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Planned Parenthood refuses denounce abortion in third trimester or up to birth

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Watch the discussion to the end – see Penny Nance challenge Planned Parenthood spokesperson Erica Sackin to denounce late term abortions up to birth.

No shock that tax funded Planned Parenthood refuses to say it should be illegal!



Years ago a Florida Planned Parenthood lobbyist made clear what Planned Parenthood believed should happen when a baby is born alive after an abortion:


Author of PRO Katha Pollitt: Most Abortions for Convenience

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U.N. Chief Calls for Universal Access to Abortion

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United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that millions of girls — teenagers and younger — need access to abortion and contraceptives in order to “avoid unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions and sexually transmitted infections.”

Population Control needed in the Philippines? So claims a former eugenics founded Planned Parenthood medical director !

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Malcolm Potts was the first Medical Director of the eugenics founded International Planned Parenthood Federation and is known for introducing family planning methods into scores of developing countries. Potts once said that “Abortion is an essential element in human fertility control…The combination of abortion contraception is the combination which all human communities always used to control their fertility.”
In addition, Potts was a frequent writer in the “Eugenics Review

Now… the former eugenics founded Planned Parenthood medical director has insulted the Philippines by saying that if it fails to check its runaway population growth, the Philippines could fall into the category of impoverished Somalia in Africa.

Dr Malcolm Potts said that due to its ballooning population, there would be about 160 million Filipinos, from the estimated 94 million today, in the next 40 years which could pose a huge problem of how to feed, clothe, educate and house them.

Potts then pushed the abortion agenda and cited the urgent need for the country to enact the controversial reproductive health or family planning bill which has been pending in Congress for the past eight years due to strong opposition from the Catholic Church and its supporters.

“…Unless you are able to offer the poorest living on about $1 a day the choices they deserve, then people will be poorer, you will be importing food, you will (be) more like Somalia than like Thailand,” Potts warned.

He emphasised that a reduction in the birth rate could stimulate economic growth by having more people in the work force than dependents.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, reported in the story: Population expert draws flak for forecast By Michael Lim Ubac, and dated: /20/2010 that a leader in the Philippine House of Representatives sought the deportation of Malcolm Potts over his prediction that the Philippine population would reach 160 million in 40 years, possibly causing the country to become a failed state like Somalia.

Parañaque Representative Roilo Golez, who is vigorously opposing the reproductive health (RH) bill is expected to make formal next week his request to deport Potts over the remarks the latter made on Thursday as one of the organizers of the population conference at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City.

Potts, airing his opinions freely at the conference, said the Philippines would suffer far worse economic, environmental and even national security problems if the population would reach a projected 160 million by 2050.

Unless the RH bill goes through and unless you are able to offer the poorest economic quintile the choices that they deserve, then people will be poorer. You will be importing food, you will be more like Somalia than Thailand,” Potts had warned.

A peeved Golez said Potts, a “supposed population expert” from the Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability of the University of California, “practices and promotes abortion which is illegal in the Philippines.”

In 1972, (Potts) was the first physician to promote the technique of uterine manual vacuum aspiration,” said Golez, who did not bother to explain this medical procedure aimed at aborting pregnancies.

Golez also said that in a June 2010 article in the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, Mr. Potts was quoted to have stated the following: “I look at abortion from the perspective of a doctor who has performed abortions … I was perhaps the first Western physician to do outpatient vacuum aspiration abortions under local anesthesia.”

Abortion is legal under various circumstances in many countries.

But Golez added that Potts also “insulted the Philippines by comparing us to super backward Somalia whose economy is based on virtually livestock only, compared to our sophisticated industry, not to mention their long history of civil wars and warlordism.

The lawmaker, a former national security adviser during the Arroyo administration, cited the Philippine population density, which is around 266 persons per sq. km. compared to Somalia’s tiny density of only 12 persons per sq. km.

And that’s where Somalia’s big problem is—they lack the population to do any major economic activity,” claimed Golez.

When you study the roots of Planned Parenthood and their links to eugenics you can understand how Malcolm Potts would think that it is his business to push “eugenics” and population control on the rest of the world…watch Maafa21 to learn more (clip below)

Malcolm Potts, M.B., B.Chir, Ph.D., F.R.C.O.G. (b. 1935) served as medical director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation from 1968 to 1972, and as president of Family Health International from 1978 to 1990.

UN Still Blanketing Ravaged Haiti with Condoms

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By James Tillman and Kathleen Gilbert

PORT-AU-PRINCE, April 27, 2010 ( – A document obtained by that carries the logos of the UNFPA, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and UNAIDS, calls on the camp managers in earthquake ravaged Haiti to be careful to ensure a supply of free condoms to the Haitians whose homes were destroyed by the January Earthquake.

One of the access points that the document directs displacement site managers to is “the PROMESS warehouse in Port au Prince.” (LSN) had reported shortly after the earthquake that, according to an inside source in Haiti, an enormous supply of condoms was taking up as much as 70% of the floor space in that warehouse and was preventing medical supplies from being unloaded, sorted, and distributed.

“All humanitarian actors should ensure that condoms are available to the affected populations,” state the recent instructions, which were attached in email sent to Haiti’s Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster dated April 23.

The instructions go on to calculate the needed number of condoms: the population is multiplied by the percentage of sexually active males (20% of population) who are expected to use condoms (26% of sexually active males) at a presumed rate of 20 times per month, with additional condoms accounted for wastage and loss.

UNFPA and UNAIDS, the document indicates, will also expend resources to organize training for all camp managers and community leaders “on correct and consistent usage and disposal of condoms,” as well as HIV awareness. “Condoms should be distributed with information and education and managers should liaise with community members on appropriate distribution points and methods,” the note continues. “Information leaflets and posters about condom use will also be provided.”

The document says that it is is applying “Sphere standards,” which are meant to help define “minimum standards in disaster response.” While ostensibly based on the belief that “those affected by disaster have a right to life with dignity and therefore a right to assistance,” the Sphere Handbook call for the “subsequent integration of comprehensive RH [reproductive health] services into primary health care” after a disaster. “Comprehensive reproductive health services” is a common euphemism that includes contraception and abortion.

The language of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) guidelines, which are also mentioned in the document, is similar. The IASC calls on agencies to distribute “male condoms and, where appropriate, female condoms free of charge in a wide range of places – clinics and health centres, bars, brothels, community centres and other settings where people, including young people, meet socially.” “Male and female condoms are essential items in emergency relief supplies,” according to IASC.

The UNFPA did not respond to LSN’s request to confirm the source of the document as of press time.

“This is what the UNFPA always does,” Stephen Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), told Tuesday afternoon, in reference to the condom distribution scheme.

Mosher pointed to a PRI investigation of Kosovo refugee camps during the Kosovo Conflict, which found the UNFPA’s population control priorities in full force. “The UNFPA Doctor there was more than happy to tell us that he was aborting as many babies conceived in the refugee camps as he could,” said Mosher, “because, after all, as he said, ‘they’re refugees’ – emphatically, ‘they can’t have babies.'”

If the UNFPA was genuinely concerned about stemming the tide of HIV/AIDS, he said, they would focus efforts on HIV testing, rather than promoting sexual licentiousness with faulty protection.

“The UNFPA sees all conceptions in war-torn or refugee-strewn or earthquake-affected countries as illegitimate. … These people are dependents, and they shouldn’t have children at all,” he said.

From my previous posts:

According to a Jan 16, 2010 Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Article, Former abortion clinic owner and population control pusher, Joyce Tarnow ( who now runs an anti-immigration organization) had this to say regarding bringing suffering people from Haiti who endured the tragic earthquake, to the United States,

Tent cities in Haiti,” said Joyce Tarnow, who now heads Floridians for Sustainable Population, an anti-immigration group. “Give them all the help they need, but don’t bring them to this country.”

The Sun Sentinel further describes Ms. Tarnow, as someone who – who moved to North Florida from Pompano Beach because of overcrowding, is opposed to any temporary relief measures.

We have to enforce our borders,” she said. “There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary visa.”
In the film Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America, Florida Abortion Clinic owner, Joyce Tarnow makes some stunning comments on population control. Among those statements are disturbing comments regarding Haiti, which she made to a local Florida newspaper.

In a July 15,2004 News Times article , they quote former abortionist Joyce Tarnow as saying:

America “can’t take all the people in the world,” “We need to help nations that can subsist and let others wither on the vine.”

And how about this sensitive approach to countries like Haiti, which, she says, “has denuded the whole land“? “Stew in your own juices,“.

This is the way these pro-abortion people feel about people of “color” in my view. Just like recent comments by Harry Reid, it is time African Americans and minorities wake up and see how these supposed liberal progressives view them.

In the interview below of Tarnow from Maafa21, she quotes population control author, Paul Ehrlich who co-authored books with Obama’s Science Czar, John P. Holdren. Tarnow clearly advocates Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” and says that the US should not help those nations who “cannot help themselves.”

Watch Tarnow Interview at .20 seconds into this:

Is abortion clinic owner, Joyce Tarnow’s wish coming true after the Haiti Earthquake?

In the same News Times article Joyce Tarnow reveals her true motives:

Fertility is an environmental issue,” she says. “That’s why I try to get as many people sterilized as are in my way!”

Tarnow, is the former owner of the Women’s Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: which performed approx 800 to 900 abortions per year, with many clients being low income of Haiitian. Tarnow was a proud member of the National Abortion Federation.

Tarnow works tirelessly to make sure that the ones she didn’t get through abortion are NEVER allowed into this country through immigration. She is president of the anti-immigration group: Floridians for a Sustainable Population.

She is also listed on the anti-immigration group FAIR as one of their “local contacts” . FAIR stands for the Federation for American Immigration Reform and they are run by former “Zero Population Growth” and “Planned Parenthood” members.

A group which opposes Tarnow states that, “To pursue this agenda, Ms. Tarnow founded and leads the fringe population control group called Floridians for a Sustainable Population. A close reading of the group’s Web site reveals more of their agenda: they call for limiting families to two children; cutting benefits for newborns; higher taxes on families; severe restrictions on legal immigration; and more. “

Get the film – Maafa21 and watch it in full and see how the rest of the abortion industry views minorities:

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Why is Planned Parenthood involved in environmental issues when they promote eugenics through abortion?

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I found the above video by Planned Parenthood “promoting the environment and Earth Day, of interest !

One line in the film says it all, Planned Parenthood asks, “Who is the guilty party?”

What is Planned Parenthood’s answer? ” PEOPLE !”

What is Planned Parenthood’s solution? “Abortion”

Hey Planned Parenthood – how about a little concern for the children you butcher in the womb – maybe if we valued life, we’d be better at taking care of this earth. DUH !!!!

And, Since when are you SO-o-o-o-o-o concerned about toxins in Baby Bottles – when YOU MURDER THEM? What a hypocrite !

You say, “Better safe than sorry” – How about SAFETY in the Womb? Stop using kids and babies to promote your PR campaign- You are disgusting!

This is simply a PR effort to garnish more supporters ! Do not be fooled !

Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenic leader, learn about this eugenic Planned Parenthood’s agenda by watching Maafa21 ( Clip Below)

Planned Parenthood now wants to “help” men take responsibility in Family Planning

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I have to hand it to this organization whose founding began with a member of the American EUGENICS Society (Margaret Sanger) – they have some interesting PR stunts. Now they are offering “services” to men – but listen to exactly why Planned Parenthood wants men to come in – not for their overall “Health” as they try and couch this effort- but so they can “take a more active role in family planning and ‘reproductive’ health.” ( Interpretation: POPULATION CONTROL) It is my view that they want to “seem” as legitimate as possible so they can keep raping the US Treasury of over $1 million dollars of our tax dollars per day. They make their “PROFITS” off abortions, do not be fooled ! All this is is a way to get more regular people to approve of them !

If Video does not appear – Watch it here

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Missoula Planned Parenthood now offers health services for men.

Men can get sports physicals and cholesterol and diabetes screenings. It also tests for H-I-V and sexually transmitted diseases. Missoula is one of five sites in the country that received federal funds for male health services.

Joe Slemberger is with Missoula Planned Parenthood. He says “the clinic is trying to encourage men to take control of their health and to take a more active role in family planning and reproductive health.”

So, men- before you get suckered by Planned Parenthood – watch a film about their history: Maafa21 (Clip Below)