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Planned Parenthood uses black faux drug dealer to pitch “hook up in your hood” sex to teens

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Written by Saynsumthn Blog

A video called “The Goods” uploaded by Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic uses a black faux drug dealer to pitch sex solutions to teens telling them to “hook up in your hood.”

Hook up Hood PP

The video highlights three couples.

Couple number one has a conflict when the boy wants the girl to use a condom and she refuses:

PP hook up couple 1

Couple number two is not seeing eye to eye

PP Couple 2 Hook Up

Couple number three is having a difficult time deciding to “go all the way”

Couple 3 PP Hook UP

The scene switches to a basket ball court where the couples discuss their love lives amongst their friends.

Dude, I tried to get my girl to use condoms, but she just wasn’t hav’n it, man,” boy from couple number one tells his guy friends.

I tried to get my girl to go all the way,” says guy from couple number three while couple number two’s bro brags his girl is satisfied.

BB Hook up PP

In an almost stereo typical fashion an African American Planned Parenthood faux “drug dealer” of sorts walks up to the group with a solution to their sex problems.

PP Drug Dealer Hook Up Man

I have a hook up if you’re interested,” he tells the girls first.

Hook up man PP

As the boyfriends walk over he continues, “Stuff to make your sex life a whole lot better.”

PP are the goods hook up

One of the boyfriends tells him, “We’re not looking for any drugs dude.”

Need Goods PP

Drugs?” the black Planned Parenthood dealer says, “you don’t need drugs to have a good time. You need the goods!”

He then lets them in on the secret, “You see…Planned Parenthood is the hook-up, ” he tells them.

This is yet another example of the way the abortion giant, whose foundation is based in racism, views African American males. It is also another example of the way they target sex to teens. Shameful in every way!

Watch below: