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Woman says she regrets the abortion she got at Planned Parenthood

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A vid of a young woman who implies her parents forced her into an abortion at Planned Parenthood which she now regrets, has been uploaded to YouTube.

The post-abortive woman begins the story telling how her mother ordered her to take a pregnancy test which gave the positive result that she was pregnant.

Forced abortion

My mom barged into my room…Her next words were – You’re not keeping that f-ing thing,” the young woman says.

I couldn’t even bare those words,” she continues.

Just to even think of me having an abortion,” she says.

You never put yourself in those situations, never. Like, that could never happen to me.”

She then recounts the abortion.

I didnt want the abortion parent planned parenthood

Of course, my mom took me to Planned Parenthood…It’s illegal for parents to force their kids into an abortion. But, I was scared to say I didn’t want it,” she says almost crying.

She says that she took the abortion pill.

She states that the only thing she had left was the ultrasound picture of her unborn child.

I carry it everywhere I go,” she says.

Every time I feel upset or something I always look at that. I always remember what could have been.”

She recounts laying on her bed and placing her hands on her stomach and talking to her “child.”

Having an abortion…it’s one of the things I will definitely regret my whole life.”

“I love my child and I hope he or she knows that. And that they will always be with me forever but I will always regret my abortion so much,” she concludes.

Regret after an abortion is very common. Sadly, women and teens who are coerced or forced into abortion are often not protected by the for profit business which claims to be about “choice.” In the end, if money is exchanged for a dead baby, the abortion industry willingly complies.

Woman calls Planned Parenthood pill abortion “bloody and horrible” sends baby off with prayers

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It was horrible to feel the blood cramp because I knew that was it…..

Planned Parenthood describes the abortion in their pamphlet, “You will pass the pregnancy.”

Vid: Woman regrets her abortion

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I don’t believe abortion is acceptable after having it done !

African American women regrets her abortion

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

African American women regrets her abortion, posted with vodpod

Learn how abortion targets Minorities- Watch Maafa21

Abortion addiction? Woman who aborted 4 children speaks about her regrets

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Four abortions I’ll never have children

By Angela Carless 18/02/2010

With the number of women having multiple abortions rising in Britain, Karen Collier explains why she’s had four – and her devastation at now being left childless.

Terminating a pregnancy, is a decision no woman wants to have to make. However valid her reason for choosing an abortion, it is always a traumatic and terrifying experience.
But Karen Collier, who has had four abortions in 14 years, says she has paid the ultimate price for ending her pregnancies as she now faces the prospect of being childless.

“I take responsibility for my actions, but I think I’ve been very unlucky. I would have loved to have been a mother,” she says.

Karen, 43, represents a growing trend for multiple abortions. Almost 210,000 women had abortions in England, Wales and Scotland in 2008 – the highest figure in Europe. Of these a third were repeat abortions, with rising numbers of women having three, four or more terminations. And last week new statistics showed the number of unplanned pregnancies in the over 40s is now the same as the under 16s.

Karen has been left with a terrible legacy from her choice. “I am not someone who has slept around,” she says. “In fact, I’ve only ever had a handful of serious relationships. All I’ve ever wanted is marriage and a family, so it’s not easy to admit I’ve had four abortions – and it’s a confession I’m sure will make many people angry.

“But none of my terminations was undertaken lightly, and I have paid the ultimate price.” …..

Experts have identified a worrying pattern of “abortion addiction” in some women. Author Irene Vilar, 40, caused outrage recently by publishing a book about how she had 15 abortions in 17 years.

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