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Male Planned Parenthood spokesperson thinks abortions done without a medical doctor will be SAFE for WOMEN ! Really?

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A new bill to expand access to abortion in California is being heard by committee in the state legislature today.

The measure, written by state Senator Christine Kehoe of San Diego, would let nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistantsperform first-trimester abortions using a suction method.

There are about 24,000 of these providers in California.

Vince Hall, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, spoke to KPBS about the bill. He said other states have shown clinicians can safely perform the procedure

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See some results of Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby’s idea of safe: ….

Everett , Washington: Teen girl taken from Planned Parenthood by ambulance after botched abortion

Still think abortion is safe ? Don’t let the abortion industry “Take you for a ride”

According to Operation Rescue: This 911 call reveals a botched abortion at Southwestern Women’s Options abortion mill in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 19, 2011. The call was made in the middle of the night. The condition of the woman is not known. Abortion may be legal but it is far from saf

According to Operation Rescue:This 911 call reveals a botched abortion at Southwestern Women’s Options abortion mill in Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 12, 2011. The woman suffered a life-threatening ruptured uterus during a late term abortion. The condition of the woman is not known. Life-threatening abortion complications happen in ABQ at the shocking rate of ONE every THREE months. Abortion may be legal but it is far from safe!

911 call made from Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion mill in Albuquerque, NM requesting transport for botched abortion patients. This shows that this abortion clinic presents a danger to the public. A 30-year old woman who suffered “uterine bleeding”, a sign of a possible punctured womb, after a first trimester abortion.

911 call made from Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion mill in Albuquerque, NM. A 17-year old girl who suffered from a fever, a possible sign of infection, a rapid pulse, and uncontrolled bleeding after a second trimester abortion.

911 call made from Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion mill in Albuquerque. A 35-year old woman, who at one point had stopped breathing, could be heard on the recording groaning and struggling for life.

Minnesota :Safe and Legal? Not for this abortion patient: Ambulance Arrives at Planned Parenthood

Presidential Women’s Clinic: Florida National Abortion Federation abortion clinic member Calls Ambulance for Abortion Patient

Milwaukee: Affiliated Medical Services abortion clinic Another abortion patient taken by ambulance courtesy of NAF related clinic

St. Louis, MOAnother ambulance removes patient from eugenics founded and tax funded Planned Parenthood

March 28,2012 Dr. Martin Haskel calls 911 for patient at abortion clinic in Ohio

March 2009

March 2012, abortion clinic in Virginia

Jan 21,2012 Abortion Clinic in Alabama- the health department said wrote a 76 page deficiency report on this safe place

911 call of hemorrhaging (bleeding) first trimester abortion patient being rushed to hospital – so much for Safe abortion !

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Albuquerque, New Mexico – Operation Rescue has released the second in a series of 911 calls made over a recent 15-month period from Southwestern Women’s Options, an abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that reveals a botched first trimester abortion procedure that required emergency medical intervention.

The patient was a 30-year old woman who suffered “uterine bleeding”, a sign of a possible punctured womb, which is a life-threatening abortion complication. The call was placed on November 3, 2010, at 12:42 PM.

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Safe abortion? Ambulances arrive at Boston Planned Parenthood clinic

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Operation Rescue is reporting: Ambulance Transports Victim from Boston Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

* Written by Operation Rescue
* Posted January 11, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Dangers of abortion underscore the need to defund the abortion giant

Boston, MA — Two ambulances and a fire truck arrived around mid-morning at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday, January 7, 2011, according to eye witnesses. Pro-lifers on the scene said they saw one woman wheeled out the front door on a gurney and loaded into one of the awaiting ambulances. The incident was reported by Bill Kotter of Operation Rescue Boston.

While it is unclear the exact nature of the emergency, there is a clear pattern in the abortion industry to call ambulances only in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

“Ambulances at abortion clinics make them look bad and drive off business. Even when life-threatening abortion complications exist, we have seen numerous examples where abortion clinics have refused to call ambulances, so in this case, you could say the woman was lucky,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Rest of story here

This is not the first time an ambulance has been seen in front of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics:

These are from Aurora Planned Parenthood

This from Collier County Planned Parenthood

This from Nebraska Planned Parenthood

911 call from a Delaware Planned Parenthood

911 call for Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania:

Abortion doctor pleads guilty in patient abortion death

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(Brad Puffer, NECN) – A Cape Cod Doctor accused of manslaughter after a patient who came in for an abortion died, pleaded not guilty Thursday in court. Dr. Rapin Osathanondh was arraigned Thursday in Barnstable Superior Court. He was released on personal recognizance after surrendering his passport. Prosecutors say the 22-year-old Laura Smith’s heart stopped last September while she was under anesthesia at Osathanondh’s Hyannis office. They blame willful, reckless conduct by the doctor. Osathanondh has been ordered to turn in his passport as he awaits trial.

Doctor charged with manslaughter in death of abortion patient

2008: Dr. Rapin Osathanondh indicted in the death of Laura Hope Smith

laura_smith_285A doctor has been charged with manslaughter in the death of one of his patients after an abortion procedure last year on Cape Cod, prosecutors said today.

Dr. Rapin Osathanondh has been indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter in the death of Laura Hope Smith (on right) at the Women’s Health Center on Camp Street in Hyannis on Sept. 13, Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said today.

The charges came after an investigation by the Barnstable police, State Police, and the Board of Registration in Medicine, O’Keefe said in a statement.

link to charges

The board alleged, among other things, that Osathanondh had placed the patient under sedation without any means of cardiac monitoring and no blood pressure cuff. The board said the doctor had no assistant who could administer sedation and monitor the patient and no assistant who could assist in resuscitating her. And it said he “failed to timely initiate a call to 911.” The board also alleged that Osathanondh had made a variety of false statements.

The board said Osathanondh tried to waken the patient after the procedure, but she did not respond. She was later transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead… Globe.
This is a link to the Board of Medicine. It shows how lax the doctor was in monitoring Laura Smith during the procedure. Osathanondh did the abortion on 22-year-old Laura Smith, who died in September at his Women’s Health Center abortion business. Eileen Smith, Laura’s mother, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Osathanondh in Barnstable Superior Court on March 10. Osathanondh, 65, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Mahidol University, Thailand, in 1967. He received his license to practice medicine in Massachusetts in 1974. He was a solo practitioner at the Women’s Health Center, according to the board.

In 2001 abortionist, Rapin Osathanondh, allegedly threatened death to Brigham and Women’s Hospital nurses in Massachusetts. Dr. Osathanondh left Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in 2001 following complaints that during a staff meeting he threatened to “execute” five nurses. The nurses told Boston police that Rapin Osathanondh, head of the hospital’s family planning unit, threatened during a staff meeting to “execute people. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to execute you, Texas-style.” According to a police report, Dr. Osathanondh was angry over some forms that were missing from a nursing station. A subsequent hearing determined that there is enough evidence to pursue the nurses’ complaint as valid. He was not prosecuted for the alleged threats, according to Boston Herald reports.

Safe abortions? Another abortion clinic closed for health code violations

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27-Year-Old Abortion Facility Closed Down Over Health Code Violations

By James Tillman

MONTGOMERY, Alabama, June 11, 2010 ( — The Montgomery, Alabama location for the Summit Medical Centers chain of abortion mills has closed after the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) produced a 68-page long document detailing numerous violations of state law and of medical standards.

The center had been operating on a probationary license since October 2006 due to the legal and health deficiencies found on a 2006 survey.

Among medical deficiencies, the ADPH document notes failure to inspect medical equipment annually, failure to wash hands and medical equipment in accord with the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control, failure to provide for infection control in the recovery room, failure to provide a sufficient number of staff to care for patients in the recovery room, failure to keep adequate medical records, and failure to ensure the availability of emergency drugs and oxygen for use by authorized employees.

Furthermore, expired medications were not removed from the clinic, calls from patients with potential medical conditions were not returned in a timely fashion, and medical waste was not disposed of correctly but instead given to normal trash collectors.

Such gross negligence resembles the unsanitary conditions that have been found in other abortion mills, such as the New Jersey abortion center where forceps crusted with “blood-like residue” were found and rusted crochet hooks were used to remove IUDs. Similarly unsanitary disposal of medical waste has been exposed in a Philadelphia abortuary.

Aside from such serious medical failures, the clinic also failed to follow various laws designed to bring about informed consent and protect minors from abuse.

The ADPH document notes that the clinic failed to develop policies in accord with state law regarding parental consent, suspected abuse, or neglect of a minor, that it failed to inform a woman of her right to view an educational videotape as part of the counseling process, and that it failed to observe the 24-hour waiting period required before abortions.

Such problems are typical of abortion clinics across the country; the Mona Lisa project run by Live Action has found multiple cases in which clinics failed to report apparent cases of statutory rape.

Other abortion clinics run by Summit Medical Centers have had similar problems of gross incompetence. In 2006 one such center had its license suspended after a nurse gave a woman an ultrasound and concluded that the woman was only six weeks pregnant when she was actually in the third trimester. The nurse gave the woman the abortion drug RU 486, which resulted in the woman’s visit to the hospital six days later with the baby’s head protruding before delivering the dead six and one-quarter pound child.

This newly-closed clinic is the last of the Summit clinics to operate in Alabama. The website of the clinic now directs patients on a “short 2.5 hour drive” to Summit Medical Associates in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Woman Dies from Legal Abortion

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As far as the media and pro-choicers are concerned – This was just a “Woman” and not an abortion doctor- therefore her death will get little publicity. No step by step video reports of the trial- wait – probably no trial. You see, a woman dying from a legal abortion is simply not news (according to pro-choicers)

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Woman Dies While Undergoing Apparent Abortion

QUEENS (WPIX) – A woman reportedly died while undergoing a possible abortion at a health clinic located in the Jackson Heights section of Queens.

Emergency officials responded to A1 Medicine at 95-45 Roosevelt around 3:15 p.m. Monday.

A woman, believed to be in her 30’s, was reportedly bleeding heavily and rushed to Elmhurst Hospital Center where she was later pronounced dead.

The 30-year-old woman bled profusely after an artery was severed during the procedure Monday afternoon at A1 Medicine at 95-45 Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, sources tell 1010 WINS.

The woman was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Listen to report here

UPDATED 1-27-2010

Detectives are investigating a Queens clinic where a 37-year-old woman was fatally injured while undergoing an abortion, officials said Tuesday.

Alexandra Nuñez began bleeding heavily during the procedure at A1 Medicine in Jackson Heights on Monday, officials said.

One of Nuñez’s arteries was inadvertently severed and she went into cardiac arrest, according to police sources.

She was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where she died a short time later.

Detectives have interviewed the staff at the Roosevelt Ave. clinic, but no charges have been filed, police said.

“There is an investigation going forward,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, “but as of yet, there’s no indication of any criminality.”