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Artist celebrates abortion with “Pro-choice” purse line

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M Pred TwitterMichele Pred is a Swedish-American conceptual artist.

Artist Michele Pred is known for her use of expired birth control pills as “art

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The Nancy Hoffman Gallery, which showcases Pred’s work described the artist:

“There was no mystery about conceptual artist Michele Pred’s focus in this show. Often concerned with contemporary issues, the artist took women’s reproductive rights as her subject here, working mostly with expired, discarded, and placebo birth control pills. In a previous exhibition, titled “Homeland Security,” she used items confiscated at airport security. By choosing materials that resonate emotionally, such as those connected with restrictive government policies, Pred invests her works with special power, attracting viewers with the visceral nature of her installations and the contexts in which she places them. Her method for acquiring the pills, in this case, was an important aspect of the art. She found all the pills through the Internet and social media.

In this display called “Freedom of Choice” featured at the Downtown Fair in NY with the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, Michele Pred brags on twitter is made with cut-up US Flags:
Michele Pred Flag

The pro-abortion artist is attempting to align with abortion giant Planned Parenthood. In a tweet to Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, Pred says, ” Would love to partner with Planned Parenthood for a new art piece about Reproductive Rights in NY!”

Tweet PP

Now, according to the website, VITIAMINW, Pred will show her line of “Pro Choice” accessories – celebrating child killing thru abortion in her newest purse line:

Pinterest Choice M Pred

purse Choice Michele Pred-vitaminw

Black Choice M Pred

Throwing up now !