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Post-abortion trauma? Pro-choice author says it exists !

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A pro-choice abortion advocate has penned an op-ed stating that the abortion lobby refuses to admit there is such a thing as post-abortion syndrome.

Writing for the blog Truth-out, Genevra Reid begins by describing how she walked to the abortion clinic through a a line of pro-life protesters and then, in a very descriptive way she describes what she saw inside the abortion clinic, “I’m on what feels like an assembly-line inside the clinic, surrounded by a group of women and girls being herded from one room to the next. Undress here, get your ultrasound there, sign your papers over that way. There’s a silent sisterhood, an understanding, between us. We talk a little.

“The youngest of us looks like she’s about fourteen. She’s crying because she wants her mom to be with her when it happens. The oldest of us says she did this once before and promises the teenager that it’s not that bad. They sedate you, she says, so you probably won’t even remember it.

“I sign the consent forms with shaking hands. Yes, I’m sure. No, no one is pressuring me.”

Reid then describes the abortion:

    The doctors and nurses look irritated that I declined the sedative. I didn’t have much choice. I was already four dollars short of affording the “discount” procedure, and had to find the difference by digging under my car seats for loose change. Two hundred dollars extra for sedation wasn’t something I could manage.

    They tell me to lie back and say it’s no worse than a pap smear. I believe them only for a moment before it feels like someone is stabbing my womb with a hot knife. My ears are ringing lividly and my vision is strobing. I can’t breathe. I feel like a trapped animal being eaten alive. This isn’t an abortion clinic, I think. They lied to me. They tricked me. They’re killing me. It hurts. Oh, God, it hurts.

    “BE STILL!” the doctor screams, but I can barely hear her over the ringing in my ears and the sound of my heartbeat. The nurses are holding down my arms and legs. I tell them to stop. I tell them that they’re killing me. I tell them that something is wrong—very, very wrong, because it’s not supposed to hurt like this. I’m trying not to move or scream but my body is rebelling violently. I’m about to lose consciousness. Maybe I’m about to die.

    At once, the ringing stops and the nurses let go of me.

Reid the writes about how the abortion affected her traumatically, “Those last two words—it’s over—always shake me awake. It’s been two years, but I have never been able to un-hear them. They echo in my ears as I shoot up in bed, nauseated and panicked and drenched in sweat. I shake violently, scrambling to open a bottle of Klonopin and struggle to swallow the tablet against my sobs.This happens to me two or three times a week.”

She says that months after the abortion, her doctor diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder due to her nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks, “For some, [PTSD] it’s abuse,” she writes, “For others, war. For me, it was an abortion.”

Although she claims that, “Post-abortion mental health problems are hugely exaggerated by anti-choicers,” she admits that the abortion industry ignores the fact that women suffer from abortion trauma, “I am part of the hidden epidemic of women suffering from post-abortion trauma. Many of my fellow pro-choice activists, despite their good intentions, say that my experience isn’t real, or is so rare that it doesn’t ultimately matter…

Reid continues to supports abortion but her admission to post-abortion trauma is telling!

The pro-life group, Silent No More, has been bringing awareness to post-abortion syndrome for years, despite as Reid admits, denial by the abortion lobby.