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Abolish Human Abortion: Shai Linne Raps About Abortion

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Abolish Human Abortion: Shai Linne Raps About A…, posted with vodpod

Abolish Human Abortion: Shai Linne Raps About Abortion
This is a segment from Shai Linne’s song “Memoirs” off of his first album Solus Christus. He does not know about the abolitionists so we do not know if he would endorse what we are doing. We like it when people express important ideas through artistic expression, especially the gospel and abolition (which are connected in a fundamental sense).


Chapter 4: Abortion

This thing is drastic- my sadness I can’t mask it
It’s tragic how wombs have turned into caskets
Genocide on the unborn- have you seen this?
Babies sacrificed on the altar of convenience
At least two lives are shredded- impossible not to regret it
As hard as she tries, she won’t forget it
A personal war that hurts to the core
Yet there’s hope with a merciful Lord

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