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Pro-choice writer regurgitates abortion is sacred gift mantra days after woman dies

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The very day that pro-lifers are reporting that another women has died believing the lie of Safe and Legal abortion, the radically pro-abortion blog, RH Reality Check is plotting how they can argue successfully for abortion. The new mantra has been decided: Child Killing is a Gift!

You heard me: Abortion is a Gift. Not just a gift a Sacred Gift.

Abortion as a gift

Blog author Valerie Tarico writes, “My friend Patricia offers a single reason for her passionate defense of reproductive care that includes abortion: Every baby should have its toes kissed. If life is precious and helping our children to flourish is one of the most precious obligations we take on in life, then being able to stop an ill-conceived gestation is a sacred gift. Whether or not we are religious, deciding whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy is a process steeped in spiritual values: responsibility, stewardship, love, honesty, compassion, freedom, balance, discernment. But how often do we hear words like these coming from pro-choice advocates?”

Well, actually Ms. Tarico, more often than you might think, especially from you.

In January – you wrote almost the exact same thing for the Huffington Post:

Former P Board Member Valerie Tarico

Tarico continues, “In developing countries, millions of real women and children have died because abortion-obsessed American Christians banned family planning conversations as a part of HIV prevention efforts. Those lost lives reveal the callous immorality of the anti-choice movement.

Now, excuse me if I pause for a moment to re-read this outrageous accusation. WE are the ones who are calloused and ignoring the deaths of women from abortion? OOPS – I left out the word Illegal= because Tarico and her pro-choice friends are eerily silent on the many women who have died recently from legalized abortion.

As mentioned earlier: A woman died THIS WEEK after her abortion on Ohio. Sorry if I missed all the OUTRAGE by the left over this woman’s death. I apologize if I some how missed all the rallies protesting these deaths by the “abortion-obsessed” pro-choice movement.

Pro-choicers need things made simplistic for them as they are terrible at facts or research, so here it is – feel free to scroll through my blog starting here where the most recent abortion death is recorded and work your way through the rest of the pages for numerous names of women killed by legal abortion. While you are there, you can leave a public note under each woman’s name showing your grief! I seriously doubt that will happen.

Tarico goes on to bemoan the alleged abortion “right to privacy” mantra, “The other side talks about murdering teeny, weeny babies and then mind-melds images of ultrasounds and Gerber babies with faded photos of later abortions. And we come back by talking about privacy?? Is that like the right to commit murder in the privacy of your own home or doctor’s office? Even apart from the dubious moral equivalence, let’s be real: In the age of Facebook and Twitter, is there a female under 25 in who gives a rat’s patooey about privacy, let alone thinks of it as a core value?

And here is the strategy Tarico plans to lay out, “If we want Americans to understand and distance themselves from the moral emptiness of the “pro-life” movement, we will have to challenge the patriarchs in their home turf, in their position as moral guides.”

Tarico guides her followers through 10 ridiculous suggestions on how to make the abortion position a winning one:

#1) No-choice advocates say: Abortion is immoral. God hates abortion.
We can say: For me, bringing a child into the world under bad circumstances is immoral. It violates my moral and spiritual values. / Whose God decides?

#2) They say: Abortion is murder. Abortion kills little babies.
We can say: A person can think and feel. My cat can feel hungry or hurt or curious or content; an embryo cannot. / Thanks to better and better pregnancy tests, over 60 percent of abortions now occur before 9 weeks’ gestation. Want to see what they actually look like?

#3) They say: A fetus is a baby. A baby is a living soul from the moment of conception.
We can say: In nature, most fertilized eggs never become babies. A fetus isbecoming a baby, grows into a baby, is a potential person, or is becoming a person.

4). They say: Liberals are to blame for abortion. Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill.
We can say: Obstructing contraceptive knowledge and access causes abortion and unwanted babies. That’s what’s immoral. We have the technology to prevent almost all of the suffering and expense caused by unintended pregnancy, but many women don’t have access to that information or technology because of the twisted moral priorities of religious and cultural conservatives. Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood have done more to prevent abortions in America than all of the choice opponents combined. The no-choice position is anti-life. It kills women. It puts faith over life.

Remember Tonya WOmen Deserve Better

There’s that KILL WOMEN thing again- excuse me Ms. Tarico – aren’t you paying attention? Women ARE dying from legal abortion – move on already!

Tarico’s laundry list of abortion propaganda continues and I will not nauseate you with much more.

Jumping to her #8 we read:

Embrace abortion as a sacred gift or blessing.

They say: Abortion is bad. An abortion is regrettable.
We can say: An ill-conceived pregnancy is bad. An unintended pregnancy is regrettable. An abortion when needed is a blessing. It is a gift, a grace, a mercy, a cause for gratitude, a new lease on life. Being able to choose when and whether to bring a child into the world enables us and our children to flourish.

Well actually Mr. Tarico, the GIFT is the child NOT the abortion. Your twisted attempt to make abortion sacred only reveals your religiously blood thirsty drive for abortion. It is illogical, immoral, unscientific, and outrageous to continue down this path again.

I suggest that you stop fixating on child sacrifice and get a job or something….but…I forgot…you already have a job, don’t you? Advocating for the largest chain of abortion clinic in the nation- Planned Parenthood.

Valerie Tarico

Tarico chairs Washington Women for Choice , serves on Planned Parenthood’s Board of Advocates, and is a Senior Writing Fellow at Sightline Institute, a think tank focused on sustainable prosperity. Her articles appear at sites including the Huffington Post, Jezebel, Salon, AlterNet, and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and at her own blog, AwayPoint.