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Texas abortion clinic stops killing after judge refused to grant temp order on pro-life law

Posted in Texas Abortion with tags , , , , , , on April 17, 2014 by saynsumthn

According to the Dallas Morning News, a federal judge has refused to grant a temporary restraining order against a portion of the state’s new abortion law Wednesday that would allow an El Paso abortion clinic to remain open.

Reproductive Services in El Paso had temporary admitting privileges through a local hospital that were set to expire in May, but received a letter from the Department of State Health Services saying they were not in compliance with that portion of the law. When clinic officials called the hospital that granted the privileges Friday, they were informed that the privileges were no longer in effect.

The clinic stopped providing abortions immediately and canceled future appointments.

At Wednesday’s court hearing, District Judge Lee Yeakel rejected the abortion provider’s claim that women in the area now face an “undue burden” by having to travel across the state border to New Mexico to obtain abortions.

“We can slice it and dice it any way we want and talk about the exceptions and differences,” Yeakel said at the hearing. But he added that the evidence presented to him did not satisfy the “full elements necessary” for temporary relief from the admitting privileges rule, which supporters say improves safety standards.

According to the Texas Tribune, there are currently six ambulatory surgical centers that perform abortions in five of the state’s major cities: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio. To continue providing abortions, the remaining 22 licensed abortion providers in the state — only 18 of which still perform the procedure — must upgrade their facilities to meet ambulatory surgical center requirements by September, when the rules go into effect.