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“Hate and war” how intolerant abortion advocates described pro-life crosses

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Apparently today’s pro-choicers are a little soft and very easily offended!

Case in point, when a pro-life cross display representing children killed from legal abortion went up on a college campus, pro-choicers had a tizzy.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the abortion supporters protesting the display at the Central Library Mall of the University of Texas-Arlington.

The 2,900 pro-life crosses were put up by the group, Pro-Life Mavericks.

Prolife Maverick Signs

Now, I have been in this movement a very long time and I have witnessed pro-choicers get upset about a lot of things before….but…crosses?

Apparently, as abortion advocate Olivia Frost explains – the crosses tell abortion supporters “we can go to hell.”

Olivia Frost

Then there was pro-choicer Cody Needham and he “just wants to have a discussion.


Cody Needham abortion disciussion

If you’re going to hate,” Cody said, “at least tell us why you hate. That way we can at least have this general forum without just yelling at each other. That’s what starts wars- that’s what starts fights.”

Hate? Pro-life crosses are hate?

Get a spine man!!!

So – what was the group’s solution?

Get the pro-life display taken down- removed- censored from their campus.

And when campus admin wouldn’t do it – someone did:

Prolife Maverick crosses stolen

Thankfully, the group later found them hidden behind some walls on the other side of the street.

Please fill me in, just who is hating here again?

Angry Pro-choicers vandalize cross memorial then threaten to kill pro-lifers

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When a woman vandalized the post-abortion memorial crosses at the 40 day prayer vigil in front of the Bakersfield FPA abortion chamber, a teenage vigil participant told her to stop. When she reportedly moved toward him in a threatening manner, the teenager sprayed her with pepper spray to thwart an anticipated assault.

Pro-lifers in front of FPA abortion clinic

Pro-lifers in front of FPA abortion clinic

About 30 minutes later, the woman returned with her husband, who shouted death threats, claiming that he was “god” and joined his wife in further vandalizing vigil resources. During this time, the prayer vigil continued uninterrupted.

“Call the police right now, someone’s about to die – call the f***ing police” the pro-choice man shouts.

“I am your F***ing god”, the pro-choicer who identified himself as Christopher King screams.

proabort March 20114

Police eventually arrested the husband for vandalism, but refused to consider his death threats in spite of many witnesses.

The wife, who was not arrested, began returning to the scene of the crime daily to video vigil participants, then began posting pro-abortion signs around the abortion chamber and harassing vigil participants.

Proabort Wife March 2014

Proabort Signs March 2014

Despite her admitting her vandalism on video – no charges were filed against the pro-choice woman, according to pro-lifers.