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AHA members attack when pro-life leader announces sit in over 20 week abortion ban

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A Law is proposed to eliminate abortions after 20 weeks – when GOP Representative Renee Ellmers sabotages it on the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, pro-lifers reacted by protesting outside her offices.

Jill Stanek Ellmers Robin Marty

Republican leaders respond by saying the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would be introduced again but, to date, it’s been been three months and the leadership has done nothing.

Now, Jill Stanek, Pat Mahoney, and Troy Newman are organizing a sit-in at the officers of Speaker John Boehner and guess who is having a conniption fit?

Not the speaker, but Abolish Human Abortion (AHA).

When Jill posted this to her Facebook page, members of AHA pounced:

Jill Stanek Sit In Abortion

20-week abortion bans are undoubtedly ageist. Jill Stanek knows this,” writes Matt Ferro, director of an abolitionist society.

Matt Ferro Jill Stanek


Deanna Evans-Cook, the administrator of another Abolitionist Society had this to say, “Sitting is going to do as much as marching and taping your mouth shut. You need to re-read Romans 1:16, Jill, or just admit you deny the truth.”

Deanna Evans Cook Jill Stanek


Toby Harmon a known leader in Abolish Human Abortion posted this, ” Jill, when will you begin walking in the footsteps of your relative Levi Coffin instead of being the kind of person who opposed him?”

Jill Stanek AHA

Rick Small whose Facebook page says he works at Abolish Human Abortion wrote this, “Jill, Do Genesis 9:6, Proverbs 24:10-12, Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, and 1 John 4:20-21 have 20-week limits on them?”

Rick Small Jill Stanek

As Jill Stanek explained, the emotion she experienced holding a 21-week-old abortion survivor at Christ Hospital years ago has made this 20-week ban very personal.

“I hope Republican leadership does not think that with the passage of time pro-lifers will forget about the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This is why I am coming to Washington, D.C., from Illinois for the protest,” Jill said in the press release.

Free the Ban protest 32_7098722087914781723_n

“We want the Pain Capable Act called for a vote, and for it not to be any more watered down than it already was. There should have been no rape/incest exception. But removing the reporting requirement would not only give late-term abortionists a big loophole, it would hurt pregnant rape victims as well as other potential victims of sexual perpetrators whose crime should be prosecuted,” Stanek pointed out.

Now, to recap, three pro-life leaders are risking arrest to pass a law that would protect babies.

Will it end all abortions? No.

Did these three leaders write the law? No.

But, instead of trying to protect children who would die after 20 weeks, AHA criticizes those who will.

Jill Stanek Held Aborted Baby

In answering her critics, Jill has posted this response, “I have exhausted myself responding to AHA’s all or nothing rhetoric, or “principled incrementalism,” and just don’t anymore. But for your benefit…

“The default position of all prolifers is immediatism. But we live in a country where abortion is legal throughout all 9 mos, similar to when the evil of slavery was legal.

“So we work on multiple strategies: changing laws, educating the public, helping of mothers in crisis, etc. We save the babies we can when we can.

“This is comparable to the Underground Railroad, Corrie ten Boom, Irena Sendler, lifeboats on the Titanic, Shifra and Puah, etc etc etc.

“AHA will say incrementalism is giving permission for some babies to die. But those babies are legally to destined to die. We are not giving permission.

“In fact, there is no such thing as an immediatist law. Even the Life Begins at Conception Act is incremental.

“AHA will then say there is “principled” incrementalism vs “unprincipled,” which AHA defines.

“So the LBAC ACT may save US babies, but it leaves all other babies to die in all other countries in the world where abortion is legal. So AHA is saying “and then you can kill the baby” to the countries of China, NKorea, Australia, etc., but that is more moral than a rape/incest exception? I’d say AHA is letting millions and millions of more babies die, applying the logic it imposes on me.

“And what abt babies conceived and killed by IVF? And what abt babies killed by hormonal contraception?

“Unless you pass a worldwide ban against abortion, IVF, and hormonal contraception, your law will be incremental.

“I come at this from the perspective of having held a 21 wk abortion survivor 45 min until he died. This isn’t theory to me, and I don’t have time for legalists who feel superior for taking a loftier position. This is urgent to me, and I think it’s sickening to express willingness to let the baby I held die until all can be saved.”

Well…I think Jill stated her position rather well.

Steven C. Brigham’s patient commits suicide after abortion, family sues

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Accused Voorhees doctor faces lawsuit from Zallie

The article was posted on 10/2/2010/ and then removed – here is a cached version: Courier Post

A Voorhees doctor, under fire from state officials over alleged improper abortions, also faces a legal challenge from a Camden County businessman and political figure.

Dr. Steven C. Brigham is accused of malpractice in a lawsuit filed by George Zallie Sr. of Cherry Hill. Zallie’s daughter committed suicide about 15 months after having an abortion in Brigham’s facility in July 2001.

“We lost our youngest child and our first grandchild,” Zallie said in an interview this week.

His lawsuit claims Brigham and his employees did not disclose all relevant facts to his daughter, then a 19-year-old college student who was three to six weeks pregnant. That includes assertions that her fetus was “a complete, separate living human being” and “a second family member.”

The suit also says Brigham and others at the American Women’s Center did not warn Stacy Zallie of the “substantial increased risk of severe emotional trauma and distress” for women who have abortions. It also contends they failed to make sure her decision was voluntary.

Stacy Zallie made at least four suicide attempts after the abortion before dying at age 21 in October 2002, the lawsuit says.

Zallie’s attorney, Harold Cassidy of Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, declined to comment on pending litigation. Brigham’s lawyer could not be reached.

But an attorney representing Brigham in a separate fight with state officials has denied any wrongdoing by the doctor.

“Everything he did complied with applicable law and was in conformance with accepted standards of medical practice,” said Joseph Gorrell of Roseland, Essex County.

Brigham, who earned his medical degree at Columbia University, has run the American Women’s Center on Alpha Avenue in Voorhees since 1992.

The Attorney General’s Office is seeking to suspend or revoke the New Jersey medical license he’s held since 1992. The dispute is to go before the state Board of Medical Examiners on Oct. 13.

Officials contend Brigham broke medical rules and jeopardized patients by providing abortions to women who were more than 14 weeks pregnant. The state asserts Brigham’s Voorhees office and his qualifications do not meet the standards required for late-term abortions.

The state’s complaint says Brigham would start abortions at his Voorhees facility, then have patients be driven to a facility in Elkton, Md., to complete the process. The state learned of the two-state process after one of Brigham’s patients needed emergency surgery due to a serious medical complication at the Elkton site.

Zallie said his lawsuit, filed in 2004, is expected to go to trial in March in Superior Court in Camden.

Zallie, a second-generation grocer who runs 10 ShopRite stores in South Jersey and Pennsylvania, is a Republican freeholder candidate in Camden County. He said he did not learn of his daughter’s abortion until after her death. His lawsuit asserts the defendants’ negligence caused Stacy Zallie to become “despondent and depressed.”

“I think abortion clinics should be compelled to have a mental-health professional on staff,” said Zallie, who since 2003 has run a foundation that seeks to help women who’ve had abortions. “They (clinics) should screen women for depression pre- and post-abortion.”

Zallie also thinks many people, including medical and mental-health professionals, overlook or minimize the risk of emotional trauma from abortions.

“I would like independent psychological professionals from both sides to debate the issue in an open and honest way,” he said. “The most frustrating thing is to find someone without a red jersey or a blue jersey. I want to find someone in a black-and-white striped shirt.”

Mark Crutcher interview on abortion and Maafa21

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Mark Crutcher interview on abortion and Maafa21, posted with vodpod