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Texas abortion clinic stops killing after judge refused to grant temp order on pro-life law

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According to the Dallas Morning News, a federal judge has refused to grant a temporary restraining order against a portion of the state’s new abortion law Wednesday that would allow an El Paso abortion clinic to remain open.

Reproductive Services in El Paso had temporary admitting privileges through a local hospital that were set to expire in May, but received a letter from the Department of State Health Services saying they were not in compliance with that portion of the law. When clinic officials called the hospital that granted the privileges Friday, they were informed that the privileges were no longer in effect.

The clinic stopped providing abortions immediately and canceled future appointments.

At Wednesday’s court hearing, District Judge Lee Yeakel rejected the abortion provider’s claim that women in the area now face an “undue burden” by having to travel across the state border to New Mexico to obtain abortions.

“We can slice it and dice it any way we want and talk about the exceptions and differences,” Yeakel said at the hearing. But he added that the evidence presented to him did not satisfy the “full elements necessary” for temporary relief from the admitting privileges rule, which supporters say improves safety standards.

According to the Texas Tribune, there are currently six ambulatory surgical centers that perform abortions in five of the state’s major cities: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio. To continue providing abortions, the remaining 22 licensed abortion providers in the state — only 18 of which still perform the procedure — must upgrade their facilities to meet ambulatory surgical center requirements by September, when the rules go into effect.

EL Paso abortion clinic will reportedly close due to pro-life legislation

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El Paso Times reports that yet another abortion clinic may close following passage of reasonable pro-life legislation.


FranzTheard703a2.jpg_256Abortionist Franz Theard, who owns El Paso’s Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic, said there is no way his business can afford to make the upgrades required by House Bill 2, a pro-life law passed that requires abortion clinics to qualify as “ambulatory surgical centers” — which would require Hilltop to widen hallways, enlarge surgical suites, add locker rooms, install backup generators and make other changes, according to the Times.

“We’re not going to retrofit and spend $2 million to become a surgical center,” Theard told the paper.

The report continues, El Paso’s other clinic, Reproductive Services, was forced to stop offering abortions for several months last year.

Gerri Laster, the clinic’s executive administrator, last week said that the clinic’s doctor, Pamela Richter, had secured temporary privileges at an El Paso hospital.

Asked if her clinic could afford to make the changes required by Sept. 1, Laster said she is uncertain that the requirement will take effect then.

“We don’t know what the Fifth Court of Appeals is going to do,” she said.

She was referring to a legal challenge to House Bill 2.

Last week, Saynsumthn reported the closing of two more Texas abortion clinics. Whole Woman’s Health in Beaumont and McAllen will close after providing abortions in the areas for a decade.

Texas Abortionists Use Abortion Pill Scare Tactics to Deflect From Their Shoddy Care

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By Cheryl Sullenger


McAllen, TX – Abortionist Lester Minto is defiant concerning new safety standards passed by the Texas Legislature last week, especially concerning the new standards for dispensing abortion pills. He operates Reproductive Services, an abortion clinic in the Rio Grand Valley community of Harlingen that does 1,500-2,000 abortion per year, according to a New York Times story published on July 13, 2013.

If forced to comply with the new law, Minto says he is willing to seek other means of continuing to provide abortions, even if his substandard clinic must close.

Lester Minto

Minto, who called the Texas abortion law “an insult to women’s intelligence,” said he would keep doing abortions “whether that means under the cover of a mesquite tree or on a shrimp boat or going to Mexico” where abortions are also illegal.

“I didn’t say I’d stop doing abortions. I’m not going to give this up…And I’m not going to abandon girls,” Minto told a local newspaper.

“Minto’s comments show his complete disregard for the health and lives of women and his insistence on subjecting women to substandard practices as if she did not deserve anything better,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Being treated by abortionists as something less than a human being is the real insult to the intelligence of women.”

The New York Times and other mainstream news outlets are raising concerns that in Texas, if the new law shuts down abortion clinics that cannot comply with new safety regulations, women would make the short trip across the border to Mexico where abortion-causing pills are readily available over the counter as many women already have been doing for years.

Usually medical abortions are done using a cocktail of mifepristone (RU486) and misoprostol (Cytotec). The patient takes one dose drugs at the abortion clinic then the rest at home, where she has the abortion. There is no monitoring done on the woman, who is not at the clinic during the painful abortion process that resembles a miscarriage.

However, even some abortion clinics often just use Cytotec to simulate uterine contractions and cause an abortion in early pregnancy. Cytotec is a drug originally developed to treat stomach ulcers which has been used off-label by abortionists for years despite manufacturer warnings because it is cheap, if not particularly safe. It is known to cause unpredictable and sometimes violent contractions. In fact, Hispanic have become so familiar with over-the-counter use of Cytotec that they refer to it as “Star Pills” due to the tablets’ multi-sided shape.

Minto further reflected an attitude that women don’t deserve high medical standards when he insensitively told ABC News, “It’s kind of like a cheap cure for a radiator leak. Its efficacy rate is about 30 percent when used alone and improperly. But even though I don’t approve of it, I can’t criticize it. I would probably try the same if I were in a situation like these women.”

Minto may be the newest darling of the pro-abortion media, but his record is not clean. In 1996, Minto was disciplined for allowing staff to practice without adequate supervision including “allowing a physician’s assistant to utilize pre-signed prescription and to telephone in prescriptions for patients without consulting with [Minto].” This is a practice that helped land Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell and several of his associates who masqueraded as “doctors” in trouble with the law.

Amy Hagstrom Miller

Amy Hagstrom-Miller, who operates another Rio Grand Valley abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas, known as Whole Women’s Health, is also opposed to the new abortion pill standards and has opines that women will seek to obtain abortion pills in Mexico or at flea markets if her clinic is forced to close.

While abortionist worry about the “unmonitored” use of abortion drugs should abortion clinics that cannot meet the minimum safety requirements be forced to close, that concern seems shallow considering the current way abortion pills are dispensed…

Hagstrom Miller admits that her McAllen abortion clinic now uses abortionists that fly in from other states, making supervision and follow-up by a licensed physician nearly impossible.

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Pro-choice abortion clinic director pleads guilty to false bomb threat

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Former director of Tulsa’s Reproductive Services pleads guilty in false bomb threat By SHANNON MUCHMORE World Staff Writer
Published: 10/7/2010 12:47 PM

A former director of a Tulsa abortion clinic pleaded guilty Thursday to providing false information about a bomb at the facility.

Linda Meek, 63, former executive director of Reproductive Services, said she called in a false bomb threat in August.

U.S. Chief District Judge Claire Eagan accepted her plea and scheduled her sentencing for January. Meek remains free on bond.

She was charged Sept. 1 with providing false and misleading information about a package found in a trash can at the clinic, at 6136 E. 32nd Place, on Aug. 13.

Meek waived her right to have the case presented to a federal grand jury Sept. 9 and on Thursday waived her right to a jury trial.

Meek, who is no longer employed at the clinic, told the court on Thursday that she bought an egg timer at a department store on Aug. 13, set it so that it would start ticking and put it in her trash can. She then called the police and reported a bomb.

Reports at the time said Reproductive Services was evacuated after an employee supposedly noticed a box in a trash can that she reportedly did not recognize to be trash from the clinic.

Officials treated the threat seriously, and the clinic and a building next door were evacuated.

Meek’s attorney, Allen Smallwood, said last month that “nobody was ever in danger,” although he acknowledged that the situation might have created some tension.

Meek has never given a reason for falsely reporting a bomb.

She was charged with providing false and misleading information that indicated activity was taking place that, if true, would have violated a section of the U.S. Code that makes it a crime to willfully make a threat with an explosive device.

Read more from this Tulsa World article at

Pray for child killing, pro-abortion group seeks church support

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This weekend, the radically pro-abortion organization: Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, is hosting a , “Weekend of Prayerful Affirmation and Action for the Safety of Clinic Workers.”

RCRC is asking pro-abortion people to, “Join with congregations and [ alleged] communities of faith throughout the nation in spiritually or prayerfully affirming the work of doctors, nurses, administrators, counselors, and all other abortion clinic workers.”

Claiming that abortionists who murder babies , ” willingly put themselves in danger of harassment or violence so that women have access to abortion and other reproductive services. “

RCRC sites the recent murder of late-term abortion doctor, George Tiller as an example, telling their followers to, ” let America know that people of faith stand together in spiritual, prayerful support of clinic workers. “

They list a number of ways you can “Show your support” for baby killing:

1) Include a prayer in your worship service on behalf of clinic workers.
2) Invite a staff member of a local clinic to your service to receive a blessing or say a few words about his/her work.
3) Give a sermon about the work of clinic staff and the danger to staff and patients of the ongoing violence and harassment from extremist groups at clinics.
4) Gather signatures on a petition to support universal access to reproductive health services.
5) Write and send thank you notes or prayer cards to the staff of a local clinic.

Perhaps they could add this to their list:
1). Pray for an end to PRO-CHOICE VIOLENCE both in the womb and out !

Pro-choicers target, threaten, and harass pro-life people daily. Just this year a pro-choice activist murdered a pro-lifer in cold blood. James Pouillon was standing on a public sidewalk carrying a sign which simply said, “LIFE”.

Life Sign

To jog their memory on this- they can read my blog: Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence

2). Perhaps they could ask for prayer for the many pro-choice women who enter these abortion clinics thinking their procedure will be “Safe” and leave injured, raped, or even killed.

Just Read my Blog: Blood, Ambulances, and Planned Parenthood how safe is abortion?

More Audion on 911 calls to abortion clinics and abortion clinic YUK! Here

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And: Silence: Pro-Lifer gunned down- History of violence against women exposed !

Another allegation of sexual assault at one of America’s safe/legal abortion clinics

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3). And one more prayer point- How about saying a prayer for the “Safety and Protection” of these people?






4). But, may I remind them that there already is a “Religious Group” praying for “Clinic Workers”

It is called: 40 Days for Life – I think I will choose to join them !

5). Finally- Why don’t they “pray” for an end of BLACK GENOCIDE by abortion?

Maafa21 More Africans Killed

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