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Sen. Bob Casey called “Pro-Life Hypocrite” , interrupted at speech

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Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Disrupted by Pro-Life Advocates at Capitol Speech
by Steven Ertelt Editor
January 11, 2010

Washington, DC ( — Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, who claims to be one of the pro-life Democrats in Congress, found himself interrupted repeatedly by pro-life advocates during a speech at the state capitol today. Four pro-life advocates took turns interrupting the speech and saying he voted to fund abortions.

Casey was set to deliver a speech unveiling a new photography display at the state capitol when the pro-life advocates interrupted and condemned his votes for the Senate health care bill that funds abortions.

“You say you’re pro-life,” one pro-life person said, “[but you] voted to fund abortion.”

“I am,” the senator said form the dais in response to the protestor about being pro-life.

Four people one by one took Casey to task and state capitol police eventually intervened and took each person aside as they rose up in the crowd to confront Casey over his vote for the pro-abortion health care bill.

The four were members of Insurrecta Nex, the new pro-life group headed by Randall Terry. Suzanne Doller of Carlisle, a nurse, was one of the four and she told local media how Casey has violated his claim to be pro-life.

“He votes the pro-abortion agenda,” she said. “He’s a disgrace to his church.”

“He’s a stealth pro-life candidate. He’s a disgrace to the pro-life community,” she added.

Later, Casey pointed out how he voted for the Nelson amendment to stop abortion funding — although he eventually voted for Nelson’s compromise that allows it.

“One of the points of contention was the issue of abortion. I was one who voted to stop taxpayer funding of abortion,” Casey said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. He added he understand that the pro-abortion compromise brought out strong feelings.”

“I’m a pro-life Democrat,” said Casey. “No Democrat in the country, and I would add a couple of Republicans, have done as much to bear witness … to the truth of abortion.”
He said he thought the health care bill would reduce abortions even thought it may very well result in funding hundreds of thousands more.