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Abortion activist clashes with police officer shouting, “You smell like a f-ing pig”

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A video of what appears to be a member of the radically pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy clashing with a police officer during their abortion on demand tour contains a graphic verbal exchange.

The video shows the abortion rights protester walking with other Stop Patriarchy members, identifiable by their SP garb, yelling expletives at an older police officer.

Police and Stop Patriarchy

It is unclear why the officer was called out or what the group was doing at the time, although they have been cited for blocking traffic as part of their protest.

The exchange between the revolutionary / communist protesters and the elderly officer is more than disrespectful.

In the video you can hear the protesters yelling “it’s fascism” a word they use regularly even when referring to churches.

One protester yells, “Its a public sidewalk dammit.”

Protesters yell for the officer to get out of their face as one abortion rights protester, who appears to have taken the video, shouts to the officer, “Stop fucking touching me. You smell like a fucking pig. You fucking fascist. Get the fuck out of here. You fucking piece of shit.

At that point, the video goes black and you hear the protesters ranting, “abortion on demand without apology” and the protester states, “get the F off of me.”

No other information is available.

Watch vids- warning graphic language:

More on the group’s recent activities here and here.

Pro-choice woman tries to destroy pro-life display then breaks into tears

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On April 29,2015, the pro-life group, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust were on the camps of UC Santa Cruz when a pro-choice woman approached them.

Disgusting gore Survivors abortion

Saying that she believed abortion was okay, the woman called the pictures of aborted children which the group was holding, “disgusting gore” and “propaganda.”

F-you,” she said over and over again as she saw pictures of what the victims of abortion looked like.


She then attempted to destroy the display, yelling, “You’re not allowed to be here.”

Prochoice woman almost attacks prolife Survivor 2

F-you – get out,” she says.

Prochoice woman almost attacks prolife Survivor 3

She even picked up one of the placards and almost threw it at a member of the pro-life group, yelling “F-you and everything that you stand for. You are corrupt and spreading misinformation.”

Thankfully as others tried to speak to her, she calmed down.

She then broke into tears.

Survivors tears

Survivors is asking everyone to pray for her, writing, “our hearts were broken.”

Survivor message

We shouldn’t say for sure, but I think it is likely that this poor young lady has had abuse and/or an abortion in her past. If that is the case, she likely, and somewhat understandably, resents men and thinks those who oppose abortion oppress women.

“Whatever happened, she is obviously hurting, and so she deserves our empathy and pity. Abortion is not an acceptable response to rape and it only makes matters worse, but that should not stop us from empathizing with the deep sorrow that the wrongs of rape and abortion can cause.

Watch here – warning foul language!

Church member to abortion protesters “You are not welcome to hold that sign in front of my church”

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Anti-abortion protesters upset that a church is only blocks away from the last remaining abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi showed up to protest in front on Palm Sunday.

Protesters held signs depicting abortion victims outside Fondren Presbyterian Church, part of the PCUSA denomination which supports abortion.

Fondren Presbyterian abortion

Mississippi has been the target of several protest groups this week from Abolish Human Abortion, Operation Save America, Survivors and others protesting the last remaining abortion clinic in the state.

Pat McEwen, a representative of Operation Save America, told the Clarion Ledger that the group was not responsible for the protests on Sunday morning, though. “We got into town on Sunday night,” she said.

McEwen also said her group no longer protests outside churches by handing out tracts and holding graphic signs. She said her group found that such approaches were unsuccessful and therefore changed their tactic.

The man who uploaded the video, identified himself as Dorsey Carson and can be heard telling protesters outside Fondren Presbyterian Church that they were “yelling at his congregants.

Carson told the protesters, “I’m going to have you arrested.”

Protesters seemed undeterred and the video does not show if police showed up or not.

I have since discovered this response from the pastor at another church where protests were held- read it here.

Protesting churches is controversial within the ranks of those who oppose abortion.

Leave a comment to express your views in this kind of protest.

Planned Parenthood vid portrays women as emotionally weak regarding abortion

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A Planned Parenthood video on so-called “abortion stigma” portrays women as weak and incapable of criticism and of being unable to feel confident in their so-called liberating choice to have an abortion.

Abortion Stigma

According to the video, any feeling of guilt or remorse by women purchasing the child killing service is because of outside forces.

While at the same time, the abortion industry wants you to believe that the woman’s desire to have an abortion is all from her and not pressure from a family member or a counselor who takes pay to sell the procedure.

As I analyze Planned Parenthood’s “abortion-stigma” video, I conclude that they are painting women as weak.

She may feel uncomfortable about asking someone to accompany her to the clinic,” the video states, “or watch her kids out of fear of being judged.”

She may have to work extra hours, borrow money, or sell her belongings…” says Planned Parenthood.

Solution to this problem? Tax funded abortion of course.

You see, the “I never saw an abortion I could not profit from” organization wants abortion to be a private decision between a woman and her doctor, until, that is, it is time to cash out. Then, and only then, can the taxpayer have a say.

Abortion Stigma states law

Many states have additional laws that reinforce the idea that abortion is morally wrong and socially unacceptable,” the video continues.

“When a woman arrives at the health center for her appointment she might encounter anti-abortion protesters shouting at her…” they state.

Abortion stigma planned parenthood vid protesters

And what might these “protesters” say?

Some may be warning them that women who go to Planned Parenthood sometimes die and end up at the morgue. Like Tonya Reaves died after Planned Parenthood left her bleeding for 5 hours before transferring her to the hospital, where she drew her last breath. Reaves’ “abortion stigma” is now permanent.

Tonya Reaves 8771253239275194306_n

The video then claims that regulated state mandated information is incorrect a point I would strongly differ on, “And, once inside the clinic, she may have to go over incorrect state mandated information about abortion,” they state.

Really, Planned Parenthood?

Are women that unable to cope with their own private decisions – or- do they come to the profit making abortion clinic uncertain?

In which case, all those so-called laws you spoke about should actually assist her in the event she wants to change her mind because of her uncertainty.

It’s also important to consider what might happen to a woman after her abortion,” Planned Parenthood says.

Yep…like….a ride in the ambulance perhaps because of a serious botch job or complication?

Ambulance Feb 2013

But, what Planned Parenthood was referring to with that statement were those pesky free speech statements on TV, the media or billboards that women see that allegedly add to her feelings of uncertainty – because- as I stated- Planned Parenthood is painting women as weak and unable to stand confidently on their own decisions.

Abortion Stigma Planned Parenthood messages


But, Planned Parenthood doesn’t end by just explaining the “abortion stigma” of women seeking abortions, allegedly, according to the abortion clinic chain, women are not the only weak ones here.

Abortion Stigma patient provider

Apparently, abortion providers or as Planned Parenthood paints it, “people who work in abortion care” also feel this so-called stigma.

I guess if an abortionist is BIG enough and TOUGH enough to suck an innocent baby from the womb shouldn’t they be able to handle so-called “abortion stigma?

No way- not according to Planned Parenthood which states:

They may feel unsupported by family or friends and separate from their neighbors and community. This type of relationship damage can impact health creating feelings of isolation and even workplace burnout.”

Oh NO!

We can’t allow abortion doctors to get burned out and QUIT can we? I speak sarcastically, of course.

abortion stigma providers protesters

They may have to enter their workplace everyday hearing that their work is unwelcome in their community. Abortion clinic staff may feel that other medical providers see their work as illegitimate or unimportant…

Uh…yeah !

Abortion staff can sometimes feel as though their colleagues who don’t work in abortion services don’t understand what they go through day-to-day and that colleagues may unintentionally add to their experiences stigma,” Planned Parenthood says.


So, let’s recap.

If a woman or an abortion worker feels “abortion stigma” it is because of me or you or TV or the media- or the community- or the church- or billboards- or free speech – or – everyone else except them.

How ridiculous !

As I like to state, “Abortion stigma is between a woman and her abortion provider – ONLY!

Vid: I left abortion clinic and have a son with brown eyes

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A woman in Chattanooga, TN., posted a video about the day she almost aborted her baby.

The woman, Angela Cummings, says she went for her abortion on Vance Road in the summer of 1990.

She says she was an alcoholic and had been impregnated by a man with four children already, “I thought the best thing for me to do was to abort my child,” she says.

As she got to the sidewalk, she saw a passionate woman with a long dress and a street preacher with a cross, “I want you to sense what I’m feeling right now…I was so scared, ” she says in the video as she walks the same walk she took that day.

The woman told her, “Don’t kill your baby.”

She said she was very impressed with the dedication of the pro-lifers outside the abortion clinic begging for the life of her unborn child.

Through her tears, she walked the street that used to house the killing center, and talks about the day she made the decision to kill her baby, “Somehow God allowed the [Sonogram] machine to read wrong.”

Angela said she knew she was 12 weeks pregnant but the abortion clinic told her she was 15 weeks and needed another $100.00 for the abortion.

She said she called her friends to get the additional $100.00 she needed for a 15 week abortion, but no one had the money to help her. So, she left the abortion clinic.

Angela says that she had the baby “a little boy with brown eyes that’s in college today,” she states.

The abortion clinic is no longer there, in it’s place is “Choices” which now helps women keep their children, “To God be the glory,” she says in closing.

Chicago Police: Abortion Victim Images Too Graphic for High School Kids to See

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UPDATE: The Chicago Police refused to allow protesters to stand on the sidewalk in front of the school. According to organizers who left a comment on this blog, “they didn’t bring any law, but their precinct supervisor did cite all new, non-existant laws…

A police supervisor called the group a “safety hazard.”

The police supervisor continued to repeat that there was a state law saying that the sidewalk is part of school property but would not cite the statute where that law is written.

Protesters eventually moved 15 ft away from the intersection as an alternative solution.

Anti-abortion protesters brought images of abortion victims outside Carl Schurz High School in Chicago.

Police attempted to have the protesters removed telling them initially that the sidewalk was not part of public property and was part of the school. When protesters from the Project Frontlines and the Abolitionist Society of Chicago asked for clarification, they then told the anti-abortionists that they could not obstruct the school kids from exiting the school, which the protesters assured them they were not doing.

Chicago School Police

As an officer stood in front of one of the protesters in what appeared to be an attempt to shield high schoolers from seeing the abortion images, he told the protesters that the images were too graphic for high school kids to see.

In the end, the officer told the protesters that there is a rule that you cannot distribute certain pamphlets near a school. The officer said he would get the paperwork to the protesters the next day.

Pro-choice woman rips up sign belonging to anti-abortion protester

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A pro-choice woman destroys the sign of an anti-abortion protester outside the Smith Jersey Women’s Center abortion clinic.

The woman approached the pro-lifers with another pro-choice friend.

The protesters were carrying “Babies are Murdered Here” signs, which apparently upset the duo.


As the pair approaches, one of the pro-choicers tells them, “You guys have major F’ing issues.”

The pair blurt out a lot of expletives….when this pro-choicer walks up, and takes one of the group’s signs.


She begins to tear up the property of the pro-lifers.

Tears signTears sign 2Tears sign 3Steals sign

The other pro-choicer shoots a bird back to the pro-lifers as they walk off.

Shoot bird

Watch the vid here- careful GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!