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Why does this abortion doc still have a license to practice ?

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Nearly two years after police found filthy and dangerous conditions at his abortion clinic, Dr. Robert Alexander is facing the possibility of losing his medical license. That follows the proposed findings of a state administrative law judge, who called him incompetent and not trustworthy.


One former patient — a 34-year-old Muskegon County woman who says Alexander’s bad medicine left her unable to have children — wonders why it is taking so long to revoke his license.

“I would say shame on you to every single one of them and way to go doing your job because not one of them did,” the woman, who asked not to be identified, said of state officials. “If they did, not one of us would be in this position.”

“He stole the most important ability that a woman can possibly possess, and I won’t get that back, but they can reward him by still giving him a license. It’s unbelievable,” she continued.

Alexander is scheduled to appear before the state Board of Medicine Disciplinary Subcommittee on Nov. 19 to determine whether he should face discipline, which could include revoking his license.


A Target 8 investigation last year revealed Alexander had been the target of repeated allegations of botched abortions – allegations dismissed without investigation by the chairman of the Michigan Board of Medicine, Dr. George Shade. Years before, Shade had helped Alexander get his license back after a prescription drug conviction. Target 8’s investigation led to a new state law requiring better oversight.

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“He damaged my cervix that bad and damaged my uterus and everything else inside, and things aren’t the same at all,” she said. “Because of him and his poor practices, his bad procedures, I can no longer have children, and I have none at all, so I don’t get any.”

She is considering adoption.

“It sucks every time I go to the grocery store and I see someone playing with their kids, buying their kids something; every time I go to the beach, see them playing with their kids; anytime I go to the mall, see someone buying their kids stuff,” she said. “Yeah, it hurts. It hurts.”

Botched 7 month abortion by Michigan abortionist whose license is still good gets lawmakers attention

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State lawmakers are taking action in response to a Target 8 investigation into a Muskegon doctor who was performing abortions and the state oversight chair who gave him a pass.


Dr. Robert Alexander‘s former mentor, the chair of the state Board of Medicine, decided on his own not to investigate allegations against the doctor after he botched an abortion.

Sheria McCloud

In 2009, Sheria McCloud went to Alexander for an abortion. Five weeks later, she found she was still pregnant. Her son Jeremiah is now 4 years old.

“That’s a scary feeling that you know that you’re pregnant, you go to the hospital after you have an abortion, you’re thinking the baby’s gone and you’re seven months pregnant. That’s very scary,” she said.

The doctor who delivered Jeremiah filed a complaint with the state Board of Medicine, alleging it was one of two botched abortions by Dr. Alexander that put women’s lives at risk.

RA COmplaint

But the then-chair of the state board, Dr. Robert Shade, closed the complaint without an investigation.

Complaint Rejected

In 2012, Alexander’s clinic in Muskegon was shut down for multiple health and safety violations. State records show he is still licensed to practice medicine in Michigan.



Abortionist leaves decapitated fetus inside abortion patient, says OBGYN wants medical license revoked

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RobertAlexanderThe City of Muskegon shut down Robert Alexander’s abortion clinic in December after finding what it called unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

It’s not clear whether Alexander is still practicing. His license is still valid.

A Muskegon OB/GYN was expected to testify at Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing on the topic. Instead, through an email, he urged the state to revoke Alexander’s license. The OB/GYN wrote that he has treated several of Alexander’s patients in the ER.

In one case, he wrote, Alexander performed an abortion on a woman in her second trimester. “Dr. Alexander perforated the woman’s uterus so badly that it was hanging on by two blood vessels,” he wrote. “The decapitated head of a fetus was in the woman’s abdomen and the large intestine had been grasped and pulled away from its blood supply and into the vagina. The woman required a hysterectomy, colonoscopy and several units of blood to save her life. “I for one, was very happy to hear he is no longer practicing in Muskegon, but I fear for women anywhere this man would go.”

Muskegon abortion doctor hearing soon

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March 2013

Two state senators say they expect a hearing in two weeks over the state’s handling of complaints against a doctor who operated an abortion clinic in Muskegon.

The complaints against Dr. Robert Alexander were dismissed by his former mentor without investigation.

Alexander continued to operate until the City of Muskegon recently shut down his clinic after finding what it called unsafe and unsanitary conditions.


“Whether it be an abortion clinic or whether it be a plastic surgery clinic, the public needs to be protected with inspections and proper oversight,” said Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jones and Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker (R-Lawton) say they plan to invite the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to the hearing before the judiciary committee.

The hearing, they say, is in response to a Target 8 investigation that found the then-Chairman of the state Board of Medicine, Dr. George Shade Jr., closed out a complaint in 2010 against Alexander. Shade found there was no need to investigate.

That complaint was filed by a Muskegon OB/GYN who said Alexander put women’s lives at risk.

Schuitmaker says her office has since learned that Shade also closed out a complaint against Alexander in 2006, again without investigation. That complaint was filed by a pro-life group and involved a clinic Alexander was operating in Ypsilanti.

“Whatever the medical procedure out there, you certainly want to make sure there’s no conflict of interest in that one person does not have sole discretion in order to play God,” Schuitmaker said.

Target 8 found that Shade had helped Alexander get his medical license back, working as his mentor after Alexander got out of federal prison for selling illegal prescriptions.

It’s not clear if Alexander is still practicing medicine. He has said he won’t reopen the Muskegon clinic.

Schuitmaker says LARA is defending the handling of the complaints.

“They didn’t find anything wrong with what the doctor (Shade) did,” she said. “I take issue with that and expressed that to them.”

She and Jones say this could lead to a conflict of interest law. They say complaints filed against doctors should be handled by more than one member of the Board of Medicine.

“We want to make sure that there’s no conflict of interest on boards, to make sure that there will be more eyes seeing it so one person doesn’t have sole discretion,” Schuitmaker said.

Jones said the findings at the Muskegon clinic show why the state needed the law that was passed last year, which requires licensing and inspections of clinics performing at least 120 abortions a year. That law goes into effect March 31.

“Certainly, with this law that passed, if you’re going to have inspections, they’re going to have to be clean, or they’re going to get shut down,” Jones said.

Abortion Patient about the abortion clinic “There was Blood Everywhere”

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Another woman who says she was a former patient of Michigan Abortionist Robert Alexander told the media that she nearly bled to death six months after he performed a botched abortion on her.

Woman:Botched abortion nearly killed me | WOOD TV8.

She reached out to Target 8 News after learning about allegations of other failed abortions. “It just really hit home,” said the 30-year-old woman, who did not want to be identified. “I wanted to make sure that something was done about it, and make sure he doesn’t hurt anybody else again.” She is among five former patients of Alexander who have told Target 8 about alleged botched abortions or medical complications following abortions they underwent at his clinic in Muskegon.


One women told the news that after the procedure, she went to use the clinic’s bathroom. “I remember seeing blood all over the restroom, including on the toilet seat,” she said. “There was blood everywhere. It wasn’t from me; it was there as soon as I walked in, and I just thought, I cannot sit down.”

Six months later, with a new boyfriend and after off-and-on hemorrhaging, she started bleeding badly. “If my boyfriend hadn’t woken me up that night, I just feel like I could have bled to death in my sleep.” She said an ambulance rushed her to Butterworth Hospital, where doctors gave her two blood tranfusions and an emergency D&C. Alexander, she said, hadn’t removed all of the fetus. “They told me that there were pieces and tissue that had never been removed, that my body had been trying to get rid of,” she said.

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Here is the abortionist walking a woosy patient to his car:

and here is another RL Vid:

LifeSiteNews has evidence that the former medical board chairman accused of corruption for blocking an investigation into botched abortions at a filthy Muskegon abortion facility in 2009 also covered for the same abortionist when a complaint was filed against his Ypsilanti facility in 2006.

Dr. George Shade, formerly chairman of the Michigan Board of Medicine, is the subject of investigation by a state senator due to his dismissal of a complaint against abortionist Robert Alexander in 2010 alleging botched abortions. Shade had previously served as Alexander’s advocate and mentor after Alexander lost his medical license and served time in federal prison for selling illegal prescriptions out of a weight loss clinic.

Upon his release, Shade wrote letters to the licensing board recommending Alexander’s reinstatement and took him under his wing as his supervisor in a training program at a Detroit hospital. Their close relationship and Shade’s subsequent refusal to investigate a number of serious allegations against Alexander in 2009 has raised serious questions in Michigan about corruption on the Board of Medicine.

Now, has uncovered evidence that Shade may have been sheltering Alexander from investigations since at least 2006.

In June of that year, Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society filed a complaint against Alexander alleging unsafe and unsanitary conditions at his Ypsilanti abortion center and disregard for the safety of the women who sought his services. The complaint included more than 18 affidavits, extensive photos, video and tape recordings showing the much same thing that authorities uncovered leading them to shut down Alexander’s Muskegon clinic last year: bloodstained floors, filthy medical equipment, and a generally unsafe state of disrepair.

The complaint alleged that Alexander routinely released post-abortive women while they were still under the effects of sedation, leaving them to navigate a dangerous parking lot in an impaired state. The complaint further asserted that abortions made up more than 50 percent of Alexander’s practice, yet his facility was unlicensed as an outpatient surgical center, as Michigan law requires of such practices.

Alexander’s Ypsilanti abortion center was called AA Abortion Advice & Aid Clinic, also known as AA Women’s Choice. It opened in 2004, but closed about two years ago for unknown reasons.

Former neighbors told local news station Target 8 that the facility was a neighborhood eyesore. “It was kind of dirty,” said Jacobie Phelps, who ran a barbershop next door to the former clinic. “Real dirty.”

Phelps said he entered Alexander’s clinic on at least two occasions, and was disgusted. “He had kind of like blood on the carpet, like in the reception area,” Phelps said. “He never did clean up.”

Miller filed her complaint against the facility on June 18, 2006. Unlike Dr. Michael Engel, the doctor who filed complaint against Alexander for botched abortions in 2009 and waited ten months for follow-up by the board before being notified that they would not investigate, Miller didn’t have to wait long for a response. Dr. Shade responded to her on June 21, just three days later, unilaterally dismissing her complaint, apparently because she was pro-life.

“Abortion is legal in the state of Michigan,” Shade wrote. “Whether or not any given individuals agree with this is a personal matter between that person and his or her conscience…This file [Miller’s complaint] reflects an active campaign to discredit and prevent a physician from practicing because he chooses to follow his own conscience and the law and perform medical abortions.”

Miller doubts Shade could have reviewed the entire complaint before sending his response.

“There is no way that our file received a real review,” Miller told LifeSiteNews. “We sent in our evidence on June 18, 2006, and quickly received a rejection by June 21, 2006. We had 18 affidavits, photos, video and tape recordings. There is no way that the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions and its board member Dr. George Shade reviewed what we provided.”

State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker has demanded an investigation into why Shade was allowed to dismiss Dr. Engel’s complaint about the botched abortions, considering their past relationship. Derek Sova, a spokesman for the senator, told LifeSiteNews by phone that his office only learned of Miller’s complaint this morning and will be looking into the situation further. “We’re still gathering all the information,” Sova said.

Abortion clinic report: unsterile,unsafe

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Unsterilized medical equipment and improper disposal just some of the reasons the state closed a Michigan abortion clinic.

The State is also investigating a 2012 Operation Rescue complaint against the abortionist.

Abortionist Robert Alexander, who operated the shuttered Women’s Medical Services, is currently under investigation based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue last August.

“We have information of grossly unsafe conditions and practices at Alexander’s abortion clinic. We filed three complaints with various agencies, including the Bureau of Health Professionals. Based on our complaints, investigations are proceeding,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

The long list of allegations made by Operation Rescue paint a grisly picture of a ‘house of horrors’ abortion mill that routinely disregarded the lives and health of women though unsanitary and deceptive practices. The complaints include allegations related to 24 standard of practice violations, 23 facilities violations, and 7 environmental waste disposal violations. Some of the allegations include:

Non-qualified personnel providing services.
Violation of the 24-hour waiting period.
Using a broken ultrasound machine to “show” patients their fetus and gestational development.
Failure to remain on premises during the post operative portion of the patient’s stay.
Failure to keep adequate medical records.
Unsanitary surgical practices, including the use of unsterilized or reused equipment during abortions.
Maintaining unsanitary facilities.
Furnishment of false information on drug records.
Failure to properly dispose of medical waste.