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Police object to offices being located in former abortion clinic

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Police in Rockford, Illinois object to their new offices being located at a now closed abortion clinic because of what the building represents.

Police refuse to work in old ab clinic

According to WIFR, some Rockford Police officers are refusing to work in the former death mill which city leaders are considering using as a police station.

rockford closed sign

A number of people have an objection to the Turner School building because of what it represents and they have some serious moral objections to being in that building,” PBPA Union President Terry Peterson, said.

Peterson says he’s heard from more than a dozen officers who say they won’t work in that building because it used to be an abortion clinic.

terry peterson

Peterson, who retired this year, added, “I personally would never work out of that building. There’s a stigma. It’s the idea of what took place in there.”

More than a dozen police officers have issued an objection to the station locating inside the former abortion clinic.

The Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion clinic had been aborting unborn babies in Rockford for nearly 40 years closed permanently in early 2012, after years of prayer and protest outside the clinic.

Northern Illinois Womens Center

The Rockford abortion clinic was often cited for mocking Christians and flaunting the killing of children.

The national pro-life TV show, Life Talk, discusses some of the bizarre things that went on at that abortion clinic:



The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative, which protested the abortion clinic for years issued a statement that said that they originally were in favor of turning the old Rockford abortion mill building into a community police station.

But, “That was before we learned dozens of Rockford police officers have moral and religious objections to working in a building that was used to kill thousands of children.We gladly stand with the dozens of police officers in Rockford who object to being asked to work inside a building that was used to kill innocent babies and we thank these good officers for reminding us all of the horrors that took place in that building.

Upon further reflection, it is absolutely unjust to expect good men and women like these Rockford police officers to go to work everyday in building that was a slaughter house for babies,” they wrote on their blog.

Rockford abortionist, “When I meet my maker, I think she’s going to say, “Way to go!”

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WARNING- Some Graphic Images of Aborted Children:

Public Statements By The Abortionist / Owner Of The Notorious Rockford Abortion Mill Reveal The Cold, Brutal, And Barbaric Nature Of Abortion Please be prepared! In the Rockford abortionist’s own words, you see read what is being done to children.

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Rockford abortionis, “When I meet my maker, I t…, posted with vodpod

This testimony by abortionist Christensen was given in United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin on May 27, 1999, Case No. 98-C-0305-S concerning the brutality of a common first trimester abortion procedure called the suction and curettage method.

Abortionist Dennis Christensen is giving the answers:

Q. Are you aware that we stipulated that during a suction curettage procedure sometimes no fetal parts come out through the cannula during suction and that the doctor then goes in with forceps to remove parts?
A. Yes, I’m aware of that.
Q. At that point when the suction has been used but no fetal parts have come out and the doctor goes in with forceps is the fetus alive?
A. Based on our definition, yes.
Q. And when will the fetus die in that scenario?
A. Well, sometime between that point and when we complete the procedure.
In this type of abortion, the abortionist runs the tip of the cannula along the surface of the uterus, causing the baby to be dislodged and sucked into the tube – either whole or in pieces.

More here

New York Times reveals eugenics minded Abortionist wants to get rid of “unwanted children”

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Abortionist Godfrey & the New York Times pt. 2
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• Rockford Pro-Life

Very Disturbing Statement Made By Former Rockford Abortionist: Another statement by former Rockford abortionist Emily Godfrey in the New York Times may shine new light on the mind-set of Rockford’s abortion establishment, it’s supporters, and why abortionist Godfrey chose to work in Rockford.

This is a quote from abortionist Godfrey in the New York Times:

After graduation, Godfrey started her family-medicine residency in a hospital on Chicago’s West Side. It bordered gang territory. On her obstetrics rotation, Godfrey delivered baby after baby to poor women who seemed overwhelmed. Some were drug addicts. “Bringing so many unwanted children into the world, or children who wouldn’t be readily provided for because their mothers were on drugs or who were taken away at birth — well, that just solidified my feeling that I wanted to provide abortions,” she told me.”

The same abortionist who made the above statement was working in Rockford at an abortion mill that hung rubber chickens by nooses in it’s windows that some African Americans found very offensive. (Story Here )

Also, while abortionist Godfrey was inside this abortion mill ending the lives of children in the womb, this type of vicious, racist, profanity filled tirade by supporters of the Rockford abortion clinic was going on outside of the mill in support of what she was doing. Notice in the video how the abortion clinic warns the racist that the police are on the way so he can make his escape – and he does.
Be warned, this video is filled with racism and vulgarity.

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WARNING Very vulgar and offensive ! RACIST Pro-…, posted with vodpod

Combine abortionist Godfrey’s statement with these facts and it paints a very disturbing picture of people who seem to be more interested in eliminating the poor and minorities than they are in finding solutions to the conditions that keep people in poverty. Instead of eliminating poverty they want to eliminate, by killing them in the womb, the poor. See our previous story: More Lies From the New York Times

Just more proof that the pro-abortion crowd are racists- watch Maafa21 for proof of that:

Pro-Lifers Publish Video of Morbid, Mocking Displays in Rockford Abortion Mill

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By Kathleen Gilbert

ROCKFORD, Illinois, September 22, 2009 ( – Pro-lifers who frequent the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford have published a video casting light on the mocking, hateful, and grotesque signs and images that are a regular fixture in the windows of the abortion facility, which has earned a reputation as one of the most openly anti-life and anti-Christian abortuaries in America.

We feel this video is especially important at this point in time where some in the Church claim pro-lifers are judgmental,” remarked Rockford pro-life veteran Kevin Rilott. “If they would honestly take a look at this kind of open hatred and mocking of God and killing of the ‘least of his people’ we could hope they would join us in praying and working for an end to what may be the greatest evil the world has ever faced.”

Some windows display images mocking Jesus Christ or other Christian religious symbols, while others continue to accumulate derisive signage that often targets specific pro-lifers among the stalwart crowd who prayerfully protest the mill.

Still other windows once displayed rubber chickens hanging from nooses. These displays have now been removed after they began driving away customers in the predominantly black community.

Area pro-lifers have also testified to frequent verbal and physical abuse from attackers, either directly or indirectly associated with the abortion facility.

An abortion employee in July continued the pattern of abuse by allegedly ramming into a pro-lifer with his car before driving away. In a tribute to the history of vehicular aggression displayed by the facility’s employees, one window sports a “speed limit 55” sign complete with a human skull.

In another incident, Keith Sterkeson, a local abortion supporter, screamed obscenities into the faces of the protesting pro-life advocates with a pitbull in tow, while the owner of the abortion facility, Wayne Webster, watched over the CCTV system from inside the building. Webster eventually warned Sterkeson over a loudspeaker that the police were on their way, after he heard the call coming through a police scanner

Hey Keith, this a**hole just called the cops,” Webster can be heard saying in a video of the incident. “I just heard it coming over the scanner. They called the cops because Keith is down here, yelling and screaming at people, and he has a pit bull with him and he’s threatening people. You’re not acting any crazier than those other a**holes (the pro-life activists).”

Another sign in a widow of the building celebrated the abortion facility’s 50,000th abortion with a sign that read “NIWC: 50,000; JC: 50“; implying that Jesus Christ (JC) through pro-life ministry had only saved fifty of the children slated for abortion at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC).

For years at this abortion mill we have seen a steady stream of vicious personal attacks, hatred for God, bigotry, racism, ridiculing people with HIV, and mocking of human life displayed in the windows of a so-called medical facility,” said Rockford pro-life advocate George Lambert.

Lambert lamented that “the local Rockford paper refuses to report about these attacks and our city council remains silent.” “No wonder Rockford has one of the highest crime rates in the state,” he said. “When God and life are under a vicious assault and our city leaders remain silent we will reap what we sow.”

It’s amazing to think that if Obamacare passes, our tax dollars will be going to pay for this kind of hatred and bigotry,” added pro-lifer Donna Modica.