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YUK: Dried Blood and other violations found by health inspectors at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics

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September 13, 2012

More Evidence of Health and Safety Violations at Abortion Centers
— Roanoke Center has blood covered bed; Manassas has 17 pages of deficiencies —

RICHMOND—The Family Foundation of Virginia today released more information and documents obtained from the Virginia Department of Health through the Freedom of Information Act that shows widespread health and safety violations at Virginia’s abortion centers. (See yesterday’s exclusive documentation of 80 health violations at nine Virginia abortion centers. The violations cited below and yesterday cover only the nine of the 20 abortion centers in Virginia. We are waiting for information on the inspections of the other 20.)

Perhaps the most shocking information is from the inspection report of the Roanoke Planned Parenthood Health Systems center, where

An observation was conducted on July 20, 2012 on 10:20 a.m. with Staff #10, Staff #11 and Staff #12 within Procedure room (D). The observations revealed a brownish red splatter approximately one inch diameter between the procedure table’s main cushion and the end of the table support cushion. Staff #10 initially identified the substance, but was unable to maneuver the brush between the two cushions. Staff #10, Staff #11, and Staff #12 determined the end of the table support cushion was attached to a metal track and was removable. Staff #10 removed the support cushion the edge of the cushion closest to the main body of the table had multiple areas of dried blood. The undercarriage of the support cushion had multiple areas w[h]ere blood had dripped and ran down the under carriage. The accumulation of dried blood varied in coloration and thickness. Staff #10 acknowledged the substance was dried blood and not betadine. Staff #10 and Staff #12 acknowledged with the accumulation of dried blood the procedure table had not been disinfected between patients.

“Eighty violations in just nine centers, including untrained staff, unsanitary conditions, improperly labeled and stored drugs, and blood on equipment are not minor to women in Virginia and indicate a complete disregard for the health and safety of the patients going to these centers,” said Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation. “The more we learn the more women in Virginia should be outraged at what the abortion industry considers safe and healthy. The women of Virginia will not dismiss these reports as easily as the abortion industry has chosen to do. The abortion industry clearly has no interest in the health and dignity of women or they wouldn’t consider a patient bed that’s covered with blood safe and healthy.”

At the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Inc. clinic in Falls Church

Employee #6 stated, “I mix the medications, applies (sic) a label and takes the vials to the procedure room for the physician to draw up and inject into the patient prior to the procedure. They are used for numbing the cervix.” Employee #6 was asked who verified the medications she was mixing and she stated, “No one.” While observing the medications being mixed Employee #6 was observed cleaning the tops of the vials prior to the first puncture of each vial. She did not clean the tops prior to the second puncture of the vials. Employee #6 stated, “The current research says it doesn’t make any difference. You could lick the tops of the vials and the infection rate would be the same.”

A June 1, 2012 inspection of the Amethyst Health Center for Women in Manassas found 17 pages of deficiencies including infection prevention citations, storage and dispensing of drugs citations, quality assurance citations, maintenance citations, and local and state code standards citations. Incredibly, this came just two months after a March 27, 2012 meeting of the abortion center’s “Quality Assurance Committee” including “Administrator/Owner, Medical Director/Physician, Counselor, LPN, CNA, and a consultant” concluded, “The staff was polled regarding any concerns about patient care and nothing was identified. … No concerns have been identified and no measures need to be implemented at this time by the Quality Assurance Committee.”

Cobb stated, “It is abundantly clear that the abortion industry has an entirely different definition of patient care, health and safety than any reasonable Virginian. Seventeen pages of citations and the clinic staff thinks everything is just fine; a clinic worker who is completely dismissive of basic sanitary procedures when administering drugs. This is why the industry should be completely ignored when it comes to determining what regulations it should follow. It’s simply appalling.”

In response to the industry claims that its facilities have been licensed despite these findings, Cobb said, “That statement is simply deceptive. The abortion centers that have had these violations of safety standards have to submit a plan to correct all of their deficiencies and the Department of Health must approve those plans before the facilities can be licensed. To indicate that the Department simply gave its stamp of approval despite the horrendous conditions they found is simply not accurate and is yet another indication that the abortion industry in Virginia is simply incapable of telling the truth.”