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Planned Parenthood board member admits she once stole money and left kids alone

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A newly elected Planned Parenthood board member has admitted that she once stole money and left her kids alone when they were very very young.

Susan Chatzky Planned Parenthood Board member

Susan Chatzky revealed the shocking facts in an Op-ed she published on HuffoPo, entitled, “What Planned Parenthood Means to Me.

Susan Chatzky HUFFO

She begins, “I have recently been appointed to the Board of Directors of my local Planned Parenthood Chapter, Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic. It is an honor to be involved with a group I hold in such esteem.”

PP Hudson Pecoic 2010-affiliate-header-91220

Before we elaborate on Susan’s confessions, lets’ look at this organization she is so proud to be a part of.

Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic has recently published some videos that stereotype minorities in very negative ways .

In one of the vids, which I already blogged about, Planned Parenthood uses a black faux drug dealer to pitch “hook up in your hood” sex to teens. Read about that here.

Planned Parenthood Hudso PEconic Hook Up

A second vid I blogged about shows Blacks portrayed as bi-sexual, “hooking up”, needing birth control and having STDs – watch here.

No matter your drama PP Hudson Peconic

Back to Susan’s confession:

Susan Chatzky continues, “At our board orientation meeting I was introduced to the two other new board members, and some of the staff of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic. The first order of business was to go around the table and say who we were and why Planned Parenthood was a charity important to us as individuals. I said something about being a mom, and caring about kids, my husband was mayor of our village, we’re into this kind of thing, blah, blah, blah, I was nervous.”

Great- the largest chain of abortion clinics has a board member who “cares about kids?” Really???

According to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report it showed that the tax payer funded abortion giant performed 327,653 abortions in that year.

How does that “care for kids?”

In addition, a report published by the group Life Dynamics, reveals actual criminal cases where Planned Parenthood failed to report the sexual abuse of these so-called Kids. – (Read here)


Susan Chatzky then changes course, “What I said was true, but it wasn’t my whole truth,” she confesses.

Susam Chatzky PP

…My sister and I were the victims of physical and mental abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. As a result we had no intrinsic sense of worth. As many children who grow up this way do, I took it out on myself. I was sexually promiscuous. I thought I could make boys love me by giving them sex. I didn’t consider my health or well-being. I didn’t consider what I wanted, and there was no one to tell me I should. I ended up getting pregnant and getting married very young, far before I was equipped to do either of those things.”

She then details the hardships of being a mom, getting a divorce with a child 3 and 6 years old and admits that she sometimes left her kids home alone, unattended by any adult, “I worked the hours my kids were sleeping or in school. I sometimes had childcare, and I hate to admit this, I sometimes left them alone,” she writes.


Susam Chatzky Planned Parenthood stealing

The newly elected Planned Parenthood board member then admits that she stole, “I didn’t always have enough money for groceries. I once stole money from the PTA for milk.”

She ends her “story” by claiming that all ended well with two grown kids and makes this statement, “All people are valuable and have something to offer. What they need is the opportunity and the encouragement.”

Well…I hate to rain on the new board member’s parade, but working for an organization which admits to slaughtering hundreds of thousands of “people” in the womb year after year is hardly saying showing “value.”

Let’s recap. A Planned Parenthood board members openly admits to leaving her kids alone and once stealing money from the PTA. Yes, I get it that she had trouble and needed help, but, come on….is this the type of person the tax funded organization wants to brag about? I guess so.

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