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Planned Parenthood doc suspended by medical board after alcohol and drug related arrests was previously disciplined after abortion patient died

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Medical Board yanks license of Planned Parenthood abortionist pending hearing

The California Medical Board has suspended the license of a contract abortionist for Planned Parenthood</strong> who was already on probation pending an Aug. 2 hearing before an administrative law judge in Oakland.

The Medical Board issued an “interim suspension order” on July 25 against Dr. Jesse James Joplin who, according to Medical Board documents, has worked for Planned Parenthood for 27 years. He is currently a “supervising physician” for Planned Parenthood-Mar Monte, headquartered in San Jose.

State law provides the Medical Board authority to issue such suspensions only if a physician “is about to engage in, acts or omissions constituting a violation of the Medical Practice Act… or is unable to practice safely due to a mental or physical condition, and that permitting the licensee to continue to engage in the profession for which the license was issued will endanger the public health, safety, or welfare.”

In an order that took effect on April 22, the Medical Board had suspended Joplin’s license, but stayed the revocation and instead placed him on probation for seven years. If Joplin violated any of the conditions of his probation, the order provided he would be subject to an interim suspension order.

The conditions of Joplin’s probation provided that he abstain completely from the use of alcohol, submit to random urine tests four times a month, submit to a psychiatric evaluation and undergo psychotherapy, submit to monitoring by an independent physician and not engage in the solo practice of medicine, not supervise physicians assistants, and “obey all laws.”

The restrictions placed on Joplin by the Medical Board stemmed from a series of alcohol-related convictions dating back to 2007, according to the Board’s records.

The first arrest was on July 4, 2007, after Joplin was stopped for speeding by a California Highway Patrol officer. “The officer observed a plastic baggie of marijuana in the center console area” and smelled alcohol, Medical Board records show. Joplin pleaded no contest in December 2007 to “reckless driving involving alcohol, drugs, or both,” according to the records.

In September 2009, Joplin was again arrested after his “erratic driving drew the attention of another motorist, who called 911.” The arresting officer, say Medical Board records, noted Joplin had slurred speech, a strong odor of alcohol, and was disoriented to time and place. In March 2010, Joplin was convicted of misdemeanor drunken driving in connection with the 2009 arrest. He chose to go to jail instead of performing community service “in order to ‘learn a lesson,’” but “does not want to go to jail again,” the Board’s records show.

This is not the first time Joplin has been in trouble with the Medical Board. His license was revoked in 1997, but the revocation was stayed and Joplin was placed on five years probation in connection with the death of one patient and the attempted abortion of a viable fetus on a 15-year-old girl.

Medical Board records show that Joplin was found to be guilty of “gross negligence and incompetence” in the April 1990 death of 26-year-old patient “Y.G.” Joplin, the Board’s records show, failed to act on the young woman’s high blood pressure and passing proteins in her urine. After she gave birth to a baby boy, “Y.G.” died from toxemia.

Joplin was also found to have attempted an abortion on a 15-year-old girl, “M.M.,” at Planned Parenthood in Seaside in July 1993, even though state law at the time prohibited abortions on viable fetuses. Joplin underestimated the unborn girl’s gestational age – placing it at 20 weeks when, in fact, the unborn baby was 27 weeks old, according to Medical Board records. Joplin was unable to complete the abortion, and “M.M.” was transferred to a nearby hospital, where an ultrasound confirmed the unborn baby’s true age. A hospital physician induced labor and “M.M.” gave birth to a stillborn baby girl.

Joplin successfully completed the conditions of his 5-year probation in the “Y.G.” and “M.M.” cases, which required him to submit to an oral clinical exam in obstetrics and gynecology, subject himself to monitoring by another physician while on probation, complete 40 hours a year of continuing medical education, and submit to a psychiatric and a medical evaluation.

VIDEO BELOW: Dr. Jesse Joplin arrives at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in San Jose.

A Superpages online ad (here) , also shows him connected to the Feminist Womens’s Health Centers of California, a National Chain of abortion clinics. But, the clinic’s website does not verify this. But a PDF of the Group thanks him as a Contributor.

And here is a guide published in 2007, well after the death of Joplin’s patient and his complications with a late term baby on a teen girl at Planned Parenthood, from the Center for Reproductive Health and Policy, an abortion Rights Group who thanks him as a Contributor in a guide on “Early Abortion Training”…(here) – Collaborating organizations in the guide include: Center for Reproductive Health Education in Family Medicine (RHEDI), Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP), Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP), National
Abortion Federation (NAF), Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)
, Abortion Access Project, and American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA).Nice to know they rely on the “Experts”

California Abortionist Accused of Homicide In Patient Death

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* Written by Operation Rescue
* Posted July 30, 2010 at 8:16 am

Rutland blames Operation Rescue/local activists for his troubles while failing to take responsibility for his own negligence

San Diego, CA – The Medical Board of California amended a complaint on Wednesday against troubled abortionist Andrew Rutland to include the charge of homicide in the death of Ying Chen. The action came after the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office reclassified Chen’s death as a homicide in June.

A revocation hearing before the Medical Board is scheduled for February, 2011.

Rutland had committed a second trimester abortion on Ying Chen at a dirty, unlicensed acupuncture clinic in San Gabriel, California, during which he administered an overdose of lidocaine. He failed to recognize the symptoms of the overdose and the patient went into cardiac arrest. He and his staff were untrained and unequipped to handle the medical emergency. After a “significant delay” in contacting 911, the woman was transported to a local hospital where she died six days later. Chen’s death was originally classified as accidental.

Rutland has a long history of Board discipline and other problems. His medical license was revoked in 2003 for severing a baby’s spinal column during a forceps delivery, then lying to the parents by telling them that their baby suffered a stroke. The baby later died. His license was reinstated in 2007 and Rutland was placed on 5 years probation with the restriction that he operate only under the supervision of another physician.

Last October, Operation Rescue reported that Rutland was violating his probation by engaging in the solo practice of medicine at an abortion clinic in Chula Vista. We asked our supporters to contact the California Medical Board and demand that his medical license be revoked.

On November 3, 2009, an Inspector from the California Medical Board attempted to inspect Rutland’s stock of drugs and his records at his Chula Vista clinic, but was refused access by Rutland’s staff.

In January, the Medical Board asked for an emergency suspension of Rutland’s license until the Board could work through the lengthy process to finalize revocation. During that hearing, a judge blocked Rutland from doing abortions, but allowed him to continue office consultations.

Operation Rescue learned in February that Rutland was continuing to administer the abortion pill and contacted the Board with the evidence. Judge James Ahler later amended his order to allow Rutland to continue to the chemical abortions, as long as he did not engage in surgical abortions.

In response the reclassification of Chen’s death as a homicide, Rutland sent an angry letter to a list of elected officials and others, including Oprah Winfrey, demanding an investigation into “clandestine collaborations of national antiabortion group organizations and local antiabortion activists with the Medical Board of California.” Rutland singles out Operation Rescue and complains that we used “clandestine political collaborations” to force several abortionists out of business. He opines that everyone from the Medical Examiner, to the hospital, to the police officer who investigated Chen’s death were all involved in some plot against him.

“Rutland has proven himself to be a dishonest man who presents an ongoing danger to the public. It was his own negligence and attitude that he is above the law that has landed him in repeated trouble with the Medical Board,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“Rutland complains that his problems are somehow the result of an anti-abortion plot. He is upset that authorities would hold him accountable to the law, but what he really wants is to be treated as if no laws apply to him. People are dying due to his shoddy work and Operation Rescue is proud of any small part we may have played in bringing him to justice.”

Read Amended Complaint

Rutland ammended complaint


The Orange County Register reports that,
According to the board’s current complaint, Ying Chen was 16 to 16 ½ weeks pregnant when she went to Rutland’s San Gabriel office seeking an abortion on July 28, 2009. Rutland later told the board he gave the patient a diluted lidocaine solution as an anesthetic. Shortly afterward, the patient began having a reaction. Rutland and two other doctors at the office, one of them an acupuncturist, began performing CPR on the victim. Paramedics arrived and found Chen in full cardiac arrest. She was taken to a hospital, where she died six days later.
The board determined that a “significant delay” had passed between Chen’s adverse reaction and the 911 call. It also said Rutland had “failed to recognize lidocaine toxicity,” didn’t begin resuscitative measures quickly enough, and that the facility was inadequately equipped to deal with an emergency.
Rutland, in his letter, called Chen’s reaction an “unpreventable complication,”

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Florida abortionist who previously assaulted pro-lifer has medical license revoked by state

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Doctor’s license revoked after botched abortion
The Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. — A Sarasota doctor has lost his license for mistakenly aborting a healthy twin during a procedure targeting a deformed fetus.

Immediately after the Florida Board of Medicine’s decision Saturday, Dr. Matthew Kachinas was involuntarily hospitalized because he said he planned to commit suicide.
Kachinas had blamed faulty ultrasound equipment for the 2006 mistake. He was targeting a fetus with Down syndrome and signs of a heart defect.

The 50-year-old doctor had never performed the procedure before, but said he didn’t like to tell patients “no.”

Kachinas represented himself before the board and in a previous hearing, Health News Florida reported. He spent most of his time arguing two less serious allegations, admitting in the twin case he “screwed up.”

Read more:

In 2008, the Florida State Licensing Department sent a letter to abortionist Kachinas which read:

Dear Dr Kachinas
The purpose ofthis letter is to officially advise you of the findings of a Complaint Investigation visit of your abortion clinic conduct on01238by Eleanor Seville RNS of this office
Compliance with the requirements was discussed with you and your representative at the facility during the exit conference following the completion of the survey on01248
Your facility was found not to be in compliance with Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code governing the state licensing requirements


The State’s Complaint Reads as Follows:

Upon entrance to the facility on01238the receptionist name unknown was asked if the facility is doing abortions her response was yes
Review of the licensure denial letter from Tallahassee dated 03108clearly states the Abortion Clinic licensure was denied
The facility medical director stated the clinic has been doing first and second trimester abortions since the letter was issued Review of office records revealed abortions were conducted since the letter of denial was received

On Feb of 2008 He was ordered to CEASE and DISMISS Abortions at that facility !

According to the Red County Blog in a 2009 article: Sarasota abortion facility closed Written By Dr. Richard Swier

The abortionist, Matthew Kachinas, said in July that he is “on assignment” in various locations around the state for up to 3 weeks at a time. This is the 2nd time a Sarasota facility where Kachinas worked has closed.He reportedly had left or been dismissed from 3 other abortion facilities in Florida.

Premiere has been closed for at least a few months. But it couldn’t be determined for several weeks whether the closure might be temporary. An answering service continued to forward messages.

Eventually, the web site was taken down, the phone number ceased service, the property was listed for sale or lease, and web searches didn’t find any current information on the business or any references to Kachinas doing abortions elsewhere in the area.

Premier was the only such facility in Sarasota that did 2nd-trimester abortions, at least in recent years.

Financial, licensing concerns

Even though he was seen driving an expensive-looking gold sports convertible in 2005, Kachinas (age 49, said one web site) has admitted to having had financial problems.

He bought a home on Sarasota’s Longboat Key in 2000, but he said last year that “he suffered financial difficulties and in order to find work was required to work all over the state,” according to minutes of a hearing on property upkeep last fall by the Longboat Key Code Enforcement Board. At a follow-up hearing in July 2009, he said he was “on assignment” at various locations around the state for up to 3 weeks at a time.

Previously, pro-life sources claimed he had left after only short periods at facilities where he had traveled to do abortions, in Altamonte Springs (near Orlando) late last year and in Tampa. He also left, or was terminated from, the facility he previously worked at in Sarasota. Premier apparently had problems with the state, but the eventual outcome was unclear.

A complaint of state law violations was found early last year on the web, saying the clinic continued to do abortions after its license renewal was denied on Jan. 30, 2008. Three reports later in the year showed no citations, and made no reference to the previous complaint.

Premier opened 4 years ago

Premier opened in February 2005. Kachinas was listed as medical director.

The Premier web site said its goal was to “provide the best gynecological care available to women at any stage in life, whether it is as simple as your annual exam or as complicated as the decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

In late 2005, two Ocala pro-lifers visited inside Premier, then related their experiences (full report linked here) at a Sarasota-Manatee Right to Life meeting.

“What struck us so hard was that (part-owner Lori) Jacobs bragged about the big money involved,” Mabel Ryan said. “She said the maximum time (for an abortion) is 6 minutes and said an abortion takes no medical skill at all” and “in no field of ‘medicine’ can that amount of money be made so quickly.”

They authors also wrote, “It was obvious from the start that the director invited us for one purpose: She would, she said, change our minds and we would see what a great service they were doing for pregnant mothers who wanted to “terminate” for any reason. (Abortionists almost always use the word “terminate,” not the word “abortion.”) She informed us that good reasons to “terminate” were: confirmed imperfect fetal development, a baby believed to suffer from Down’s Syndrome, or if in the abortionist’s judgment the mother was not capable of properly rearing the child for any reason.”

Kachinas arrested, then left

Kachinas previously was doing abortions at the former Sarasota Women’s Health Center on North Tamiami Trail. Protesters had been there for many years.

On Dec. 27, 2002, an Operation Save America press release reported, he became enraged at a protester and head-butted her. He was convicted of battery and was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation and anger management counseling. Eventually, he reportedly was dismissed after having worked there for 5 years. (More background here and here.) That facility closed in early 2004 ( commentary and photos here), a while after Kachinas left. (The building was still vacant in 2009; there had been no buyers.)


Battery (2 incidents) and Death Threat

On Friday morning, December 27, 2002, abortionist Matthew J. Kachinas arrived at the Sarasota Womens Health Center abortion mill at 5025 North Tamiami Trail. Pro-lifer Linda McGlade, a mother of seven children, tried to preach the Gospel to him. Enraged, he exited his vehicle and walked up to within inches of Linda, then said several times “I’m going to kill you!” Then, in front of half a dozen witnesses, and with a video camera running, Kachinas drew his head back and delivered a head butt to Linda’s forehead.

Linda’s son Keith quickly went to his mother’s side to defend her. The abortionist tried to provoke Keith into a fight. He taunted him, saying “What are you going to do about it?” The abortionist then flicked the hat off of Keith’s head and taunted and cursed him some more. When Keith did not take the bait, the abortionist jumped up and down on Keith’s hat while screaming more obscenities. He then walked into his abortion mill.

In June 2003, Kachinas was found guilty of battery. Immediately after Sarasota’s Chief County Judge Logalbo pronounced the sentence upon the abortionist, which included extensive psychiatric evaluation “due to the violence and the fact that he has people’s lives in his hands daily,” he was fingerprinted and booked in front of a packed gallery of spectators. During his trial, Kachinas lied obviously and flagrantly many times. Noting Kachinas‘ professional position and his “less than forthright” statements, Judge Logalbo issued a sentence which far exceeded the sentence asked for by the prosecution. Along with the psychiatric evaluations and completion of all recommended treatments, including an anger management program, Kachinas was placed on one year probation in addition to a $1,000 fine and court costs. Incredibly, even the abortionist’s lawyer admitted afterwards that he believed the pro-life witnesses over the testimony of his own client!

References: “Violence Erupts at Abortion Mill.” Operation Save America press release dated December 27, 2002. “Abortion Doctor, Matthew Kachinas, Guilty of Battery.” Downloaded from the Web site of Operation Save America at

Part 1: Why Is Abortionist Haskell Deemed Above The Law?

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From Operation Rescue

“It’s ridiculous – and dangerous.”

[This is the first of a three part exposѐ on late term abortionist Martin Haskell’s special “variance” excusing him from complying with Ohio law.]

Dayton, OH — Operation Rescue has obtained two recordings of 9-1-1 calls made within seven days of each other for patients of an Ohio abortion clinic that has been specially exempted from complying with a safety law involving emergency transports.

The recordings, made on March 12 and 19, 2009, raise questions about the safety of the clinic and abortions done at Women’s Med Center, a Dayton area abortion mill owned and operated by late-term abortionist Martin Haskell.


But how is it that, of all the physicians and clinics in Ohio, that Haskell’s abortion clinic is the only one that does not have to comport with the law?

To answer that question, one must go back to 1996, when the Ohio Legislature passed a law requiring that all ambulatory surgical centers must be licensed by the state. That licensing required that the ambulatory surgical centers meet certain basic health and safety standards, including the requirement that each clinic must have a transfer agreement with a local hospital.

In 1999, it came to the attention of the Ohio Health Department (OHD) that abortion clinics were not in compliance with the law, having never applied for licensing. The OHD began the process of insuring that all abortion clinics came into compliance.

Haskell refuses to comply

Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell refused the ODH request that he apply for licensure for his Dayton abortion clinic, stating that it was a doctor’s office, not an ambulatory surgical center. The ODH disagreed and ordered Haskell to get a license.

Haskell appealed to the State Administrative Review Board in 2000, which also disagreed with Haskell and ordered him to get a license. The following year, he took his case to the Franklin County Common Pleas courts. The resulting order was the same. Haskell was ordered to license his clinic.

In 2002, six years after the law required Haskell to license his clinic and meet the same basic standards that every other similarly situated physician in the state had to meet, Haskell still had not licensed his clinic. Instead, he appealed to the Ohio Court of Appeals for the 10th Appellate District. Again, Haskell’s arguments fell flat, and he was ordered by the court to license his clinic.

Finally, in the fall of 2002, Haskell applied for licensure for Women’s Med Center, his flagship abortion mill in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton.

License denied

On January 9, 2003, the ODH denied Haskell a license because he had no transfer agreement with a local hospital and could not assure “a continuum of care” for patients should a medical emergency arise. That same day, Haskell’s attorneys walked into Federal Court and obtained a restraining order from Judge Susan J. Dlott preventing the ODH from enforcing the law until the case could be adjudicated. Haskell’s abortion clinic remained open.

Six months later, the case was heard by Federal District Court Judge Algenon Marbley during a three day hearing. Judge Marbley ruled in Haskell’s favor and ordered the ODH to issue Haskell’s clinic a license.

But that certainly was not the end.

ODH wins again

The ODH appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which took two and a half years to issue a ruling overturning Marbley’s decision. In February, 2006, the Court told the ODH that it could deny Haskell’s clinic a license, but that a hearing on the license denial must be held if Haskell requests one.

In April, 2006, the ODH informed Haskell of its intent to enforce the law. Haskell immediately filed a request for a hearing, as suggested by the Sixth Circuit.

More delays while Haskell mocks

That request bought Haskell nearly another year of noncompliance. Twice he delayed hearing dates, and finally persuaded the ODH to allow him to argue in writing that he should be exempt from the law.

During this time, Haskell continued to operate under a invalid license that had been issued on the order of Judge Marbley, which had been overturned by the Court of Appeals, making a mockery of the law.

On March 12, 2007, after reviewing Haskell’s case, an officer with the ODH recommended that Haskell’s license be revoked because he failed to comply with the legal requirement that he obtain a transfer agreement with a local hospital.

Inexplicably, it took ODH Director Dr. Alvin Jackson another year to finally issue the order revoking Haskell’s license. Ridiculously, the order gave Haskell 15 days to appeal.

Cease and desist

On February 27, 2008, an inspection showed that Haskell’s clinic still was not in compliance with the law. The ODH issued a cease and desist order, which should have closed Haskell’s clinic. However, that same day Haskell returned to the only judge to rule favorably on his case, Judge Algenon Marbley. He obtained yet another temporary injunction from Marbley barring the ODH from enforcing their cease and desist order.

ODH cries, “Uncle!”

After 12 years of Haskell’s illegal operations and nine years of playing legal games with women’s lives, the ODH finally gave up. It stopped all efforts to enforce the law, giving the excuse that Haskell has assured the ODH that he has three physicians on staff at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton which have agreed to treat Haskell’s botched abortion patients.

Haskell was granted a “variance” from the ODH, and thus became the only doctor in Ohio to be exempt from a law passed in 1996 meant to ensure that clinics meet basic safety standards.

There’s a reason why no hospital will make a transfer agreement with Martin Haskell’s late term abortion mill,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If every hospital in the Dayton area agrees that Haskell should not be practicing in their facilities, then he shouldn’t be practicing at all.”

The only thing keeping Haskell operating right now is a temporary restraining order and a spineless health department,” said Newman. “Can you imagine anyone else trying to get a variance so they did not have to comply with the law? It’s ridiculous – and dangerous.”

READ: Part Two: 9-1-1 Calls Show Haskell’s Mill Remains A Danger
[Special thanks to our special investigative team in Ohio and to Dayton Right to Life for their contributions.]