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Planned Parenthood uses black faux drug dealer to pitch “hook up in your hood” sex to teens

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A video called “The Goods” uploaded by Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic uses a black faux drug dealer to pitch sex solutions to teens telling them to “hook up in your hood.”

Hook up Hood PP

The video highlights three couples.

Couple number one has a conflict when the boy wants the girl to use a condom and she refuses:

PP hook up couple 1

Couple number two is not seeing eye to eye

PP Couple 2 Hook Up

Couple number three is having a difficult time deciding to “go all the way”

Couple 3 PP Hook UP

The scene switches to a basket ball court where the couples discuss their love lives amongst their friends.

Dude, I tried to get my girl to use condoms, but she just wasn’t hav’n it, man,” boy from couple number one tells his guy friends.

I tried to get my girl to go all the way,” says guy from couple number three while couple number two’s bro brags his girl is satisfied.

BB Hook up PP

In an almost stereo typical fashion an African American Planned Parenthood faux “drug dealer” of sorts walks up to the group with a solution to their sex problems.

PP Drug Dealer Hook Up Man

I have a hook up if you’re interested,” he tells the girls first.

Hook up man PP

As the boyfriends walk over he continues, “Stuff to make your sex life a whole lot better.”

PP are the goods hook up

One of the boyfriends tells him, “We’re not looking for any drugs dude.”

Need Goods PP

Drugs?” the black Planned Parenthood dealer says, “you don’t need drugs to have a good time. You need the goods!”

He then lets them in on the secret, “You see…Planned Parenthood is the hook-up, ” he tells them.

This is yet another example of the way the abortion giant, whose foundation is based in racism, views African American males. It is also another example of the way they target sex to teens. Shameful in every way!

Watch below:

Planned Parenthood to teen “anything in the sexual world is normal”

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The fourth installment of Live Action’s undercover video has been released.

Episode Four of Live Action’s SEXED investigative series takes place in Eden Prairie, a city in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The footage reveals an employee encouraging an investigator, who told the worker she is 15, to experiment with alarming sexual activities. The counselor coaches the girl that sexual practices, including the use of horse whips and ropes to inflict welts and bodily pain, is not sexual abuse as long as activities are consensual among partners. In addition to offering advice on where to obtain adult sex toys, the Planned Parenthood counselor exposes the organization’s corporate sexual culture.

The video shows a Planned Parenthood counselor advising a teen on various sexual acts.

Planned Parenthood Horse WhipPlanned Parenthood Sexed Rope BurnsPlanned Parenhood anal play sex toys

After discussing several dangerous forms of sexual acts, the abortion giant then asks if the teen is on birth control and says, “So you feel like you’re having safe sex…”

Sex “counseling” by Planned Parenthood: Girl tied to tree, spanked, whipped, or handcuffed

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There are no words for the ongoing perversion dished out at tax funded Planned Parenthood.

PP SEXED Clackamas Portland Or

In the third under cover video release by Live Action Films, Planned Parenthood tells what they believe is a 15 year old girl about kinky sex- like being tied up and “bondage-type” things:

Kink Bondage PP

Then they tell her about passive or aggressive submission where “One of you is being passively punished.”

PP Passive Aggressive submission

Hey – but if you are 15 and bored try getting handcuffed or tied up to a tree – for sex…or she could be spanked or whipped or hit….

Ties up to a tree PP

Spanked or whipped or hit PP

So disturbing. Where are the Congressional investigations on this????

This is the third video in the series- see the first one here and the second one here.

One leader has responded:

Planned Parenthood and Laci Green: Abortion Sex and Perversion = A Naked Notion

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A Naked Notion

MEET LACI Green and A NAKED NOTION by Planned Parenthood:

A Naked Notion Planned Parenthood

PP and Laci Green 2014

Laci Green PP

Laci Green is best known for her BDSM vid she made for Planned Parenthood – which brought so much criticism it looks like they took it down:

But…..this is not the only SEX -ED vid she made:

A Naked Notion  Planned Parenthood Laci Green

Like this one – You Can’t pop your cherry – hymen- huh?

A Naked Notion 2 Planned Parenthood Laci Green

Laci Green and Planned Parenthood- Lets Talk About Sex!

Hey – Posting Nude Pics online- not so bad says Laci Green and Planned Parenthood – don’t judge !

Here Laci Green makes abortion sound easy and simple for abortion giant Planned Parenthood

And this one on the Morning-After Abortion Pill:

Laci Green “Pull out” for Planned Parenthood

And there is celebrating Bi-Sexuality from Laci Green and Planned Parenthood

Or…Oral Sex!

Laci Green on techo loving for Planned Parenthood

Here’s a lovely title: Problem with Penises for Planned Parenthood

Laci Green Death of Sex-Ed for Planned Parenthood

Female Ejaculation? Nice one Laci Green and Planned Parenthood

And just when you thought the word “SLUT” was bad- Planned Parenthood and Laci Green make this vid:

Okay- I have had enough – Planned Parenthood has a YOU TUBE page just for this – where all of Laci Green’s vids are uploaded – yes there are more!!!

Does that convince you that Planned Parenthood is focused on selling sex to kids?

A Naked Notion 2 Planned Parenthood Laci Green 2

SEXED: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids

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A new undercover video from Live Action shows Planned Parenthood counselors showing questionable and even dangerous judgment on how to advise minors on sexual matters.

The release is a combination of new Live Action investigative footage and videos and screenshots from Planned Parenthood’s promotional materials. The latter include a clip from the video series “A Naked Notion,” sponsored by Planned Parenthood, where the hostess explains the principles of BDSM, which involves sex partners beating, whipping, or otherwise inflicting pain on each other.

“What we’re about to release shows a systemic, institutional problem in America’s largest abortion corporation,” Lila Rose, Live Action’s president, stated. “It’s not a matter of ‘don’t judge,’ but rather explicit endorsement of violent and harmful sexual practices to boys and girls as young as fifteen years old.”

Planned Parenthood characterizes itself as a leading sex educator for children. The organization receives millions of dollars in public money through the TPP (Teen Pregnancy Prevention) program, as well as through PREP (the Personal Responsibility and Education Program).

“Taxpayers, and especially parents, need to know where their money is going,” Rose said. “This funding is not optional – it’s a compulsory, government-enforced extraction going toward extremely questionable programs and dangerous advice for our nation’s teens.”

Rose expects Live Action’s upcoming investigative releases to serve as “a wake-up call for America’s parents.” “This is not a partisan issue. Whether people are liberal or conservative, or even whether they’re pro-life or pro-choice, I think we’re going to see a lot of common ground in the outrage over what we’re about to show people.”

Trailer for “SEXED: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids”

Saynsumthn has covered the sexing of Planned Parenthood for years-read here and click Back –

Or here , here here and in other places just look under Planned Parenthood in the categories and be shocked !!

The second SEXED video is available here !

Teacher arrested after sex with student which led to pregnancy and abortion

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A 29 year old female teacher who admitted she was had sex with a 17 year old student 20 to 30 times and aborted the child the student fathered has been arrested in Florida.


According to the Tampa Tribune, Jennifer Christine Fichter, an English teacher at Central Florida Aerospace Academy was arrested Monday night on charges of having sex with a 17-year-old student during a four-month romance that involved a pregnancy and abortion, Lakeland police said.

According to police, the relationship began in November and the sex occurred during early morning hours in Fichter’s Toyota pickup truck.

On Jan. 27, the teen’s mother became suspicious when she noticed her son was not home at 5 a.m. and he lied about his whereabouts, police said. She began to review his text messages and discovered texts from two names, and one discussed an “age difference,” police said.

The mother confronted her son, who admitted both names were used by Fichter, police said. The mother informed police of the relationship Monday.

On Monday night, the mother agreed to make a controlled, recorded phone call to Fichter for investigators. During the call, Fichter admitted she became pregnant with the teen’s child and had an abortion, the affidavit said.

Fichter faces six counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. She was arrested at her Davenport home and booked at the Polk County Jail.

Planned Parenthood pushes SEX for Valentine’s Day

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Planned Parenthood has a message for its supporters for Valentine’s Day – SEX!

Here is their “Lets Get it On” valentine Card:

PP Valentines Lets get it on 1PP Valentines Lets get it on 2


And then there is the BOOTY CALL Planned Parenthood card:

PP Valentine Booty Call 1PP Valentine Booty Call 2


Expecting that special RING for Valentines Day? NOPE- Planned Parenthood wants you to get a condom: