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Family to murdering racist Dylann Root – “I forgive you” – “hate won’t win”

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Just watch this – and don’t let HATE WIN!

Love trumps hate

Bishop tells congregation he heard Obama admit his Muslim faith

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Biship tells congregation he heard Obama admit …, posted with vodpod

Bishop Robert E Smith Sr, founder and Sr Pastor of Word of Outreach Christian Center in Little Rock, AR, tells church that President Obama is going to make it hard on those who make it hard for Muslims to worship Allah. The President even goes so far as to say that the sweetest sound he knows is the Islamic Morning Call to Prayer.

Bishop Robert E Smith Sr, Going to Pastors and asking them to repent for voting for Obama, “Get up and tell the people you voted the man because he was in intelligent and black !!!!”


Editor’s Note- Please ask the body of Christ to repent about abortion and please view this documentary: Maafa21 and see how racist abortion really is

United We Stand ! Happy 4th

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Written by Carole Novielli

I hear the voices speak: “United we stand”
But, to the church of God – I appeal.
If we want to rid this sin from our land
Then, our cry should be : “United we kneel.

We say, “God bless our nation
This land of the brave and home of the free…
But, if we really want to send lamentation
We should do it humbly from our knee.

America: The Brave, The Strong, and The Proud !
Her army marches on, her soldiers must go…
But, if we really want our voice to be loud,
We’d whisper to God and bow our head low !

This land is your land, this land is my land,
We’ll never surrender without a fight !
But, if we want America to remain GRAND…
We should seek the Lord with all of our might !

It is not JUST God’s protection and blessing we seek,
But His forgiveness and His mercy too.
For, while enjoying our wealth, we became spiritually weak
And neglected the widow, the orphan, and the pew !

While God is good and in Him no evil is found
Yet – a terror has been permitted and allowed.
Shouldn’t we ask, why this wickedness is around?
With a contrite heart and heads all bowed?

While numbers and strength are answers indeed
And our soldiers can march with intense pace
There is a spiritual war to be fought ONLY on our knee
And a victory we will ONLY win on our face !

For…If God’s people who are called by HIS name
will turn from THEIR wicked way
Look to themselves, and, accept THEIR blame
Then God can turn the darkness to day !

Oh, say does that Star Spangled Banner Yet Waive
As her beauty shines from sea to sea.
Dear Lord, move your hand, and America save…
Send a revival, and let it begin with me.

( Written after the 9/11 attacks in 2001)

I pray America will return to the Lord,

Carole Novielli

African American “Repents” for voting for Obama because he supports abortion

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