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Who is Abortionist Solomon Epstein?

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Operation Rescue, has accused Solomon Epstein of being involved in the death of an abortion patient from Queens.

Dr. Epstein has denied this charge to OR and has sent this blog a message also denying he was involved. Dr. Epstein requested that I remove this entire “thread” from my blog and issue an apology. As I stated in the thread, we did not know who was involved in the death of that abortion patient , and I reported that Operation Rescue was accusing Epstein, not this blog. For that matter we are removing the story of the woman’s death from this “thread” and although I can understand why the “good” doc would want to intimidate me into “removing the entire thread”, this blog will leave up the information which DOES publicly document Dr. Solomon Epstein’s past records.

That being said, there is plenty of public information relating to abortionist Solomon Epstein. He may not like the fact that we are publicizing this – but – he needs to take that issue up with the State of New York Medical Board and the media- because that is where we have obtained our information.

In fact in a previous disciplinary action by the State of New York he was charged with negligence, incompetance, and failure to maintain records. For a full and accurate account of the case you can Read the public disciplinary report Here


Let’s go back in time and see just what kind of Doc this abortionist was?

In 2000, According to the The Binghamton Press In an article entitled: Abortion clinic closes temporarily
Health department: Doctor needed on site for emergency care 4/28/2000

An abortion clinic that deals primarily with second-trimester abortions will close temporarily starting today as its doctor tries to abide by an order from the state Department of Health.

Dr. Salomon N. Epstein, who sees clients two days a week at his clinic at 147 Front St., Binghamton, said the health department has ordered him to have a doctor available at the clinic every day.

If I don’t have adequate back-up for emergency care, they will close (the clinic) down,” he said. “I am trying to find a doctor who is acceptable to the state.

Epstein said he lives in New York City and works in Binghamton on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But, he added, an assistant works in the office six days a week to answer phone calls and contact him in case of an emergency.

This (requirement) is something new,” said Epstein, who said he has operated the same way for 19 years. He said he is hopeful he will find another doctor. “If I don’t find a doctor to back me up, I’ll have to leave Binghamton,” he said.

The other abortion clinic in Broome County, Southern Tier Women’s Services, is unaffected.

Women’s Services deals primarily with first-trimester abortions.

Margaret Johnston, director of Women’s Services, issued this statement Thursday night:

“It is my understanding that Dr. Salomon Epstein closed his office in Binghamton as part of a negotiation settlement with the New York State Department of Health … Naturally, we regret the loss of a colleague dedicated to providing abortions for women. (EDITOR’s NOTE – In other words we are loosing big buck, because we could care less about the safety of women !)

It is apparent that the climate of intimidation and fear engendered by anti-abortion activism in the last 15 years has made provision of abortion services more difficult.” Johnston said this is the reason Epstein has been unable to find another doctor to back him up. (EDITOR’s note- YUP and it was the anti-abortion people who killed that woman in Queens later, I suppose, huh? )

Representatives of the state Department of Health were unable to find paperwork on Epstein’s clinic and could not respond.


The Next day 4/29/2000, the paper ran this story:

State puts abortion doctor on probation
Binghamton clinic closes

Staff Writer
Dr. Salomon Epstein, who has performed abortions for nearly 20 years, is no longer practicing in Binghamton.

His clinic on Front Street in Binghamton closed Friday, after he could not meet one of the terms of his five-year probation set Friday by the state Department of Health.

Facing 36 allegations of negligence, incompetence and improper record-keeping, Epstein entered an agreement April 14 to plead guilty only to the record-keeping charges. He said he did not seek a hearing for economic reasons.

Epstein’s probation began Friday, said Kristine Smith, spokeswoman for the Health Department. He can continue to practice medicine if he follows the terms of his probation, she said.

One of the terms required Epstein to find a doctor to “back him up” for emergencies on the days he is not in the office. Epstein worked Wednesdays and Thursdays at his clinic in Binghamton, where he performed first- and second-trimester abortions. He maintains a practice in New York City as well.

Epstein said he has been unable to find a back-up doctor for the Binghamton clinic.

Epstein called the results of the investigation bogus. “It’s not an issue of inefficient care,” Epstein said. “I only consented to insufficient record-keeping. That’s it.”

Smith said the terms of probation address all of the charges. “(They are) very specific and appropriate to address the deficiencies in Epstein’s practice of medicine,” she said.

The terms call for Epstein to arrange for another doctor to review all office and patient records and hospital charts, and to make periodic visits to Epstein’s offices. The terms also require Epstein to create a document for each patient, including “history, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up care and instructions.”

Epstein said he thought the investigation was politically motivated.

The allegations are six or seven years old. I don’t understand why the issue has come up all of a sudden. I fear it has something to do with abortion politics.”

Smith disagreed. “We don’t take action on just one case. We try to find a pattern,” she said. “The bottom line is we want to make this care safe for women.”

The only other abortion provider in the area is the Southern Tier Women’s Services in Vestal.


In an article in the NY Post, they reported : Dr. Salomon Epstein, a Brooklyn obstetrician, failed to care for patients after abortions, the state found. In some cases, he did not even test for pregnancy, state records show. The state let him practice on probation from 2000 to 2008.

He has eight payouts from 1996 to 2005. He did not return a call.




and here: As of today 2/1/2010- NARAL Pro-Choice NY Will tell women to go to Epstein for an abortion.
( NOTE – HEY NARAL – Don’t You think you’d better update that reference?)

Brooklyn Women’s Services/Dr. Salomon N. Epstein, M.D.

6910 Avenue U, Brooklyn
To make an appointment call:
718-531-6969 or 718-429-8777
Abortion services available up to 23 weeks.
Surgical and medical abortion services.
Payments accepted: $, MC, V, NYS-MDC.
Does not enroll patients in Public Health Insurance programs.
Parking available. Accessible by subway and bus.
Language Services: Spanish.


In this NY Times article – Victory over Operation Rescue is applauded and who are the clinic’s doctors, you might ask?

Southern Tier Women’s Services, one of two abortion clinics in Broome County, believes it has perfected the art of keeping unruly anti-abortion protesters off its premises….Abortion services are now provided by two doctors, Dr. Cousins and Dr. Salomon Epstein, who travel from New York City to Broome County each week. ( NOTE: Yippie for them – they got a good doc there- now chase away those pesty anti-abortion folk !)


Check out Epstein’s website where he brags, Doctor Epstein is a New York State licensed physician in practice since 1977. He is a certified specialist by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
And YES…he will do ABORTIONS Up to 20 weeks ( What a guy, I bet NARAL is proud !)


I do not know if this is the same Doc or not – but a Pennsylvania State Health Licensing Boards in 2004, reported that Salomon Epstein, license no. MD-419812, of Basking Ridge, NJ, was denied a license to practice medicine and surgery based on the fact that he made misleading, deceptive,untrue or fraudulent representations in obtaining a license and has had other disciplinary action taken or an application for a license refused, revoked or suspended by a proper licensing authority of another state. (12/17/03) ( NOTE – LOOKS Pretty suspicious to me, but wait…an abortion doctor would NEVER lie – NO, I must be wrong)

In an effort to be as accurate as possible – I publish the PDF record I have saved from the state – it reads:

CONTACT: Allison Hrestak or Brian McDonald (717) 783-1621
State Health Licensing Boards Release Actions – (1st Quarter 2004)

The State Board of Medicine imposed the following sanctions:
Salomon Epstein, license no. MD-419812, of Basking Ridge, NJ, was denied a license to practice medicine and surgery based on the fact that he made misleading, deceptive, untrue or fraudulent representations in obtaining a license and has had other disciplinary action taken or an application for a license refused, revoked or suspended by a proper licensing authority of another state. (12/17/03)

Dr. Epstein- if these reports are not you – feel free to send me more messages for clarification – because accuracy is my policy here. I will gladly make any corrections you can prove.