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Parody vid shows Planned Parenthood supporter telling pro-life politician: “Merry F-ing Christmas”

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What is comedian Liz Winstead’s obsession with pro-life people? I mean, first the creator of the Daily Show who runs the Lady Parts Justice blog created an App to “track” those who oppose abortion and now she has published a video showing an abortion “Caroler” harassing a pro-life politician.

In her most recent “production” of online propaganda called “Lies Actually” the faux Christmas Caroler shows up at the door of an alleged pro-life politician to “harass” him about what they call his “lies” that Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby parts.

Lies Actually Lady Parts Justice

“Lies?” Hmmm…let’s see… High ranking staffers at Planned Parenthood negotiated the price for the parts of preborn babies on video – and – when the Center for Medical Progress made them public, those staffers seemed to “disappear” so they could not be questioned further. Instead their very savvy and well paid I might add, president Cecile Richards issued a swift “apology” for their gruesome operation.

But, why look at facts when you believe that preborn babies are not human and Planned Parenthood is a saint, right? Back to Winstead’s new video.

In the footage, which mocks a politician who later admits to being gay, the Planned Parenthood supporting “Caroler” arrives playing “Silent Night” and flashing a series of hateful messages at the person (allegedly a pro-life politician) who answers the door. After leading him to believe she was there for Caroling, she quickly waves a message at him reading, “A**hole.”

We could pause right here to imagine the outrage from the media if this had been a video created by a pro-life comedian who went “Caroling” to the home of an abortion politician and then waved hate-filled messages in his face- but- let’s just move on.

In Winstead’s video, the messages go from bad to worse and read as follows:

LadyPartsJustice Lies Planned Parenthood

LadyPartsJustice Lies Planned Parenthood 2

LadyPartsJustice Lies Planned Parenthood 3

And- it gets even worse as the alleged Planned Parenthood supporting “Caroler” delivers the message “Merry F-ing Christmas” to the faux pro-life politician.

As she readies to leave, the Planned Parenthood supporter shoots the politician the proverbial “bird.” You can view the video here, but I warn you there is graphic language and it isn’t funny. Personally, I wouldn’t waste any valuable time on it if I were you.

Lady Parts Justice Merry F Christmas Planned Parenthood

Lady Parts Justice Christmas Planned Parenthood

There is a bright light hidden in this twisted pro-abortion parody though.

That is that while Winstead uses vulgarity, hatred, and deception to slander pro-life politicians, a beautiful song like “Silent Night” is playing in the background announcing the arrival of the newborn baby who was lovingly sent to save the world from their sin. A baby, that those who support abortion would say could have been killed in the womb if Mary wanted to. But, she didn’t.

How Ironic! Merry Christmas Liz.

Abortion app profiles and tracks pro-life advocates: can you say stalking?

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The concept of reproductive rights advocates tracking pro-lifers is now out in the open with a new App from the pro-abortion founder of the Daily Show. Abortion supporters are often critical of pro-life websites that expose the horrific things they do. So, an App which alleges to “track” or “profile” pro-lifers should receive criticism from the media, correct? Wrong!

Liz Winstead launches Hinder

This summer, radically pro-abortion comedian Liz Winstead launched a Tinder parody App to “track” abortion opponents. Winstead operates the website Lady Parts Justice and her disrespectful anti-Christian and pro-abortion views make her a favorite speaker for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Hinder APP

“It’s like a hook-up app, but it focuses on all the sexist a–holes tirelessly fighting to crawl up in your vagina,” Winstead said when she introduced the game in a Steve Jobs-like presentation this fall, according to the NY Daily News.

Later adding, “It’s simple: Uterus begins with you.”

You can just type up your state and Boom! Hinder will pull up all the orgs that are in your area, your town or your vagina,” she says in the video which the abortion blog Reality Check described as “fake” writing:

    “Of course, this is all satire. Winstead’s impersonation of Steve Jobs is just that: fake. The video is merely poking fun of the way presenters reveal new technology or ideas among a large audience of curious onlookers. The crowd was edited to whoop and holler at the most opportune moments.

    “But the app is real.”

Winstead spoke to Mother Jones about the “Hinder vision” explaining how she came up with the name, “It’s about people who are hindering access to reproductive justice. And since it’s birth control- and reproductive rights-centric, we thought, “Why not ape a traditional hookup app?” she said.

Hinder Ap abortion

A description of the App on the Lady Parts Justice website says it will expose “anti-choice douchebags with a swipe” and emphasizes that it “tracks” opponents of abortion so they can be “exposed.”

“Tired of searching for Mr. or Ms. Right, only to find Mr. or Ms. Right-wing nutbag? Hinder is an exciting new app that helps you keep track of all the unhinged anti-abortion zealots right in the palm of your hand! Just read, swipe and share! Letting people know about craptastic extremists has never been easier! Left or right, any way you swipe it, these creeps need to be exposed and with Hinder now you can!” it states.

According to the “Daily Show” founder, Apple initially rejected the pro-abortion APP, claiming it violated the company’s prohibition on defamatory, offensive, or mean-spirited content. She said they had a change of heart after the Huffington Post published this article about the APP and pointed out the the same rule Apple cited in rejecting the app also states that “professional political satirists and humorists are exempt from the ban on offensive or mean-spirited commentary.”

The App allows users to swipe Left where they are taken to a “donate” button or to swipe Right where they can share the information they read. Listed among Hinder’s profiles is a doctor who is truly giving women a choice by allowing them the option to reverse their abortions. Dr. George Delgado has successfully reversed several abortions, but, that appears to be something Winstead and Lady Parts Justice abhors – making his profile a favorite:

George Delgado Hinder

Click on Illinois and the profile for Pro-life Action League executive director, Eric Scheidler pops up:

Eric Scheidler Illinois Hinder

Hinder profiles also include 2016 presidential candidates like Senator Rick Santorium, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Governor Scott Walker among many other politicians. However, it would have been more shocking if Winstead had profiled the dangerous abortion and Planned Parenthood doctors or clinic staffers who injure, kill, rape, or commit despicable acts of violence on children instead. But that would require that she take an honest look at abortion which she has no intention of doing. Such a list was published in a recent Saynsumthn post feel free to share!

Abortion Clinic Manager Stalks Pro-lifers- follows them in her car

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Pro-choice woman sentenced for stalking ex’s girlfriend with threatening e-mails

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Gee – with all the talk about how supposedly pro-lifers are “violent” and “threatening” and have “guns” why do these stories never make national headlines.? Click the “Pro-choice violence” and the “pro-choice lawbreakers” section of this blog for a fuller idea of how much “media cover-up” on this topic of “pro-choice violence” is really taking place !

Woman sentenced for stalking politician’s girlfriend, delayed while she appeals

By Peggy Wright 2/23/2010

Karen E. Golding‘s sentence today to two years’ probation, counseling, and 90 days on a manual labor program was put on hold while her lawyer appeals the West Orange woman’s conviction for stalking the girlfriend of Union County Assemblyman Joseph Cryan.

Superior Court Judge Philip Maenza, sitting in Morristown, sentenced the 40-year-old woman — who is adamant she had an intense romantic relationship with Cryan — to probation and 90 days on the Morris County Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program, a work-in-lieu-of-jail program.

But Maenza agreed to stay the sentence pending defense lawyer Roy Greenman’s appeal of multiple issues in the case that has lingered for five years.

Greenman said that Golding ”snapped” when her relationship with Cryan, a former state Democratic Party chairman, ended after she had an abortion and allegedly started receiving anonymous e-mails and messages that mocked her decision to terminate the pregnancy.

Greenman said that Golding wants a concession from Cryan that they had a relationship — which he has denied — and just wanted Cryan’s girlfriend, Kathy Conway, to be aware of the kind of man he is.

Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Greg Mueller, who is prosecuting the case because of conflicts by prosecutors in Union and Morris counties, wanted the judge to put Golding on probation for five years and asked for a 180-day jail sentence. Maenza didn’t agree but Mueller also wanted Golding to receive counseling from a specific therapist who specializes in stalking and to be subjected to polygraph tests to see if she is complying with court orders to stay away from Cryan family members and Conway.

Mueller said there was nothing innocent about Golding’s communications to Conway. He said the ex-lobbyist terrorized Conway with her anonymous messages, including one that asked ”Is your daughter going to miss her mommy?” and subscriptions to gun magazines.

”The conduct was acute, it was severe,” Mueller said.

Golding’s case has had a convoluted history in the court system. In December, a judge refused to let her withdraw the guilty plea she entered in 2007 to stalking Conway.

Golding first was charged in Union County in February 2006 with stalking Cryan and breaking into his car in Trenton as well as placing harassing phone calls to his relatives. She didn’t admit any wrongdoing then and was placed into the pre-trial intervention program in Union County — where Cryan is a jail undersheriff.

She violated the PTI terms by making 600 anonymous calls to Cryan and five of his relatives and friends over a 45-day period in 2006, according to authorities. The case was transferred to Morris County and Golding in November 2007 accepted a deal to have her PTI extended. She entered a conditional guilty plea then only to stalking Conway.

Last summer, a judge terminated Golding from PTI after finding that she was continuing to harass Cryan associates and her conditional guilty plea was reinstated against her.