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Woman describes “gush of blood” after abortion

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At the website Steady Health, Cynthia27 who says she had an abortion writes:

Abortion Blood

“I had a surgical abrtion 3 months ago and after the abortion i did not have any bleeding at all not even a drip of blood. Recently the last couple of days i been having really bad lower stomach and back pain so yesterday while standing up i had a gush of blood it was running down my legs i ran to sit on the toliet and the entire toliet was full of blood but the thing that scared me is the fact that the blood was really black almost black. Later that day i used the bathroom and when i wiped myself it was so black anymore it was red, so today i woke up to not really any blood ….. im so scared has this happen to anyone else after an abortion .. PLEASE HELP….”

Another abortion patient wrote how her abortion at Planned Parenthood in Orange,California ended with a trip to the ER and retained product left inside her:

Abortion Review Planned Parenthood

IF YOU CHERISH YOUR LIFE, DO NOT….I REPEAT….DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!! If I could give this place zero stars, I would!! I went here to get an abortion and first of all, it took 3 different nurses to attempt to put the IV in my arm and I was pricked 6 times! The don’t even know how to put an IV in a vein! Secondly, after my abortion was completed, I went home and two days later I began to get chills and start shaking, had a horrible headache and felt light headed and had a fever of 102!! I called the planned parenthood emergency hotline and the nurse told me to just take some tylenol and see how I feel in the morning. I told her that I was scared, because I felt so awful and I didn’t want to just go to bed feeling this way, because my symptoms got progressively worse as time passed. But, the nurse didn’t seem to care and still told me to just take tylenol and go to bed. I got off the phone with the nurse, since she was NO help and called a friend to take me to the ER. So, when I get to the ER, they took an ultrasound and found that I had retained product still inside of me, meaning the doctor at planned parenthood didn’t get everything out! I still had dead tissues inside of me!! So, I was immediately admitted in the hospital and they performed surgery on me and removed the retained product. The doctor at the hospital told me that its a good thing that I didn’t listen to the planned parenthood nurse and that I came to the ER, because becoming sterile could have been the least of my problems and I could have gone into shock and DIED!! This planned parenthood clinic is HORRIBLE!!! PLEASE DON’T RISK YOUR LIFE AND GO HERE!! I was admitted in the ER for 3 days and 2 nights all due to the poor, sloppy job of this planned parenthood facility!! I could have lost my life and they could care less!!!”