasn’t even there

As a group of pro-lifers were praying and sidewalk counseling outside the Albany Medical Surgical Center abortion facility in Chicago on the morning of July 26, two Chicago Police cars arrived around 10:15 a.m., and three officers entered the building.

Five minutes later they came back out, along with Albany employee Diana Maracick, who pointed to one of the group’s veteran sidewalk counselors, 64-year old Anna Marie Mesia. Officer Julie Felsenthal then approached her.

Alleged Battery Committed the Previous Day, When Pro-Lifer Wasn’t There

Officer Felsenthal told her that she was not allowed to touch anyone. Anna Marie replied that she hadn’t touched anyone. Officer Felsenthal then told Anna Marie the police had received a complaint that she had touched someone the previous day (Wednesday, July 25), and that she was under arrest.

Anna Marie said that she wasn’t even there that day — and, in fact, hadn’t been there since the previous Thursday, July 19.
But her protests were of no avail, and she was arrested anyway.

When the officers asked Anna Marie to show her ID, she replied that it was in her car parked across the street. They walked over with her to her car, and after she retrieved her ID, the officers told her to put her hands behind her back, handcuffed her, and placed her in one of the squad cars:

When Anna Marie asked the officers why she was being arrested, they replied, “Simple battery” — which, to reiterate, was alleged to have occurred the previous day, when she wasn’t even there.

To say that Anna Marie’s arrest by the Chicago Police was outrageous would be a gross understatement. Pro-Life Action League National Director Joe Scheidler was an eyewitness to her arrest, and he is shown in the video above talking on the phone to our attorneys at the Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center.

Can anyone see the glaring pro-abortion bias here? A BLACK ABORTION PATIENT IS KILLED and it is quickly swept under the rug by Chicago Authorities, but when an abortion clinic falsely accuses a pro-lifer, all the cops come out and arrest without investigating any facts !