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Abortion delusional writer compares dismembering an unborn baby to wrist surgery

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An op-ed published by Sarah Erdreich who calls herself a “pro-choice activist” on her Twitter page, has made an absurd comparison regarding dismemberment abortion otherwise known as D+E abortion.


Erdreich writes this on the blog Talking Points Memo:

    In a few weeks a surgeon is going to slice so deep into my right arm that the muscle, bone and tendon will be exposed. Then that doctor will take a tendon from a dead body and place it between my radius and ulna bones, anchor it into the bones with what look like large plastic staples, and sew up the gash.

    That sounds incredibly gruesome, but it’s also essential for my health.

    Sure, there were other options, but they were even more radical and grisly and included phrases like “wrist prosthesis” and “one-bone forearm.” My doctor chose this option because in her opinion it is the best one available. And because my doctor spent four years in medical school and several more years in residency and fellowship, and now treats people like me as a routine part of her job, I trust her opinion.

    Wrist Surgery

    So if a politician or organization decided that this particular form of wrist surgery was just too disgusting to be tolerated and tried to ban it, I’d be pretty upset. And if they insisted that despite having no medical training of their own and no real clue as to why I or any other patient needed that kind of surgery, they still wanted it banned because it sounds barbaric to attach a cadaver tendon to another person’s bones, I’d be stunned at their arrogance.

    But this is pretty much the case in Kansas and Oklahoma, which recently banned dilation and evacuation, otherwise known as the most common form of second-trimester abortions. (Both states do allow an exemption if the woman’s life is in danger or her health is at serious risk.) Four decades of studies and evidence have made it clear that D&E is the most common for a reason—it’s the safest and least traumatic method available. So why are doctors in Kansas and Oklahoma now being told, under threat of both civil and criminal penalty, that they must stop giving their patients the safest care available?

    Here’s how a D&E is performed, in the most basic and accurate terms: a woman’s cervix is dilated. Then suction and medical instruments are used to remove the fetus and fetal tissue.

    Here’s how a D&E is performed, according to anti-choice activists: a fetus is extracted from a woman’s uterus! It might not all be extracted at once! So we’re going to make up the phrase “dismemberment abortion” and insist that it must be banned!

    “Dismemberment abortion” is not a medical term and doesn’t describe an abortion procedure. But it sounds gross and unpleasant, so therefore an incredibly safe medical procedure with forty years of documented efficacy is demonized.


D+E Abortion

Erdreich’s inability to know the difference between a medical procedure on a part of the human anatomy to benefit a human as opposed to the shredding and dismembering of the entire body of a human baby in the womb is mind boggling to me.

The abortion advocate’s title is even more absurd, and reads, “Take It From Me: Abortion Isn’t More Gruesome Than Any Other Surgery.”

Erdreich, who has made a presentation in partnership with Planned Parenthood, authored the book “ Generation Roe: Inside the Future of the Pro-Choice Movement“and has worked with the National Abortion Federation in the past, is so “abortion delusional,” a term I just coined, that she can’t see facts from fiction with regard to the developing unborn child.

Erdreich is also woefully ignorant of the affect that D+E abortions have on the abortion industry.

Late term abortionist Warren Hern once authored a study on the effects of D+E abortion called, What about us? Staff reactions to D+E with Billie Corrigan R.N.

Staff reactions to D E Abortion Warren Hern

Here are some of his findings:


Reactions to fetus 1560434_1041585305857284_7588141590800972933_n

Dreams to abortion

Exactly what is a D+E abortion? Listen to former abortion doctor Dr. Anthony Levatino explain it here:

Levatino explains, “A second trimester D&E abortion is a blind procedure. The baby can be in any orientation or position inside the uterus. Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you can. At twenty weeks gestation, the uterus is thin and soft so be careful not to perforate or puncture the walls. Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard – really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about 4 to 5 inches long. Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.

The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head. The head of a baby that age is about the size of a plum and is now free floating inside the uterine cavity. You can be pretty sure you have hold of it if the Sopher clamp is spread about as far as your fingers will allow. You will know you have it right when you crush down on the clamp and see a pure white gelatinous material issue from the cervix. That was the baby’s brains. You can then extract the skull pieces. If you have a really bad day like I often did, a little face may come out and stare back at you.”

According to Planned Parenthood, D&E – dilation and evacuation – is usually performed later than 16 weeks after a woman’s last period.”

Yet they also describe the unborn child at that stage this way:

PP Fetal develop 15 to 16 weeks

PP Fetal develop 17 to 18 weeks

Abortionist Dennis Christensen once allowed a film crew into his clinic where he performed an abortion.

He dismembers the unborn child in the video below:

You can clearly see the foot, hand and face of the once vibrant unborn baby.

That child is not a wrist, an arm, or piece of the human anatomy- the intact baby in the womb is a whole yet vulnerable human person – until the abortionist set his knife against him/her.

Pretty simple to me but not those who remain “abortion delusional.”