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Man who held teen as sex slave took her to Planned Parenthood for abortion after he impregnated her

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Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life group located in Denton , Texas has released the second part of their child predator investigation.

Child Predator Cases Screen

The new report details criminal convictions of child pedophiles who raped their victims and when they became pregnant the victim was taken to an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood for an abortion concealing the crime.

The gist of Life Dynamics’ report is that the medical offices where victims were taken for their abortions are mandatory reporters and because of the clinic’s failure to report suspicion of abuse, the children continued to be raped, sometimes for many years after their abortions.

In once case documented by Life Dynamics, a kidnap victim who was being kept as a sex slave, was taken to a Planned Parenthood where she was given an abortion.

At no time did the tax funded abortion giant report her to authorities for possible abuse. As a result she was returned back into the hands of her abusers.

In June of 2007, a 15-year-old girl went missing for over a year in Connecticut.


According to several news sources, police found the fifteen year-old victim in the home of forty-one year old sexual predator, Adam Gault. According to police, the girl was held in a locked tiny room, about 3 feet high and 4 to 5 feet deep. The doorway was hidden by a bureau.

Gault, a dog trainer, was arrested with two women who lived in the house, 40-year-old Ann Murphy and Kimberly Cray, 26. The three were charged with conspiracy to commit unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit risk of injury to a minor and interfering with police.

Adam Gault

Inside the home, where the teen was used by Gault for sex on a regular basis, authorities found a journal the girl had kept detailing her two-year sexual relationship with Gault.

In it, the victim revealed that she had once been impregnated by Gault and taken to Planned Parenthood in West Hartford for an abortion.

According to Life Dynamics, the time lapse between when the abortion occurred and when the victim was located makes it obvious that no report was filed by Planned Parenthood.

Gault was indicted for kidnapping and other charges related to the sexual assaults on the teen. He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 50 years in prison by a state judge who said he couldn’t decide whether Gault had a distorted view of reality or was genuinely evil. The women, Ann Murphy, 41, Gault’s partner, and Kimberly Cray, 27, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison, suspended after three years, and five years of probation

A statement by the teen victim was read in the courtroom: “Adam, you hurt me like nobody else has, and I hate you for it. I feel that you ruined me inside in so many different ways. How will I ever know what is the truth and what is a lie?

Just think about this for a moment. The teen was taken for an abortion to Planned Parenthood, who, had they filed a report, may have been rescued from her abusers. This is not a one time instance which accidentally fell through the cracks. As Life Dynamics points out, the failure to report statutory rape is a common practice inside the abortion lobby.

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A 2002, undercover investigation from the Texas group, also confirms this. ( Listen to audio tapes of that investigation here)

Sadly, the Adam Gault / Planned Parenthood rape case is not the only one detailed by Life Dynamics.

You can read additional cases here.

Child Predator Atty Project

Life Dynamics says they are working with attorneys to educate them on how they can help end the scandal of abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood centers covering for child rapists. The group’s litigation plan is detailed here for interested attorneys to read.

Man who allegedly held wife as sex slave and forced her to have an abortion, being sued.

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A Gold Coast woman who alleges her ex-husband sexually assaulted her, forced her to parade around their homes naked and in heels, sleep on the floor next to their bed at night and address him as “master” took the stand this morning and testified about the romantic early days of their relationship.

Kimberly O’Brien is suing her ex-husband, Kevin Anderson, a Wisconsin businessman, for civil damages in federal court, alleging sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She claims he sexually assaulted her on their honeymoon and forced her to have an abortion before they were married.

O’Brien’s lawsuit alleges sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress, claiming that Anderson also forced her to abort their child before he would agree to marry her. The couple lived a life of privilege — staying at the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton and jetting off to Switzerland and Italy — but Anderson allegedly forced O’Brien to parade around their homes naked and in heels, sleep on the floor next to their bed at night and address him as “master.”

“It was the biggest mistake of my life ever being with this man,” she testified at the Dirksen federal courthouse in Chicago.

The sexual assault allegedly occurred in 2005 while they were on their California honeymoon. Anderson allegedly stunned O’Brien with a blow to the head, tied her up, sexually assaulted her, took photographs — which are expected to be shown at trial — and left her bound overnight.

“You will never tell anyone about this and if you are a good slave this will never happen again,” he allegedly whispered in her ear the next morning, O’Brien’s attorney, Dean Dickie, said in his opening remarks Tuesday.

The alleged assault was never reported to police because O’Brien was “embarrassed, humiliated and fearful,” Dickie said.

Anderson, who is expected to take the witness stand later, tells a very different story. He denies there was any sexual abuse and said any sadomasochistic sex was consensual and that any injuries O’Brien received were part of the risk she assumed in agreeing to that type of activity.

“It’s a story for the tabloids — sex, abuse, deceit — and none of it happened,” his attorney Charles Cole said in his opening remarks.

“This is a case largely driven by revenge and greed,” he said. An affidavit filed as part of the case says O’Brien was seeking $10 million. The couple had a “safe word” — red — that O’Brien never used, Cole said.

Cole placed a blown-up photo of O’Brien posing naked on the hotel balcony the morning after the alleged sexual assault and used a laser pointer to show the apparent lack of any injuries.

“Here’s a very naked Kimberly O’Brien showing you no such thing,” Cole told jurors as O’Brien, seated at the plaintiff’s table, looked the other way.

He said it was O’Brien who introduced Anderson to the world of sadomasochistic sex play and who proposed being hogtied and engaging in sexual activity on their honeymoon. “She said, ‘This is our last night here — let’s go big,'” Cole said. “She put on the blindfold herself.”

Kidnap victim raped, impregnated, taken for abortion . Obviously abortion clinic never reported abuse !

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Kidnap victim raped, impregnated, taken for abo…, posted with vodpod

Notice – the call for help to police came from the victim…NOT THE ABORTION CLINIC who is a mandatory reporter. Why is it that child is pregnant and taken for an abortion and the abortion clinic fails to report it and escapes any charges? Then the victim is returned to the rapist for more abuse !!!! The abortion clinics should be arrested and closed !

CLEVELAND – On June 11, Cleveland police got a call from a teen girl who told them she escaped from an apartment on the city’s west side after being a sex slave and unknowingly being infected with the HIV virus.

The now 16-year-old girl admitted to authorities that, at first, she willingly moved into the apartment of Richard Morris, 28, and his wife Tranace, 23, on W. 174th Street in September 2010 when she ran away from her family’s house. At that point, her family reported her missing and she was soon after profiled by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The girl met Richard Morris on an Internet chat room in late 2009. After talking via the web for several months, Morris began picking her up from her house and she told authorities she began engaging in consensual sex with both the husband and wife.

According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, Morris never told the girl he had HIV and ended up getting the teen pregnant. That’s when Morris created a fake ID for the teen and drove her to Detroit for an abortion.

Tips led Cleveland police to the home on multiple occasions, but they could never find the girl.

“The police went over there so many times,” recalled neighbor Shakara Welch. “All the residents were outside and they always came up empty handed and we wondered why,” she said.

That’s because prosecutors would later discover Morris had a video surveillance system that alerted him to when police were coming. When they searched the apartment the victim was always hiding in a compartment inside a couch.

“This is not that much different than when they’re moving young children from one city to another city and having the sex slaves,” said Mason. “This is not that much different except that it was happening here in our neighborhood.”

In the end Mason says it was the victim who alerted police. “They began to beat her and and assaulted her when she wanted to leave. She then left their house and ran to a neighbor’s house and called 9-1-1,” said Mason.

Morris and his wife now face a 14-count indictment, including kidnapping, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, felonious assault and more.

Richard and Tranace Morris are currently behind bars in the Cuyahoga County Jail and will be arraigned on Friday. They face dozens of years in prison if convicted of the crimes.

The teen girl is currently living in a group home and undergoing counseling.

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Listen to over 800 abortion clinics hiding the sexual abuse of teen girls here

Years of rape and forced abortion: Sex Slave victim finally gets justice

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Read this realizing that NO CHARGES have been filed against the abortion clinics who performed eh abortion on this minor girl without alerting the cops as they are required to do by law !!!! Had they done so- she may have been freed long ago.

A federal jury in Fort Lauderdale took just an hour to convict George Joseph England on charges he purchased a child in Vietnam, brought her to California, and eventually took her to South Florida – and Palm Beach County – so he could continue almost-daily sexual attacks.

England, now 66, was found guilty this afternoon on all five federal counts related to bringing Jackie Zudis as a minor across state lines for purposes of molesting her.
England, who could go to prison for up to 30 years, will be sentenced on March 24 by U.S. District Court Judge Jose A. Gonzalez Jr.

According to the indictment and evidence presented at trial, England met the victim in Vietnam in the early 1970s when the victim was approximately 4 years old. Soon thereafter, England traveled with the victim to Thailand and India, where they lived for approximately two years. While there, England sexually assaulted the victim repeatedly. He also taught her to never trust the police and warned her that without him she would be forced into a life of prostitution.

In or around 1974, England transported the victim to Costa Mesa, California, where they lived for the next three years. While in California, England continued to sexually assault the victim, including forcing her to engage in vaginal intercourse and bestiality. England also encouraged the victim to invite her friends to spend the night in their motor home. England mounted a Plexiglas box with a hidden camera in the bathroom of the motor home so that he could watch the victim and her friends in the bathtub. He also took nude photos of the young girls.

On October 20, 1977, England was convicted by a California jury of molesting three of the victim’s friends, ages 9 to 10 years old. After the verdict, England fled to northern California with the then 10-year-old victim. While in northern California, England obtained the birth certificate of a child named Steven Arthur Seagoe who had died soon after childbirth. England then assumed Seagoe’s identity. England also gave the victim a new name before boarding a bus bound for Ft. Lauderdale. An arrest warrant was issued for his arrest when he failed to appear for sentencing in the California case.

According to evidence presented during the trial, soon after arriving in Ft. Lauderdale, England continued to sexually assault the victim almost daily. He also drilled a hole in the wall of the victim’s bedroom and watched from an adjacent bathroom the victim engage in sexual activity with her friends. In 1980, the victim became pregnant at the age of 13. She gave birth to child in September of 1981. DNA tests confirmed that England is the biological father of that child. The defendant impregnated the victim several more times over the course of the next four years. The defendant instructed the victim to terminate each pregnancy by getting an abortion. According to the victim, the last abortion occurred in 1986 when she was 18 years old. Soon thereafter, the victim warned England that she would kill herself if he did not stop molesting her. The victim moved out of England’s residence when she got married in 1988. She terminated all contact with him in 1994.

In 2004, the victim disclosed the abuse to the FBI and provided information on England’s alias to assist law enforcement in arresting him on the outstanding California arrest warrant from 1977. On May 18, 2005, agents from the Diplomatic Security Service and Department of Homeland Security arrested England at his home in Ft. Lauderdale. He was charged with having obtained a passport in his false name. In July 2005, England pled guilty to passport fraud. He was later sentenced to 14 months’ imprisonment.
After serving the passport fraud sentence, England was extradited to California and sentenced to three consecutive terms of three years to life imprisonment on the 1977 child molestation case from which he had fled to Ft. Lauderdale. After serving almost four years of that sentence, he was scheduled to be released from jail in California on March 12, 2010. Prior to his release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida filed a complaint charging England with offenses related to his enticement and transportation of the victim.

U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer stated, “Yesterday’s guilty verdict brings to an end this international decades-long tragedy of child abuse and exploitation. Although nothing can restore a child’s lost innocence, we hope that the verdict will at least help heal deep wounds and provide victims of abuse with hope and trust in our justice system.”


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Missing North Carolina 5 year old has been sold as a sex slave by her mother. Shaniya Davis was reported missing by her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, early this week. The mother has since been arrested and charged with human trafficking and other offenses. The 5 year old who has not been seen since Tuesday is still missing.

Surveillance footage showed a man carrying Shaniya into a motel room. The man, Mario Anbdrette McNeil, who is the mother’s boyfriend, was charged with the kidnapping of the child. The charges were dropped and he was released. after speaking with authorities. Information has not been released why he was let go. He is not cooperating with authorities Fox news reports. He will not tell the police who he handed the child over to or the where abouts of the little girl.

The Fayetteville Police Department released a report stating that Antoinette Nicole Davis faces a child abuse charge involving prostitution as well as filing a false police report. According to arrest documents that the Fayetteville newspaper is citing, “Davis knowingly provided Shaniya Davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude” and she permitted the act of prostitution.

Shaniya’s picture was distributed and news telling of her disappearance had an alert hotel worker spotting the child and calling police. The surveillance video confirmed for police that it was the missing child that McNeil was seen carrying into the Sanford Motel, which is about 40 miles from Fayetteville where the child lives.

Shaniya had just moved in with her mother about a month ago. She had lived with her father, Bradley Lockhart, for the last several years. Lockhart said Davis got a place of her own and a new job so he decided to give her a chance to raise their daughter. He regrets this move he reports in an interview with the Associated Press on Saturday night.

Lockhart described his relationship with Davis as “a one night stand”. He said he loves his daughter and wants her home safe.

Nov. 17: Police in North Carolina have charged two people in the disappearance of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis, whose body was found yesterday after she went missing last week. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports. Watch emotional report here

ACORN Workers Covering Up Child Sex Trafficking

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Watch as this ACORN worker gets a “prostitute” into public housing and then when she tells them she has 13 “underage” girls from El Salvador coming to stay with her so they can essentially learn the “ropes” of prostitution, ACORN assists in helping them cover up and shows them how to make these “SEX SLAVES” independents which they can get a TAX DEDUCTION for.


ACORN Tells her, ” Don’t worry, you’re fine…make sure they go to school”

When asked, ” But they can still work”

ACORN Replies, “Yes, make sure they go to school” and then tells them how to get a child tax credit !

ACORN ” You’re business is PERFORMING ARTS – so stop saying PROSTITUTION” and then tells her she will get a discount since she is just “Starting out”