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Pro-choice Democrat claims abortion is a “God-given right” in Politics on the Throne (toilet) video rant

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Erik Wright2545530_n The NY Daily News has reported that Alabama congressional candidate Erick Wright is trying to flush down the memory of a YouTube video of him sharing his political views from a toilet.

Politiocs on the throne7n-2-web

Democrat Erick Wright had posted a clip entitled ‘Politics on the Throne’ to his YouTube profile, but took it down when he began his run to represent Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. But according to news outlets like the NY Daily News and UK Daily Mail, Yellowhammer, a local blog, brought new life to the clip by re-posting it.

His rest room ramblings included the statement that abortion is a ‘God-given right’, as well as criticisms of Fox News and the Tea Party.

In response to media outlets criticism of this statement, Erick Wright responded, “Is it a crime to stand up for a woman’s right to choose? I didn’t think so. Thanks to a news outlet failed attempt to silence me, I’m in the NY daily news and UK news.”

Erick Wright Crime Porchoice

He is shown here on the Facebook page of ASU Planned Parenthood:

Erick Wright ASU PP

Wright said state and local government place far greater restrictions on people’s lives than the federal government.

Lecturing from his loo, Wright tells the camera: ‘The way you wear your pants — people are getting fined $100, $200 and even getting jail time just by the way they wear their pants.

‘What’s next, are you going to tell a gay person they can’t be gay?

‘Or are you going to tell a person who dresses in drag that that’s not appropriate and you’re going to fine them too?

‘Like, when will enough be enough?

‘If you want to have an abortion, what kind of intrusive things do you have to go through just to get an abortion knowing that it’s your God-given right to do so as an American?’

On his website, the prospective congressman, tells voters: ‘I set out to help restore faith in the public process and elevate the dialogue between Congress and the beautiful people Congress represents.

‘You are those people, and I believe I am succeeding by reaching out to you.’

Wright, who describes himself as an activist, neighbour, friend and businessman, is set to challenge the incumbent Republican Martha Roby, for the chance to represent Alabama’s 2nd congressional district. Wright is seeking the Democratic nomination in the primary on June 3, 2014. The general election takes place on November 4, 2014.

He only shows a few followers on his twitter page.

Wright has been soliciting votes from left-wing, liberal, pro-choice websites like the Daily Kos.