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Judge Jeanine: “Lights Out: Danger to U.S. Power Grid”

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Justice with Judge Jeanine devoted an hour-long special to the many dangerous threats to the US electric grid, including EMP attack, solar flares, and insecure transformers.

I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro. Tonight – an hour long investigation into the dangers facing the U.S. power grid. What would it take to bring it down? And if our system did break down – how would you survive? And what would it be like in the dark?

Last month – I went to a meeting in Manhattan in the freezing cold. But when I came out of that meeting, I was frozen – not from the bitter temperatures – but from fear.

I learned things that *no one* is talking about… Things that can change my life, your life, and the lives of everyone you know… forever.

I started thinking about how fragile life is – and how ill-prepared we are for this.

Tonight – in an exclusive Justice investigation – the vulnerability of America’s power system – the United States’ electric grid. Are we ready for a terror attack – and what would we do if the lights go out?

Tonight is about a series of forces and individuals who instead of doing the right thing for you and me are playing politics and are gambling with your safety and way of life.

Who of us could ever envision 9/11 happening? But the difference between 9/11 and what I’m about to tell you is that we *know* this can happen – the question is not *will* it happen but *when* will it happen.

And the consequences would be a million times worse than 9/11. One day you’re enjoying the comforts of life… The next – everything is different. Civilization as you know it would be gone.

An electromagnetic pulse would destroy all electronics, and the transformers that power *everything”… *anything* with an on/off switch. Your hot water heater. Your refrigerator. Your dialysis machine. Hospitals are closed. Grocery shelves are empty – most of the food you have at home is spoiled.

And forget about your bank accounts. What you have in your pocket is all you can access.

I imagine myself waking up to total darkness – nothing in my home working. Food spoiled. Water not running. I rummage through whatever last cans of food i can find. I’m alone – because my kids and loved ones have no way to get to me.

I’m afraid to leave because it’s too dangerous. People are desperate and hungry. Our civilization thrown back to the dark ages.

I’m scared. Helpless. And I don’t know *how* I will survive.

If there were to be such a catastrophic failure, our death toll would be staggering.

A blue ribbon commission predicting mass fatalities, horrific loss of life… Some say 9 out of 10 Americans would die.

This is not science fiction – it’s *real*.

Tonight – we’ll tell you about the ways this could happen:
A solar flare.
An electromagnetic pulse.
A nuclear device.
Cyber attack.
Or a simple physical assault – all of which would break down our society as we know it.

In this complicated world we live in, many wish America destruction. But it is he who has the capacity, ability, and inclination to act on that ill will against whom we must be vigilant.

Scientists say an EMP created by a nuclear weapon at high altitude is the most efficient way to take out America’s electric grid, telecommunication networks and all critical infrastructures.

As I stand here now – North Korea has a satellite the size and weight of a small nuclear weapon orbiting at an altitude conducive to an EMP attack and it approaches our country from the south – a direction which lacks early warning or missile defenses.

The threat can also be from the sea.

Fact: Six month ago, two full up nuclear capable missiles on their launchers were discovered in Panama on a North Korean flagged vessel hidden under sugar bags.

Reports are that our grid has already been penetrated by our enemies leaving behind software programs that can compromise it.

There are other ways to take down our grid. A simple direct physical attack like an assault on a local sub station.

Fact: Ten months ago, unknown attackers attempted to blow up a San Jose transformer substation in a military style raid.

No one has been apprehended. The FBI and local police call it vandalism. As if Billy Bob and Bubba – after a few beers – get their hands on AK-47s and surgically knock out 17 transformers and 16 circuit breakers *after* cutting underground fiber optic cables and outsmarting security cameras and motion sensors.

These terrorists are still out there.

Less than a week later – in a shockingly similar attack in Tennessee – a suspect on a boat fired shots at a nuclear power plant, then engaged police. A trespasser? Someone armed from the water willing to engage in a shootout with law enforcement is *certainly* not Bubba with a few beers in him.

Even if *no one* attacks our grid – the sun will.

The earth is exposed to intense solar flaring roughly every 150 years. The last time it occurred was 1859. Do the math – we’re due.

I’m not saying this to panic anyone – but *everyone* – including our enemies, know that an artificially created electromagnetic pulse will shut down all power… which risks our survival.

We possess the world’s largest power distribution system. What is our government doing to make sure that our grid – likened be some to that of a third world country – is protected?

Are we ready for an attack on our grid and the catastrophic failure that would result?

Guilty Knowledge by Frank Gaffney here

Will the Government be able to assist in a large disaster: Earthquake, Solar Flares, Cyber Attack , etc ?

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Will the Government be able to assist in a larg…, posted with vodpod

Electronic Armageddon: How An EMP Bomb Would Be A Deathblow To Life As We Know It

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Earlier this month, NASA warned that as the Sun wakes up from its “deep slumber,” a massive solar storm could wreak havoc on our electronics, from satellites to the electrical grid, causing damages up to 20 times the cost of Hurricane Katrina.

But the Sun isn’t the only threat to our electronic lifeline. National Geographic explorers the risk and consequences of the “electronic Armageddon” that could be caused by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb.

An EMP bomb, National Geographic explains, is “a bomb that’s designed to go above the atmosphere and release huge amounts of energy,” some of which in the form of gamma rays. Such a weapon would cripple electronics, but not kill people.

“In less than a billionth of a second, the electrical intensity on Earth’s surface would become so hot that microchips would fry, power lines would overload and the electric grid would collapse,” says National Geographic, describing . “Everything with microelectronics in it would stop: your car, your computer, the subway. There would be no electricity.”

Learn more about what would happen if an EMP bomb were ever detonated in the video below, then find out more about solar flares.

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Nasa solar flare space storm warning: a British scientist writes

June 2010

Senior Nasa scientists have warned of the problems that a once-in-a-generation “space storm” could pose to Britain. Here a British space scientist, Dr Chris Davis, explains why this has occurred and what is being done about it.

“Look at images of the Sun taken from space and you will see that it is not the plain yellow disk that we see shining through the clouds on Earth.

Spacecraft images reveal the Sun as a rotating, seething fiery ball of electrically charged fluid. Magnetic fields generated by this constant churning drive the activity cycle of the Sun.

Complex tangles of high-intensity magnetic field are created from which violent eruptions of material can occur. Each one of these solar storms is a magnetic bubble containing around a billion tonnes of material from the hot solar atmosphere travelling at a million miles an hour.

The more tangled the Sun’s magnetic field, the more frequent these eruptions become, with the number of outbursts reaching a crescendo every eleven years or so.

When a solar storm is launched into space, the material accelerated with it represents a hazard to space-borne electronics and astronauts.

Sitting on a ball of rock some 93 million miles from this cosmic popcorn machine, we have an interest in knowing when such a storm is heading towards us and what the consequences will be when one arrives.

The most beautiful manifestation is the aurora (the northern and southern lights), created when hot solar particles enter the Earth’s protective magnetic bubble and energise the atmosphere high above the north and south poles.

As these charged particles flow through the Earth’s ionosphere (an electrified layer in the Earth’s upper atmosphere), they can induce surges within the world’s power grids that can damage vital transformers.

As we head towards the next peak in solar activity in 2013, researchers at Lancaster University are developing computer models to investigate the effects of such currents on our national grid system.

The energy dumped into the upper atmosphere during such a storm can also temporarily distort and weaken the earth’s ionosphere, disrupting radio communications and reducing the accuracy of civilian GPS navigation systems.

The speed, intensity and frequency of these solar storms is very variable and predicting their occurrence is the holy grail of solar science. Missions such as the two Nasa STEREO spacecraft are doing much to advance our understanding.

Viewing the Sun from positions either side of the Earth, these spacecraft have made the first 3D images of the Sun, allowing complex changes in the Sun’s magnetic field to be studied in great detail prior to the eruption of a solar storm.

The STEREO mission also carries two UK-built cameras that image the space between the Sun and the Earth so that Earth-directed storms can be tracked all the way to our planet.

At the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, researchers are working with government forecasters in the USA to improve predictions of a storm’s arrival at Earth.

Given enough warning, satellite operators can hibernate sensitive electronics, power companies can prepare for surges and astronauts reschedule spacewalks.

With over 100,000 images collected from the UK cameras so far, keeping up with the Sun’s tantrums is a full-time job.

As a result, the UK STEREO team have joined forces with the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and the Galaxy Zoo team to create “solar stormwatch” where member of the public can assist this pioneering research by identifying and tracking storms in STEREO images.

Some may even help predict the arrival of the next solar storm at Earth.

The Sun produces a “perfect storm” at Earth once per century.

An event in 1859 caused major disruptions to the US telegraph system. In 1989 a solar storm caused the power-grid in Quebec to fail.

As we become dependent on satellite technology we will need a reliable space weather forecast.”

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