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Pro-life hero spends final hours defending babies in front of Planned Parenthood

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In one of his last acts on earth, 73-year-old Bob Adis, who was lovingly referred to as “poppy” joined last weekend’s pro-life protest in Livonia, Michigan to expose Planned Parenthood’s gruesome baby parts operation.


According to pro-life activist Lynn Mills, Bob attended Harvest Bible Church in Westland when the church’s pastor, Dan McGhee posted the demonstration on his church Facebook page.

“I asked Dan to let his church know about the protest and he did add it to his facebook
,” Mills told Saynsumthn.

Harvest Bible Church

Dan and several members of his Detroit Harvest Bible Church family headed to Planned Parenthood in Livonia early Saturday morning.

Livonia Planned Parenthood 362446120822_o

But, sadly, while they stood in the gap for unborn babies, another emergency was unfolding at the clinic.


Bob loved the Lord and Bob loved people,” Pastor McGhee said. “He loved the unborn and wanted to see them have an opportunity at life.

According to a message published by Pastor McGhee on his Facebook page, at about 9:47am, Bob Adis started having chest pains and was removed from the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood by ambulance where he defended unborn babies.

By 10:05am Pastor McGhee reported that Bob was not doing well and he was on his way to the hospital to be with Bob and his wife Joan.

Fifteen minutes later, tragically he reported that Bob had passed away.

Pro-lifer Greg Gurta, told Saynsumthn that he met Bob and his wife for the first time that morning at the Planned Parenthood protest.

Police arrive for Bob Adis

Mr. Gurta, who published most of the pictures used in this story, said he recalled seeing police arrive at Planned Parenthood and wondered if they were going to tell them they had to move their cars.

He walked over to the police where he said he could see Bob holding his chest and sitting in a car. According to Gurta, just prior to emergency responders arriving on scene, Pastor McGhee and his church members gathered around Bob to pray before the ambulance took him to the hospital.

Mr. Gurta later posted this message on his Facebook page at the time, “I thought we were in trouble for parking here but found out one of ours had a medical emergency and later passed away. Peace be with you brother Bob — in Livonia, Michigan.”

Bon RObert Adis Planned Parenthood

But, as stated earlier in this story, Bob passed away shortly after he was transported to the hospital.

God chose to call Bob Adis home minutes after standing up against Planned Parenthood in defense of innocent babies. Scripture tells us there is no greater love than to lay your life down for another.

I never met Bob and I attempted to get in touch with those who did so I could write more about his life. Understandably, so close to his funeral, no one was available.

I don’t know anything specific about his life except how he spent his last hours which I will phrase this way,”He loved babies!

But, I did come across this message about Bob’s life which was posted to Facebook:

    Bob Adis, went to be with the Lord today. He spent his last hours serving the Lord defending the lives of the unborn. Please keep his dear wife, Joan in your prayers.

On his tribute wall, someone who knew Bob described him as:

    one of the most caring, kind, patient, thoughtful, peace-loving, and generally wonderful men God has ever created.

His pastor Rev. Dan McGhee told the Detroit Free Press:

    “It’s a remarkable thing to me that Bob, on the very last day God gave him on Earth, he spent it to advocate for life for those who are not given the chance to live their lives. That shows kind of heart he had.”

Please keep Bob’s family in your prayers, especially his wife Joan. Amazingly, the couple celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary a day before he died.

Memorials may be made to Harvest Bible Church, 6420 Newburgh Road, Westland, Michigan 48185.

Tributes, donations, and prayers can be directed to Vermeulen-Sajewski Funeral Home Plymouth.

Robert J. Adis: August 28, 1941 – August 22, 2015

Prolife Robert AdisObituary for Robert J. Adis
Adis, Robert J., suddenly August 22, 2015 age 73 of Canton. Beloved husband of Joan. Loving father of Lynn Ann (Bob) Boertje, Theresa (Ray) Farley, Deborah (Richard) Felton, Thomas (Julie), and Christopher (Shannon). Dear brother of Rhonda Dudley & Richard. Proud “Poppy” of Alexandra, Jessica, Ryan, Jakob, Holland, Dylan, Corey,Lane, Lauren and Ben. Funeral Wednesday 11 AM at Vermeulen-Sajewski Funeral Home, 46401 W. Ann Arbor Road (Between Sheldon and Beck). Visitation Tuesday 3-8 PM. To share a memory, please use the Share a Memory tab on this web page. Memorials may be made to Harvest Bible Church, 6420 Newburgh Road, Westland, Michigan 48185.

Communist anarchists to support Planned Parenthood as baby harvesting operation is exposed

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This week pro-lifers are planning a national protest at various Planned Parenthood facilities to draw attention to the abortion clinic chain’s gruesome baby parts harvesting operation.

Image from Center for Medical Progress Video

Image from Center for Medical Progress Video

But, according to some online threats, they won’t be alone.

The question is, will the counter protests in support of Planned Parenthood actually backfire?

Stop Patriarchy 201555179557233_n

The August 22, 2015 protest Planned Parenthood event has been organized in several cities nationwide and the list is growing daily.

But, the radical abortion rights group, Stop Patriarchy, has called for counter protests.

fetal tissue Stop Patriarchy9367182563194_n

From their Facebook page:

STop Patriarchy PP Protests

Stop Patriarchy is not new to Saynsumthn readers. They are admittedly an anarchist and communist group and have been considered an outcast among rank and file pro-choice organizations. But that did not stop the Washington Times from quoting them, go figure.

Stop Patriarchy Carl Dix Revolutionary COmmunist

It wasn’t that long ago that, Texans for Reproductive Justice published a Letter of Concern, opposing “Stop Patriarchy.”

Opposition to Stop Patriarchy

In addition, Katie Speak who organizes abortion protests was very outspoken about the group saying clearly that Stop Patriarchy was “not a feminist group” and accused them of “co-opting of Civil Rights language, diversion of funds from organizations doing real work, disregard for the needs of local, grassroots organizers in (especially) red states.”
Katie SPeak Stop Patriarchy'

On her blog the pro-abortion organizer continued to blast SP saying, “We cannot, as a movement, brush off divisive, dishonest, self-serving groups simply because they “aren’t all that big yet.” Stop Patriarchy is gaining a foothold in mainstream and progressive outlets all the while not disclosing that their goal is to promote a patriarch and his Revolutionary Communist Party. I want to discredit them now, before we spend the rest of our organizing lives competing with them for resources and messaging. You can help: support Expose Stop Patriarchy.”

Stop Patriarchy SF Arch

Having this group show up in support of Planned Parenthood while pro-lifers simultaneously point to their grisly Mengele-like experiments will only play into the image of Planned Parenthood as a fringe organization with extreme ideas and practices that disgust a majority of Americans.

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT

According to Stop Patriarchy: Fetal tissue is just tissue. Women are full human beings!

This radical anarchist group agrees with Planned Parenthood doctors, like Deborah Nucatola who told Center for Medical Progress investigators how she will crush above and crush below an unborn child to salvage the specific baby organ desired by Planned Parenthood. They also agree with Planned Parenthood doctor Mary Gatter who admitted that she would modify the abortion procedure, to perform a “less crunchy” technique to obtain more “whole specimens” then joked about wanting a Lamborghini.

Fetus not person until birth Sunsara Taylor Stop Patriatrchy

Sunsara Taylor omen fetus birth Stop Patriarchy

Stop Patriarchy’s leader, Sunsara Taylor, is in agreement with Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards in saying that an unborn child is not a “person” until birth.

Richards made that exact same suggestion recently ( read here.)

STop Patriarchy PP Protests 2

From Stop Patriarchy’s website:

    On August 22, counter-protest the anti-abortion actions against Planned Parenthood. Take back the moral high ground for abortion rights. Change the terms of this fight: The fight over abortion has never been about babies. It has always been about controlling women.

Take back the moral high ground and support Planned Parenthood, really???

Stop Patriarchy arrested seattle 08879725310627579_n

Stop Patriarchy has been trying to shut down many effort to expose abortion. They routinely block traffic wearing their out-dated bloodied garb while waving coat hangers.

If that doesn’t work, they will shout and scream and try to intimidate families, women and others who dare to object to child killing and it’s toll on women and babies.

They have also been aggressively disruptive to Black pro-life activists even vowing to “Ferguson” their events. One can only imagine what that means.

Stop Patriarchy 2013 MS fetus not baby

Stop Patriarchy’s tired rhetoric claiming, “Fetuses are NOT babies. Abortion is NOT murder,” is simply not resonating with the general public. But that will not stop them from yelling, screaming, and shoving their views down the throats of America.

STop Patriarchy PP Protests 3

While Stop Patriarchy has only 6 chapters nationwide, vowing to support Planned Parenthood in New York City, Seattle, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ohio, the protest Planned Parenthood website reveals pro-lifers outnumber them many times over.

Stop Patriarchy MS 2015

Planned Parenthood couldn’t be represented by a better bunch of radicals !