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VP of com sales at Bank of America calls abortion biz Planned Parenthood a Texas value

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Alan Kramer, Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch who brags on Linkedin that he worked on a large rally with First Lady Hillary Clinton, is also the current chair of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood South Texas.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood

During a March 11, 2015 speech he gave at the Capitol, he said that abortion giant, Planned Parenthood was a Texas value.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood Texas Value

Important to note is that Planned Parenthood is building a huge mega center abortion clinic in San Antonio and Kramer has contributed to the leaders of the city.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood Delantero Investors

Pro-lifers claim that the city is ignoring an ordinance that would have prevented the renovations for the abortion mill, and continue to protest the clinic opening.

Alan Kramer is also the registered agent for, Delantero Investors, Ltd., which purchased the property for Planned Parenthood.

In addition to Kramer, Planned Parenthood of Texas also had a cadre of support from some liberal Texas legislators at their March 11th lobby day at the Austin state capitol.

Kirk Watson Planned Parenthood

Austin Senator Kirk Watson was introduced by the abortion giant as “One of our most most fabulous women’s health champions

Newly elected state Senator, Jose Menendez from San Antonio and Grand Prairie Rep. Chris Turner as spoke for the abortion giant.

Jose Menendez TX

Chris Turner Tx Rep

But, criticized in all of this was not those who advocated abortion and the agenda of Planned Parenthood, a group founded in eugenic racism which covers for the sexual abuse of children.

Douglas Wayne Ring

Rather- it was the Texas legislatures who hung “Former Fetus” signs on their door to oppose Planned Parenthood.


It’s a strange world we live in !

Texas Archbishop: I am deeply troubled by Planned Parenthood abortion center

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Archdiocese of San Antonio Gustavo García-Siller had this to say about San Antonio allowing Planned Parenthood:

archdiocese of san antonio


Pro-life Activists Survey “Killing Rooms” at San Antonio Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

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Planned Parenthood in San Antonio, Texas is scheduled to open a new mega center abortion clinic by the end of 2014.

The building is 22,000-square-foot and two stories now under a major renovation. The remodel is expected to cost $6.5 million.

Created Equal protests in front of San Antonio Planned Parenthood.  Image credit: Created Equal FB page

Created Equal protests in front of San Antonio Planned Parenthood. Image credit: Created Equal FB page

Created Equal National Director Mark Harrington and Created Equal staffer Josh Bertsch inspected the “killing rooms” of the still-under-construction Planned Parenthood abortion mega-center in San Antonio.

Afterward, Harrington and other pro-life activists confront the general contractor.

The San Antonio Express shows the address at: 2140 Babcock Road.

A City of San Antonio
Development Services Department Building Permit #2001782 was Granted to TEAM MECHANICAL OF TEXAS, LL and a contractor of MITCHELL PATTERSON for the abortion clinic renovation.

mitch-patterson-hvac-t-mech-new-braunfels PP San Antonio

Mitchell Patterson is an owner of Team Mechanical along with Chris Humphries.

The website for Team Mechanical is and here is their Facebook page if you would like to politely express your views.

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood congratulates new HUD Secretary

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The Senate has voted overwhelmingly to confirm Julian Castro as the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The vote was 71-27, with 18 Republicans supporting the prominent Latino Democrat.

Shortly after the confirmation – abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards called Castro her friend and tweeted this congratulations:

Cecile RIchards and HUD Secretary

Castro, 39, has served for three terms as mayor of San Antonio, and was the keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Castro supported Planned Parenthood’s effort to derail a late term abortion ban in Texas.

According to the abortion giant, Mayor Julián Castro joined the radically pro-choice Stand With Texas Women bus tour rally in San Antonio.

Julian Castro PP TX

Castro is also a long time supporter of pro-abortion Gubernatorial Texas hopeful – Wendy Davis:

Julian Castro Wendy Davis

If you are known by the friends you keep than this new HUD Secretary confirmation is a disgrace !

Can the NSA lock you out of your home?

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According to the Magazine Spiegel, In January 2010, numerous homeowners in San Antonio, Texas, stood baffled in front of their closed garage doors. They wanted to drive to work or head off to do their grocery shopping, but their garage door openers had gone dead, leaving them stranded. No matter how many times they pressed the buttons, the doors didn’t budge. The problem primarily affected residents in the western part of the city, around Military Drive and the interstate highway known as Loop 410.

In the United States, a country of cars and commuters, the mysterious garage door problem quickly became an issue for local politicians. Ultimately, the municipal government solved the riddle. Fault for the error lay with the United States’ foreign intelligence service, the National Security Agency, which has offices in San Antonio. Officials at the agency were forced to admit that one of the NSA’s radio antennas was broadcasting at the same frequency as the garage door openers. Embarrassed officials at the intelligence agency promised to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and soon the doors began opening again.

It was thanks to the garage door opener episode that Texans learned just how far the NSA’s work had encroached upon their daily lives. For quite some time now, the intelligence agency has maintained a branch with around 2,000 employees at Lackland Air Force Base, also in San Antonio. In 2005, the agency took over a former Sony computer chip plant in the western part of the city. A brisk pace of construction commenced inside this enormous compound. The acquisition of the former chip factory at Sony Place was part of a massive expansion the agency began after the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

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