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Another Texas Democrat admits she had an Abortion

Posted in Democrat, Texas Abortion with tags , , , on September 22, 2014 by saynsumthn

Recently Texas Gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis, whose campaign is supported by abortion workers, came out in her book to admit she had abortions.

Now another Texas politician has admitted her role in aborting her child as well.

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According to the Texas Tribune, during a panel discussion at The Texas Tribune Festival, state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, revealed that she has had an abortion.

Dukes, told the audience, “To the world, I had an abortion.” Dukes also noted that she had not suffered from any psychological effects because of the procedure.

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The paper said that Dukes posted on Facebook that she was grateful that “a safe and legal means was available when as an adult woman, I had to make the decision to have a medical procedure performed.”

My reason for making this decision was private and will remain private — end of story,” she wrote. “Folks have about as much right to know why as they have a right to know when/why you have a pap smear, rectal exam or root-canal — none whatsoever.”

Here is the state rep at a rally in Austin bragging about her abortion support: