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Abortion activist clashes with police officer shouting, “You smell like a f-ing pig”

Posted in Stop Patriarchy with tags , , , , on July 6, 2015 by saynsumthn

A video of what appears to be a member of the radically pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy clashing with a police officer during their abortion on demand tour contains a graphic verbal exchange.

The video shows the abortion rights protester walking with other Stop Patriarchy members, identifiable by their SP garb, yelling expletives at an older police officer.

Police and Stop Patriarchy

It is unclear why the officer was called out or what the group was doing at the time, although they have been cited for blocking traffic as part of their protest.

The exchange between the revolutionary / communist protesters and the elderly officer is more than disrespectful.

In the video you can hear the protesters yelling “it’s fascism” a word they use regularly even when referring to churches.

One protester yells, “Its a public sidewalk dammit.”

Protesters yell for the officer to get out of their face as one abortion rights protester, who appears to have taken the video, shouts to the officer, “Stop fucking touching me. You smell like a fucking pig. You fucking fascist. Get the fuck out of here. You fucking piece of shit.

At that point, the video goes black and you hear the protesters ranting, “abortion on demand without apology” and the protester states, “get the F off of me.”

No other information is available.

Watch vids- warning graphic language:

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