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Planned Parenthood loses suit to ex employee who says she was fired because she was disabled

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Former Planned Parenthood employee wins lawsuit in Benton County
Published: July 12, 2012

After an eight-year battle, a former Planned Parenthood employee won a lawsuit in Benton County alleging that the organization fired her because of a disability.

Shannon Sharp worked for Planned Parenthood of Central Washington as a regional manager before being diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in her neck and back that required ongoing medical treatment, her attorney Mike Saunders of Seattle told the Herald.

Her neck and back pain sometimes made Sharp unable to perform all of her job functions, and her lawsuit alleged that Planned Parenthood fired Sharp rather than provide reasonable accommodations.

Planned Parenthood — now Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho — claimed in court that it fired Sharp because of her performance.

The lawsuit was filed in 2004, but Washington’s anti-discrimination law was unsettled for several years because of court battles and legislative changes, Saunders said.
The case finally came to trial in June, and a jury on June 27 awarded more than $136,000 to Sharp after finding that she was fired because of her disability.

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Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion clinic chain in the nation. As part of their defense of child killing in the womb, Planned Parenthood says that abortions are acceptable if the child is going to be disabled. Is it any wonder why they would then be so cruel to oe of their own disabled employees?