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Botched 7 month abortion by Michigan abortionist whose license is still good gets lawmakers attention

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State lawmakers are taking action in response to a Target 8 investigation into a Muskegon doctor who was performing abortions and the state oversight chair who gave him a pass.


Dr. Robert Alexander‘s former mentor, the chair of the state Board of Medicine, decided on his own not to investigate allegations against the doctor after he botched an abortion.

Sheria McCloud

In 2009, Sheria McCloud went to Alexander for an abortion. Five weeks later, she found she was still pregnant. Her son Jeremiah is now 4 years old.

“That’s a scary feeling that you know that you’re pregnant, you go to the hospital after you have an abortion, you’re thinking the baby’s gone and you’re seven months pregnant. That’s very scary,” she said.

The doctor who delivered Jeremiah filed a complaint with the state Board of Medicine, alleging it was one of two botched abortions by Dr. Alexander that put women’s lives at risk.

RA COmplaint

But the then-chair of the state board, Dr. Robert Shade, closed the complaint without an investigation.

Complaint Rejected

In 2012, Alexander’s clinic in Muskegon was shut down for multiple health and safety violations. State records show he is still licensed to practice medicine in Michigan.