How Abolish Human Abortion uses the very Pro-life Movement They Condemn

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CLARIFICATION: The title of this blog post is How Abolish Human Abortion uses the very Pro-life Movement They Condemn. This blog post is NOT saying that AHA failed to get permission for materials or images they produce. When I point to a copyright, it is to document that the image does, in fact, belong to a pro-life group. If, I state that AHA shows no copyright on their reproduction to a pro-life org. that is also a statement of fact and nothing else. I am simply reinforcing that AHA uses the very movement they seek to condemn.

The group, Abolish Human Abortion (A/H/A) says they want to PUT AN END TO THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT which their members promote with their hashtag #PAETTPLM

AHA Kepp Calm - PAETTPLM_595

Below are images of the hashtag in use:

aha is wrong

CHicago AHA OR


AHA members believe that the Pro-life Movement is the “Lesser of Two Evils.” In other words there are baby killers and there are pro-lifers and the pro-lifers are the lesser of the evils. SAD! AHA members say they believe that the Pro-life Movement is the enemy of God and is not saving babies. (listen here) AHA Spokesperson, Todd Bullis, says that the pro-life movement can say we are saving some babies but,”They killed 1.2 million babies.” He says that their stance is evil. AHA lumps pro-lifers into one category although many AHA leaders and members have only recently personally activated to stand up for unborn children slaughtered by abortion – abandoning, in a sense the unborn for years, they feel it is now their “duty” to call Pro-lifers to “Repentance” for “incremental legislation” and in the end to do everything they can to “PUT AN END TO THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT.”

AHA Lesser of two evils

The reason for this blog is NOT to attack Abolish Human Abortion, although some within A/H/A may interpret it that way. As a long-standing pro-life activist, I welcome anyone who speaks for unborn children.

The purpose of this blog is educational. I am simply showing you how Abolish Human Abortion uses pro-life imagery to promote their ideology and the agenda of “PUTTING AN END TO THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT.”


AHA is well-known for their posters which are regularly shared on social media. Using that approach gives AHA plenty of FB “likes” where they can then begin to promote their ultimate goal which is to “PUT AN END TO THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT.”

But – where does some of the imagery come from which AHA uses on their posters? You guessed it, from the ever so wicked PLM.

Case in point- the PRO-LIFE group Life Issues Institute which was founded in 1991 by J C Willke, MD, one of the most well known “Pro-life” advocates in the movement, has produced some beautiful images of unborn children, called Windows to the Womb.

This image with a clear COPYRITE to Life Issues Institute is duplicated on an AHA poster giving no copyrite credit to the pro-life organization.

Dont Be Fooled no Copywrite AHAOn the LH is the Life Issues Image from their website and on the RH is AHA’s use of this pro-life image.

But this is not the only time:

Aha uses Life Issues ImageOn the LH – Life Issues Copyrite Image. On the RH – AHA Poster

This poster uses artwork that was developed to pass “incremental partial birth abortion ban”

The artwork was developed by Tanja Butler but is being used by AHA below:


Pro-life Journalist Image used by AHA

The picture below was taken by pro-life photo journalist Michael Clancy on August 19, 1999, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Tn., during an incredible procedure to correct spina bifida on an unborn child. Julie Armas was twenty one weeks pregnant with little Samuel at the time of the procedure. You will notice that there is no reference to the Pro-life Journalist or credit given by Abolish Human Abortion in their poster.

AHA Michael Clancy Image abortion On the LH is an AHA Poster using the pro-life image. On the RH is the image fmrm Michael Clancy showing his copyrite.


Abortion Victim Images found by Pro-lifers used by A/H/A

What is also of interest – is that I have yet to hear of any Abolitionist actually getting an aborted baby from an abortion clinic trash dumpster or any other means. Given that, it is very plausible that every image they use on their posters of aborted children may have come from some brave Pro-life man or woman in the very Pro-life movement they want to “Destroy.”

Case in point- the image on the Left came from Life Dynamics’ website – the poster on the right from AHA.
AHA uses that very image even though Life Dynamics is a National Pro-Life organization.
AHA Life Dynamics Aborted baby picOn the LH is the Life Dynamics image. On the RH is the AHA Poster using that image.


I found this image (below) on the AHA Facebook page and it appears to shows an image of an abortion victim on their poster which looks like it came from the Pro-life Group – Center for Bio-ethical Reform (CBR) (see here)

AHA Cover uses CBR abortion image

And this image below is also a Center for Bioethical Reform Image – used by Pro-life Groups who give credit to CBR.

AHA Card does not credit the Pro-lifer group, why?

CBR Life Dynamics AHA Graphic abortion


CBR Header


This AHA Poster also uses an image from the pro-life organization CBR :

AHA CBR IMAGE_630426217023396_1841801464_n

This AHA image comes from a Citizens for a Pro-life Society taken by Pro-lifer Monica Miller who found the children. See the image on her website here.


Citizens for Prolife Society


This image also comes from Monica Miller’s Citizen for a Pro-life Society: (see here)



This image also comes from pro-lifer Monica Miller’s Citizen for a Pro-life Society but holds the AHA Logo on the poster:


See the aborted baby pics on Miller’s website here


Also this poster uses a CBR image ( See it at CBR here)


And the poster below uses CBR’s Image from here:



Here is another pro-life CBR Image on this poster:

MOney AHA CBR Image31951686870849_774301376_n


And this AHA poster uses CBR’s 10 week aborted baby pic (see on CBR website here)

AHA uses CBR 10 week pic76139515_n

This AHA Poster also uses a CBR Image (Found Here)

RibsKeep Abortion Safe Legal and Rare


Abolish Human Abortion Profits from Pro-Life Work

Here we find Abolish Human Abortion actually profiting off the work of Pro-life groups by using images they produced to sell in their AHAGEAR:

AHA uses CBR image to make moneyThis image appears to use the CBR image referenced above only with gloved fingers.


This image was originally published by the pro-life group Operation Rescue after they were in contact with former abortion workers of abortionist Douglas Karpen.

AhA Karpen abortion pis from Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue leader, Troy Newman and AHA leader T. Russell Hunter have debated on numerous occasions which is why the use of their image is so interesting. None-the-less, despite the accusations from Abolish Human Abortion that pro-life groups “fundraise” AHA has no difficulty asking for money using pro-life work.

But wait – you can buy that image here as well:

AHA uses Operation Rescue Karpen Image 2

It has also been turned into an AHA Sign:



From FB

AHA GEAR   201410257149_673857299346954_4105049554622516497_n


Abolish Human Abortion claims they are about opposing regulations and abortion exceptions. Yet they have posters that ask for their members to investigate abortionists in their city, the same tactics used by pro-lifers to close abortion clinics and put abortionists out of business.




A/H/A has done a good job of self-promotion. However, they also will use the Pro-life media to spread their message. The reason, as I see it, is that they have no developed outlets other than social media outlets to do this. So, despite their distaste for all things pro-life they will contact them with stories. Pro-life Bloggers, such as Jill Stanek, who have been contacted by AHA have initially been generous to AHA members.

Here Stanek promotes AHA Drop Cards.

Here Stanek asks if regulating abortion clinics is okay – and the response by AHA was to get their members to vote NO in her poll.

And Here Stanek compliments an AHA Poster.

Here Stanek praises Abolish Human Abortion leader Todd Bullis.

See here

Saynsumthn has also posted stories about AHA. Recently I was one of a few pro-life blogs to post about a few incidents of violence toward their members.

My most recent story is here and when another pro-life news outlet heard about it, AHA member Toby Harmon, who was assaulted by a pro-choicer, was invited on his show. That was AFR’s Bryan Fischer, and even though he is avidly pro-life AHA had no trouble promoting the interview to get the word out about their assault.


Then AFA’s One News Now picked up the story and made the mistake of referring to AHA as “Pro-Life” in this title: Pro-lifers in Oklahoma record assault, claim no help coming from police

AHA responded on their facebook page with these words,“Dear Christian Media and News Outlets, This may seem like a minor detail to those of you covering the recent mishandling of justice in Norman Oklahoma, but there is a great difference between pro-lifers and abolitionists, and the men who were attacked outside of this killing center in Norman, Ok, are not pro-lifers. They are abolitionists.

We understand that you are unaware of these difference, or that you are just trying to use the terms that will be most familiar to your readers, but the fact of the matter is this: leaders of the pro-life movement are at odds with abolitionists over clearly defined ideological differences (pro-lifers are pluralists, pragmatists, and regulationists, while abolitionists are bible believing evangelicals who trust providence and work on abolishing abortion because it is murder, not incrementally banning it because it isn’t safe, etc) and they actually appreciate your referring to abolitionists as pro-lifers because it keeps those differences from being discussed and debated in the wider public sphere. They foster this because they know that many of their followers and financial supporters, are much closer to the abolitionists in ideology and practice, than they are to leading pro-life figures and organizations.

For example, Abby Johnson (who opposes the preaching of the Gospel outside abortion “clinics”) has actually stated publicly that Toby Harmon deserved to be physically assaulted for doing what he did. This pro life leader and former abortion worker believes that all you should do outside the abortion clinic is gather quietly and pray, and that the people who work in abortion clinics are not evil, just in the wrong line of work (her ministry is focused on finding them new jobs, not calling them to repent).

Another interesting aspect of the division between pro-life leaders and abolitionists is the fact that pro-life organization and media sources have actually chosen not to cover any of the exploits of abolitionists. When they have, such as when LifeSiteNews covered this incident, they have been reprimanded and pressured by pro life leaders to take their stories down and not give any press to the abolitionist cause. Other leaders like Jill Stanek who are very aware of what is going on within the burgeoning abolitionist community have chosen not to cover this incident because they have their typing fingers on the pulse of pro-life movement and not the abolitionist movement.

This is because she knows and recognizes there is a great difference between pro-lifers and abolitionists and she wants to make sure that difference remains as muddled as possible. This is all good and certainly their prerogative, but the point of this long status is important to put out there.

Abolitionists are not pro lifers. We do not refer to ourselves or our work using that label. We associate the label “pro life” with things like voting for John McCain and Mitt Romney, supporting laws which protect the right to murder babies so long as they don’t feel any pain, regulating and temporarily shutting down abortion clinics because they are not safe enough or clean enough, going on big walks with other people who think these things out to be the focus, focusing more on saving the babies and leaving the culture the way it is rather than changing the culture in order to save the babies, leaving the Gospel out of the public debate about abortion, etc.

Sorry to be nit-picky with your news reporting (we do appreciate it), but words and labels have meanings and you are making false connections that serve to keep the country lukewarm about abortion as though there really ought to be a pro-choose-life movement and pro-choose-death movement endlessly battling over increments in America.

We are abolitionists. We are not interested in preserving the way things have been going on in the abortion and prolife industries over the past 41 years.

A//∀ “

Following that major correction about the difference between pro-life and abolition, A/H/A members Tobey Harmo and Jeremy Brown appeared on the media Blog Talk Radio show, Pro-life Fridays.


Here AHA promotes the show:

Prolife fridays


In conclusion, this post is not about opposing Abolish Human Abortion generally. It is also not about whether they asked for permission to published imagery that belonged to people in the pro-life movement or not. What this blog is intended to do is to call AHA to the same Biblical Standards they claim to live by. AHA must realize that they are using the work of those they seek to destroy. They are profiting off years of pro-life work as well. This is not about using pro-life materials as they are offered, this is about labeling what has been produced by the PLM as AHA (i.e. the poster examples above.) If AHA wants to be as purist as they claim, perhaps they need to do the difficult work of locating aborted children and photographing babies that they dig out of trash dumpsters, perhaps they need to develop their own media outlets rather than trying to get attention by the well established Pro-life media and in the event that AHA ever risks anything the way pro-life people have in the way of arrests, I would certainly hope that Abolish Human Abortion would not use the same pro-life attorneys paid for by the very fundraising efforts they despise.

I invite you to leave your comments. I welcome corrections, please post them below. I have tried to be as accurate as I could.