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Planned Parenthood closing three locations 2-Oregon 1-Washington State

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Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette announced Tuesday the closures of three of its nine area health centers.

In a news release, abortion giant said the decision to close the centers and reduce staff “was difficult but necessary in order to maintain a fiscally solvent operation that continues to keep our doors open to patients in our region for the long-term.”

The statement was attributed to Stacy M. Cross, the organization’s president and CEO.

The offices being closed are in Clackamas, Gresham and the Salmon Creek area of Clark County, Wash. Unaffected by the decision are locations in Beaverton, Bend, Northeast Portland, Southeast Portland, Salem and Vancouver.

The organization also closed an office two months ago in McMinnville.


2011 990:

In 2011 President and CEO David Greenberg took home $198,997

Stacy James replaced Greenberg as organization’s new President and CEO as of June 1, 2013

Stephen Reichard, Chief Operating Officer took home $108,886

and Chief Financial Officer, Lenice Shaw $101,999

PP Col Wilm 2011

2010 990

According to a 2010, report,

David Greenberg, the Former CEO Earned $196,000-a-year

Stephen Reichard earns $107,411 as the Chief Operating Officer

Lenice Shaw earns $97,754 as Chief Financial Officer

Adrienne Karecki Fomer Chief Operating Officer took home $116,829

Dean Roberts , Former CFO, took home $84,972 , Nadikerianda Ponnamma $75,765, Judith Albert $93,107, Cathryn Wilcox $90,309, Lynn Hayden $75,292, Linda Bryant $91,947, Marcella Forbes took home $63,895

2010 Col WIlm PP 990

Accused racist founded and child predator protectors, Planned Parenthood, closing Montana Office

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Planned Parenthood of Montana has announced it is closing its Kalispell clinic next month due to a decline in patients.

The clinic, which opened a little more than four years ago, plans to close on Nov. 20.

Planned Parenthood directors saying they’ve seen a drop in patients for the four year old facility.

Stacy James, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Montana, said the board met a few weeks ago and made the decision.

Planed Parenthood (national) is being accused by pro-lifers for covering for child predators. When undercover cameras were brought into Planned Parenthood they caught several clinics across the nation covering up when young teenage girls admitted to sexual relationships with adult men.

Recently a pro-life organization, Life Dynamics, released a 2 hour documentary which ties slavery, eugenics, and Black Genocide to abortion and mostly to the nation’s top abortion provider: Planned Parenthood. The documentary is called: Maafa21 and it clearly and flawlessly shows viewers documents, video, audio, books, and quotes of the connections between Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, her friends, and her board members to Eugenics organizations. Maafa21 also shows how racist motives are what drives abortions with the Planned Parenthood organization. Backing this claim up is actual video of former Planned Parenthood President, Faye Wattleton admitting that Planned Parenthood receives racist donations. Also backing this claim up are quotes from racist Sanger board members, and a quote from Alan Guttmacher, former Planned Parenthood President and Vice-President of the American Eugenics Society. Guttmacher is also known for founding the Alan Guttmacher Institute, known as the research arm of Planned Parenthood.

You can get Maafa21 here ( View a preview below)